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Steel engraving of Hiram Reese's Farm
from "The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties"
Digitally-colored interpretation of Hiram Reese Farm ©1997 M. Magill

The Town of Florida is situated in the eastern section of the county and borders Schenectady County. Our wish list for this page would include some photos to dress it up, old newspaper articles and obits, maps, more cemetery lists, info about your own ancestors, etc. If you live in or near Florida, or are traveling there or to neighboring Amsterdam this summer, how about taking some photos of older churches, cemeteries, monuments, scenic views, etc.? If you have something of historical interest pertinent to Florida please consider sharing what you have with other researchers by contacting the site coordinator.

1908 & 1909 Tribes Hill/Ft. Hunter Phone Listings
1917 Glen Telephone Company Directory
Fulton/Montgomery Farm Directory 1939

Early Florida History: selections from "The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y." by F.W. Beers & Co., 1878
Early Florida Business: selections from "The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y." by F.W. Beers & Co., 1878
Minaville's Main St. 1920s
High Water in Fort Hunter March 1912
1848 Vital Records Florida School District No. 2

1800 Census of Florida

Miscellaneous Florida Family Sketches
Devendorf & Wait Families
Descendants of Henry Gerling of Fort Hunter
Will of Coll McGregor of Florida
Will of Duncan McGregor
Minnie Gumbert & Alexander McGregor Thompson
Obituary & photo of Alexander McGregor
The Howard Family
Extracted records for the Minch/Bobilin/Horstman Family
Minch Family of Montgomery County
Farmer's Bank Employees, Ft. Hunter 1937
Obituary of Christiana Newkirk 1838 Rachel Newkirk Letter
The Watsons, from the Journal of Rev. Sylvanus Palmer
Photo of Eleanor Patterson

St. Anne's Chapel
Historical Sketch of Florida Reformed Church
Photos of Florida Reformed Church

Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 1
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 2
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 3
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 4
Chuctanunda Cemetery, Part 5
Pictures of Chuctanunda Cemetery
Devendorf Cemetery
Devendorf Cemetery Condition Report 2011
Pine Grove Cemetery; Plot Owners
Pine Grove Cemetery Records Partial Reading
Pine Grove Cemetery Partial Reading
Some Small Family Cemeteries: nine small early family cemeteries
More Small Family Cemeteries: ten small early cemeteries
Scotch Church Cemetery
Van Vechten Cemetery

"Fort Hunter" and "The Massacre of German Flats"
Fort Hunter Soldiers Honor Roll
Surviving Civil War Veterans and Widows from the 1890 Census
1890 Veteran's Census of Florida, another transcription
The Five Moran Brothers of Ft. Hunter
War of 1812 Pension of Leslie Walsh/Welch

Fort Hunter Directory - 1878

Source: Amsterdam Village Directory, 1878-1879, published by R.S. Dillon & co., Albany, N.Y., J. Munsell, printer, 82 State Street, 1878

Blair Chas., carpenter
Bohne Henry, broommaker
Breek Fred, laborer
Brinkman A., broommaker
Brown John, laborer
Brown Michael, butcher
Bunn James, carpenter
Button Haffe, Rev.
Chase Rachel, widow
Cole Geo., broommaker
Cole Henry, mechanic
Cole Wm. J., mechanic
Cole Peter, foreman brush dept. E. Howard
Davidson James, laborer
Dey Peter, choice family groceries, provisions, flour, meat, etc., opposite Mohawk Valley House
Disbrow Catharein, Mrs.
Finlan James, broommaker
Fisher Wm., broommaker
Fuller H.D., teacher
Garling Henry, laborer
Graff John, laborer
Graff Silas, laborer
Hardis Ferdinand, broommaker
Harrington Jas., laborer
Harris Peter, carpenter
Hatch Catharine, Mrs.
Hilton Henry, blacksmith
Howard Avery, foreman E. Howard
Howard Delos, broommaker
Howard E., established in 1860, marnuf. of brooms, brushes, etc., and wholesale dealer in broom corn and broom material
Howard George, clerk E. Howard
Howard Lewis, agen E. Howard
Howe George, gentleman
Hudson Boyd, farmer
Hughes James, grocer
Hughes John, dealer in coal, groceries, provisions, flour, meat, hay, oats, etc., Fort Hunter
Johnson Watch, wagon maker
Kasten J.H., manuf. of all kinds of brooms and brushes
Kasten J. H. Jr., foreman
Leaflet Geo., blacksmith
Lewis Abram F., carriage maker
Quackenbush Wm. N., boatman
Mohawk Valley House, Wm. H. Newkirk prop.
Moran Michael, laborer
Newkirk Frank J., clerk
Newkirk Garrett, laborer
Newkirk James, laborer
Newkirk Nich., gentleman
Newkirk W.m H., prop. of Mohawk Valley House
Pero Henry, broommaker
Plunkett Patrick, laborer
Reese Wm., laborer
Rico Asa, toll collector
Schutter C., broommaker (with umlaut over the u)
Shutter Harmon, broommaker (with umlaut over the u)
Serviss J. W., broommaker
Serviss Lewis, laborer
Serviss Samuel, laborer
Schopmeier Ernest, mfr. of all kind of plain and fancy brooms
Shutts James, farmer
Shutts Jas. A., laborer
Shutts John H., laborer
Strevy Chas., broommaker
Tolner Henry, broommaker
Turnboul Jacob H., blacksmith
Voorhees John L., farmer
Webster Jesse, shoemaker
Weller Geo. D., butcher
White M., broommaker
Young Michael, farmer
Yund Chas., broommaker

Research Tip. From Lisa Slaski, 4 Aug 1998
"For those of you looking for German birth places of your immigrant residents for Fort Hunter I provide the following information:

During my own research of the surname of HORSTMAN(N) from Fort Hunter, I have stumbled across other surnames that are also said to have come from the same small town of Hille, Westfalen, Germany, (located a little west of Minden). These individuals typically immigrated in the mid to late 1800s. Also, within my own family, a distant cousin once told me that her father came with a large group of emigrants from Hille in the early 1890s. Her father is known to have resided first in Fort Hunter and later in Scotia, Schenectady Co., NY. Furthermore, I have also found another Scotia connection from one of the other Hille natives from Fort Hunter! If you're interested in checking the church records of Hille, Westfalen, they are available through the Family History Center of the Mormon church (Latter Day Saints).

The following is the specific information that I have on these names. Sources for this information include, but are not limited to obituaries, church records in Hille, naturalization papers and US and NYS census records.

FINK, Henry Charles, born 25 Feb 1860, Hille, Westphalia, Germany, died 12 Aug 1929, Fort Hunter, Florida Twp, Montgomery Co., NY. Immigrated at 12 yrs of age. Resided for a short time in Scotia, Schenectady, NY, then moved to Fort Hunter. Married 4 Apr 1888 to Isabelle MiINCH of Fort Hunter. Had a son Walter Christian (b. 1901), a daughter Anna (1898-1899) and a daughter Florence (b. abt 1890).

HORSTMAN(N), Henry August, born 25 Jun 1865, Hille, Westfalen, Germany, baptized "Carl Heinrich August", died 9 Nov 1898, Utica, Oneida Co., NY. Immigrated about Jan. 1885. Resided in Fort Hunter prior to 1889. Married Anna C. MINCH of Fort Hunter. Had a son, Fred C. (b. 1889), and a daughter Nettie Laura Carrie (b. 1894). After the death of his first wife, Anna, he married Emma Louise VanBUREN and had a second daughter Irene Augusta (b. 1896) in Fort Hunter. At the time of his death, his permanent residence was considered to be Schenectady, NY.

HORSTMAN(N), Frederick Wilhelm, brother of Henry August, born 22 Nov 1871, Hille, Westfalen, Germany, died 20 Feb 1960, Scotia, Schenectady Co., NY. Immigrated about 1890 with a large group from Hille. Resided in Fort Hunter in 1892 NYS census. He married Sophia DROGE abt 1892. She also emigrated from Hille, presumably at the same time as Frederick, but is not in Fort Hunter in 1892. They are said to have known each other in Hille and were both in the church choir. He moved to Scotia prior to 1900, possibly before his marriage to Sophia. Also, in the German military draft records, Henry and Fred's father is said to have emmigrated to America prior to 1872.

From another family researcher, some of those of the WITTEMEIER and DUFEL surname in the Amsterdam, NY area are also from Hille, Westfalen, Germany. This includes two DUFEL brothers who resided in Tribes Hill. There are WITTEMEIERs in Fort Hunter, but I do not know personally, whether or not they are some of those referred to by this other researcher."

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