Mindenville Cemetery

Town of Minden

Montgomery County, NY

The listing of Mindenville Cemetery was contributed by Hawn Family researcher Skip Duett back in December 1999. For further information about persons buried in this cemetery, please contact the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

"This list was originally compiled by Dale W. Richards during the Summer of 1977. It was reformatted and digitally transcribed with minor corrections by Skip Duett but NOT field checked. The Richards listing included a description of the stones and a sketch showing their position in each row. The Richards list is available at the Montgomery Co. Dept. of History & Archives in Fonda, NY. Some dates appear to the transcriber to be in error based on comparison with dates/ages of other family members shown. These are marked as "[suspect]"."
Skip Duett

Location: Approx. 200 ft. north of the Thruway, approx. 500 ft. west of the River Road bridge spanning the Mohawk River.

Row 1
HAWN, Nancy, dau. of George & Elizabeth, d. 15 May 1801, ae 2m 25d.
HAWN, Betsey Ann, dau. of John W., d. 25 May 1830, in 4th yr of her age.
HAWN, Lovina, dau of John W. & Jemima, d. Oct 1831, ae 1y 9m
BOOTH, Richard, son of Azra & Phebe, d. Oct 1830, ae 1y 6m 7d

Row 2
STACY, Catherine, wife of Jacob, d. 3 Nov 1853, ae 22y
WHEELER, John, son of G.W. & D., d. 13 Mar 1835, ae 14d
WHEELER, Austin, son of G.W. & D., d. 25 Jul 1837, ae 8y 5m 17d
WHEELER, Mathew, son of G.W. & Deliah, b. 12 Feb 1844, d. 31 Jul 1846
HUBBARD, Julia Ann, dau of Davis & Charlotte, d. 19 Sep 1830, ae 1y 9m 12d

Row 3
HAGADORN, Elizabeth, wife of William, d. 10 Jan 1877, ae 57y 2m 15d
CROUSE, Daniel, son of George, d. 28 Aug 1856, ae 6m 28d
?.?. & J.K. [initials only]
L.K. [initials only]

Row 4
MANN, Timothy M., d. 2 Mar 1841 in his 31st yr
KEELER, William H., son of Salmon & Maria, d. 1 Sep 1853, ae 1y 5m 17d
JONES, infant, son of Smith & Eliza J., d. 17 Mar 1854, ae 4m
JONES, Smith, d. 1 Aug 1851, ae 39?y 5m 21d
JONES, Eliza J., wife of Smith, d. 6 May 1856, ae 33y 10m 23d

Row 5
HASTINGS, Francis F., son of Rev. Robert & Lois, d. 8 Aug 1831, ae 7y 1m 29d
KLOCK, Moses L., son of Aaron & Lucy, d. 3 Sep 1847, ae 11m 10d
MANN, Amanda A., dau of Timothy M. & Eliza, d. 12 Feb 1841, ae 3y 6m 18d
HUFNAIL, Emma L., dau of George & Elizabeth, d. 28 Jul 181?, ae 7m
WICK, James A., son of James & Magdalene, d. 24 Jan 1850, ae 4m 10d
WICK, Josiah E.?, son of James & Magdalene, d. 8 Jun 1851, ae 2y 8m 5d
WAGER, Mary Elizabeth, dau of John & Perrthena, d. 23 Aug 1819, ae 1y 1m [suspect]
WAGER, Louisa Jane, dau of John & Perrthena, d. 8 Mar 1853, ae 14y 8d
WAGER, Ann C., dau of John & Peerthena, d. 20 Jan 1855, ae 2y 17d

Row 6
VAN SLYKE, Abram, son of D. & E., d. 3 Aug 1827, ae 9m
VAN SLYKE, Nancy, dau of D. & E., d. 7 Jan 1836, ae 16m
VAN SLYKE, John, son of D. & E., d. 5 Aug 1831, ae 10m
VAN SLYKE, Maria, wife of David, d. 18 Apr 1838, ae 28y
VAN SLYKE, Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas, d. 4 Jul 1839, in her 82nd yr
VAN SLYKE, Nancy, wife of N. N., d. 27 Oct 1855, ae 34y 1m ?d
VAN SLYKE, Elizabeth L., dau of Nicholas N. & Nancy, d. 11 Feb 1814, ae 2y 8m 11d [suspect]
VAN SLYKE, Hannah R., wife of Henry, d. 5 Dec 1861, ae 36y 7m 23d
VAN SLYKE, Mary E., dau of Henry & Hannah, d. 4 Jan 1853, ae 3y 8m 3d
VAN SLYKE, Abram T., son of Henry & Hannah, d. 18 Jan 1853, ae 1y 11m 18d
KYSER, John, d. 27 Jul 1858, ae 63y 8m 19d
BEVERLY, Betsey, wife of Nathaniel K., d. 12 Jul 1851, ae 29y 4m 26d
KYSER, Catharin, wife of John, d. 16 Mar 1862, ae 64y 7m 12d
WICK, James S., d. 6 Sep 1854, ae 33y 3m 16d
WICK, Magdalena, wife of James, d. 27 Oct 1859, ae 31?y ?m 11d
WICK, F. Eugene, d. 29 Jun 1876, ae 24y 7m 19d

Row 7
_____, Jacob?, d. 15 Sep 18??, ae 53y 3m 3d [corner of stone missing]
BONSTER, Jacob, d. 23 Aug 1854, ae 67y 7m 23d
BANLA, Amy, wife of Isaac, d. 2 Aug 1839, in the 38th of her age
DOWNY, Emma, wife of James K., b. 8 Jun 1837, d. 11 Apr 1895
QUACKENBUSH, Serena Jane, dau of W. & C., d. 28 Dec 1862, ae 15?y 8m 24d

Row 8
PETTINGILL, Ambso Willaro, son of Jackson & Catherine, d. 30 May 1851, ae 2y 7m 10d
ROGERS, Daniel, d. 1 Apr 1871, ae 85y 10m 6d & Margaret, his wife, d. 9 Jun 1845, ae 80y 6m [suspect]
RAUGHT, Cornelius, d. 23 Sep 1815, ae 26y 7m 7d
HOSE, David, d. 4 Nov 1847, ae 43y 3m 17d
HOSE, Mary, dau of David & Pellry?, d. 4 Nov 1854, ae 21y 9m 11d
FENER, Serel, d. 14 Feb 1885, ae 74y
WAGOR, John R., d. 28 Oct 1871, ae 29y 6m 16d

Row 9
SMADES, Sally A., d. 25 Apr 1855, ae 82y 7m 28d
SMITH, Matthew, d. 25 Jan 1862, ae 66y 6m 26d
SMITH, Elizabeth, wife of Mathew, d. 21 Aug 1848, ae 51y 6m 11d
HAWN, Elizabeth, wife of George, d. 29 Jan 1848, ae 75y
HAWN, George, d. 8 Oct 1828, ae 56y
HAWN, Jemima, wife of John W., b. 8 Jan 1804, d. 3 Apr 1880
HAWN, John W., b. 10 Mar 1794, d. 22 Apr 1883
FLANSBURY, Alice, dau of Isaac & Polley, d. Dec 1849, ae 2m
CARTER. Alfred, d. 11 Apr 1877, ae 28y 2m
QUACKENBUSH, Margaret, wife of C., d. 2? Mar 187?

Row 10
HAWN, Howard, son of J.R. & Julia A., d. 1 May 1872, ae 2y 1m 6?d 8?d
HAWN, James R., d. 25 Jan 1889, ae 43y 6m 10?d
ANDREWS, Carrie, dau of Nelson & Margaret, d. 13 Sep 1861, ae 3m
HAWN, Allice, dau of Rollin & Ann Eliza, d. 15 Dec 1850, ae 4m 7d
HAWN, Ann Eliza, wife of Rollin, d. 11 Sep 1850, ae 41y
HAWN, Rollin, d. 19 Mar 1894, ae 85y
HAWN, John S., d. 22 Feb 1861, ae 23y 11m 8d
HAWN, Margaret, dau of Rollin & Ann Eliza, d. 19 Feb 1871, ae 33y 2m 27d
WHEELER, Fanny, wife of Moses, d. 27 Jan 1851, ae 71y 6m 19d
WHEELER, Moses, b. 19 Mar 1773, d. 15 Jan 1855
WHEELER, Elma, dau of George & Maria, d. 8 Apr 1860, ae 3y 3m 27d

Row 11
ZOLLER, Jacob, d. 2 Jan 1861, ae 47y 3m 5d
HAWN, Elizabeth, wife of Rollin, formerly wife of Volkert SNELL, d. 28 May 1872, ae 62y 10m 7d
SNELL, Volkert, d. 19 Dec 1848, ae 44y 6m 12d
RANDALL, Elizabeth, wife of Albert, d. 2 Jun 1868, ae 24y 7m 24d
YORAN, Freddy, d. 28 Dec 1888, ae 15y 10m 20d
DINGMAN, Albert, son of Abram & Maria, d. 9 Jun 1882, ae 24y
WHEELER, Delia, wife of George, d. 15 Feb? 1873, ae 73y 2m 14d
WHEELER, George J., d. 9 Aug 1870, ae 41y 11m 18d
WHEELER, George, d. 29 Jun 1869, ae 70?y 1m ??d
KEYSER, Harry, son of John & Lucy L., d. ?? ??? 18??, ae ?

Row 12
HAWN, Henry, b. 8 Jan 1822, d. 19 Dec 1869
ANGUS, John P., b. 7 Sep 1838 [no death date] & Elizabeth HAWN, his wife, b. 21 Apr 1838, d. 2 Nov 1898

Row 13
??, Our Little Franklin

Row 14
?? Dan, Mother, Jenny, Joe
?? Father
ZOLLER, Ida M., d. 23 Jun 1882, ae 19y 1m 24d & Carrie, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. ZOLLER, d. 11 Jan 1879, ae 1m 2d

Row 15
RICHARDSON, Eugene, son of S. & Elizabeth, was drowned 6 Jun 1876, ae 9y 7m 4d
RICHARDSON, Sumner, 1814-1911 & Elizabeth, his wife, 1819-1893
YORAN monument [following 3 sets of names]
YORAN, Sylvester, d. 8 Mar 1865 in service of his country at Philadelphia, ae 44y & Louisa, his wife, d. 12 Jun 1896, ae 65y
YORAN, Mary R., d. 25 Oct 1875, ae 25y 11m 19d & Ann E. DOXTADER, d. 14 Dec 1884, ae 29y 9m 19d
YORAN, Irvin D., d. 10 Mar 1861 at Cicero, NY, ae 13y 3m 19d, & Sylvester R., d. 24 Aug 1863, ae 5y 7m 7d, & Joseph B., d. 16 Sep 1865, ae 5y 4m 21d, sons of Sylvester & Louisa

Note from Skip Duett, the transcriber:
Many of the names above are the descendents of George HAWN and his wife Elizabeth EHLE buried in row 9. George was the son of Conrad HAWN (killed at Oriskany) & Elizabeth BELL. Elizabeth EHLE was the daughter of Christian EHLE & Maria Elizabeth LIPE. George & Elizabeth had the following children:

John Windecker HAWN, m. Jemima SMADES
Elizabeth HAWN, m. Matthew SMITH
Nancy HAWN, d.y.
Delia HAWN, m. George Washington WHEELER
Rollin HAWN, m.1st. Anna Elizabeth _______, m. 2nd Elizabeth ______

In addition to George & Elizabeth, their five children & spouses, there are 18 other family members buried here. I would be happy to share additional details with anyone interested.

Skip Duett
December 1999

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