Past Contributors Contact Information

Please note: many of these are old email addresses, taken recently off inner pages on our site, and thus may not work. Please let me know if you find one that does not work, however, please understand that I do not have a more recent email address for them. Please update me with current email addresses, if you have them! Thanks!

Michelle Bartels; email:
William Bombard; no known contact info.
Judi Boniface; email:
Joyce Brown; email:
Pat Carey; email:
BetteJo Caldwell; no known contact info.
Karen T. Dutton; email:
Diane Wilson Flynn; email:
Jo Dee Frasco; email:
Diane B. Fredericks Frazier; no known contact info.
John Hills; email:
Fred Lewis; no known contact info.
Tammy Lunkenheimer; email:
John Mainprize; no knwon contact info.
Mimi Malcolm; no known contact info.
Mary Slack Maynard; email:
Janet Neal no known contact info.
Dale Ozag; no known contact info.
Harold G. Penistan; email:
Laura Perkins; email:
Allyn Hess Perry; email:
Carol Pfile; no known contact info.
Nancy Robinson; email:
Linda A. Roorda; no known contact info.
Pete Simmonds; email:
Lisa Slaski; 13325 Mallard Cove Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837; email:
John Sprowl; no known contact info.
Sally Swantz; email:
Sue Thompson; email:
Jerome A. Walrath; email:
George Woliver; email:

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