Palatine Bridge Cemetery

Cemetery on Tilton Road
Palatine Bridge, NY

Palatine Bridge Cemetery Entryway

"This plot map was obtained by Marge & Joe Geiskopf from the people who take care of the cemetery grounds. The names on the plots appear to be those of the plot owners, rather than the names of individuals buried in the plots. The names of the apparent plot owners are below, and I've added information about my Kring family. All spellings shown as handwritten on the map. I don't know who drew the map or when it was drawn up. Clearly it isn't a recent drawing and I can't attest to its accuracy or completeness. Contributions of information about other known burials in these plots and headstone photographs would be appreciated."

Barb Gese
December 2004

Alphabetized List of Plot Owner Names

Barnes, C. G. & H.
Bauder, Isaac
Blowers, O.
Brand, P.
Brumley, C. S.
Burbeck, Dr.
Burrell, J.
Caldwell, J. W.
Campbel, Dan
Clark, Benj.
Clark, Benj.
Colburn, Harris
Coldwell, Geo. - Estate
Conover, H.
Cook, B.
Cook, J. H.
Cummings, Jashua
Cornue, Alonzo
Curtis, D. N.
Davis, Louis
Davis, Wm. H.
Dygert, J. H.
Dykemand, Spencer
Elithorpe, E. J.
Fenner, C. C.
Fenner, S. W.
Fuller, David
Hess, Mrs.
Johnson, G. T.
Johnson, Geo. T.
Johnson, Geo. T.
Kring, Alonzo
Kring, H.
     Buried here:  Henry Kring 1803-1871
          (son of Jacob & Marie Kring)
     Buried here:  Matilda Sprague Kring 1803-1843
          (1st wife of Henry Kring; dau. of Roger Sprague & Eunice Case)
     Buried here:  Elizabeth Neher Kring 1798-1884
          (widow of Zachariah Neher, Jr.; 2nd wife of Henry Kring; her maiden name is unknown)
Kring, O.
     Buried here:  Orville Kring 1830-1918
          (son of Henry & Matilda Kring)
     Buried here:  Elizabeth M. Neher Kring 1820-1860
          (wife of Orville Kring; dau. of Zachariah Jr. & Elizabeth [maiden unknown] Neher)
     Buried here:  Alice Jeanette 1854-1920
          (dau. of Orville & Elizabeth Kring)
Lipe, D.
McCabe, Jno.
McPail, Prof.
Miller, M.
Miller, Silas
Millew, Mrs. - might be Miller
Mosher, C. W.
Mosher, E. C.
Neahr, L.
Neighoof, P.
Nellis, Geo.
Reed, Dan S.
Roller, Geo.
Roller - see Van der Woerker
Saltsman, J.
Satin, D. S. & others
Shimmel, Mrs. J.
Showerman, J.
Stafford, Brown
Stafford, Jno. - Estate
Stafford, Joab.
Strayer, J.
Van Alstine, J. T.
Van Deusen, Mrs.
Van der Woerker & Roller
Vonwie, Fletcher
Wagner, W. W.
Walter, D.
Wemple, Mrs.
Wentworth, J.
Youngs, Newton


Link to Palatine Bridge Cemetery Plot Map

Click on above image for full-size view of plot map. Approx. 284k.

The front gate leading into the cemetery

View of the cemetery

McCaffrey Stones: "____ McCaffrey, Wife of Howard Taylor, Died Jan. 28, 1920, Aged 27 Years, and "Howard Taylor", dates obscured by lichen.

Stafford Monument

Broken Kring Headstone: probably Henry Kring (1803-1871)

Obelisk and Flag: Kring plot is just behind the tree.

Illegible Kring Stones: Two illegible Kring graves, which show the amount of sinking some of the stones have incurred. Some have probably sunken underground and aren't visible at all now.

Kring Plot and Wall

Stone of Orville Kring: Orville H. Kring (1830-1918), son of Henry & Matilda (Sprague) Kring

Stone of Alice J. Kring: Alice J. Kring (1854-1920), daughter of Orville & Elizabeth (Neher) Kring

Kring graves: stone of Alice Jeanette Kring, daughter of Orville and Elizabeth (Neher) Kring, at lower right corner, is partially legible.

Neher Plot: the NEHER plot, although no stones are visible on it. However, showing this plot online might alert NEHER descendants to go see whether there are sunken markers. I suspect that, at minimum, Zachariah Neher (Jr.) is buried here.

Stone of Matilda Sprague Kring: grave of Matilda Sprague Kring (1803-1843), 1st wife of Henry Kring, daughter of Roger Sprague and Eunice Case. Most of stone is not legible.

Close-up of Matilda Sprague Kring Stone

1/17/05  Information about famous Palatine Bridge resident Webster W. Wagner, and beautiful photographs taken in 2003, were contributed by Getman / Glenar family researcher Michael A. Bernstein, [NOTE: 10/16/11 - Michael's site no longer on line]

Burial Plot of Webster and Susan Davis Wagner
Webster W. Wagner, 10-02-1817 to 01-13-1882
Susan Davis Wager, ca 1823 to 07-18-1887

Webster Wagner (1817-1882) of Palatine Bridge, Montgomery, New York.

* Born in Palatine Bridge, Montgomery, NY, October 2, 1817.
* Republican. Member of NY state assembly from Montgomery County, 1871; Member of NY state senate, 1872-82 (15th District 1872-79, 18th District 1880-82);
* Delegate to Republican National Convention from NY, 1880.
* Inventor, founder of Wagner Sleeping Car Company.
* Died in office 1882; Killed in a railroad accident on the Hudson River Railroad, at Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, Bronx , NY, January 13, 1882.

Biography of Webster W. Wagner


Entryway into the cemetery

The front gate leading into the cemetery

Scenic view of the Palatine Bridge Cemetery

Stones of Webster W. Wagner and Susan Davis Wagner

The impressive Wagner Family Monument - 132k

Base of the Wagner Family Monument

Palatine Bridge Cemetery View

View of the Palatine Bridge Cemetery, Courtesy of Michael A. Bernstein

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