Canajoharie, Fonda & Fort Plain

Source: Boyd's Business Directory of over one hundred cities and villages in New York state. Albany, N.Y.: Boyd's Directory Co., 1869

CANAJOHARIE, Montgomery County. Montgomery county formed March 12, 1772. Canajoharie was incorporated April 30, 1829. A bridge crosses the Mohawk at this place, connecting it with the village and railroad station of Palatine Bridge, 55 miles from Albany and 243 from Buffalo. Canajoharie contains a population of 2,000; the National Bank; the Canajoharie Radii and Tax-Payers Journal, a weekly paper. Passengers take the stage here for Sharon Springs, a place of considerable resort during the summer season. The ride from Canajoharie to the springs, a distance of fourteen miles, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful to be found in this part of the country. The surrounding region is rich in agricultural products, the principal part of which is cheese and hops.

VILLAGE OFFICERS.- Chas W. Wheeler, President, Jno. Finehout, Chas. Ilse, Stillman A. Field and Jno. V. Conover, Trustees; Charles C. Barnes, Clerk; Charles G. Barnes, Trasurer (sic); Fred. M. Burton, Chief Engineer Fire Department; Jno. Buddle, Superintendent; Fred M. Burton, Collector.

Abeling W. G. tobacconist, Church
Adams John Q. (Ellithorp & Adams), Church n. the bridge
ALLEN L. F. & CO. (A. J. Plank). job printers, also pub. and prop's. Canajoharie Radii, and Taxpayers Jour., Church n. brdg.
Arkell James, (Arkell & Smiths), Mill
Arkell & Smiths (J. Arkell, Benj. and A. Smith), manufs. flour sacks, Mill
Arriens Henry, saloon, Church
Barnes C. C. (C. G. Barnes & Co.), Church cor. Main
Barnes C. G. & Co. (C. W. Mosher and C. C. Barnes), jewelers, Church corner Main
Barnes Horace, Barnes & Davis, Church
Barnes & Davis (H. Barnes and J. H. Davis), hardware, Church
Beekman Samuel, grocer, opp. the canal
Bierbaurr Lewis, brewery, Mill
Boss J. H. Rev, pastor German Luthern church.
Bragdon H. S. dry goods, Church
Buel E. flour merchant, Main near Church
Bulton M. D. butcher, Church
Burbeck Joseph, physician, Main
Burnap Z. Miss, milliner, Church
Burrell John Rev, pastor Methodist church
Campbell Daniel, painter, Main
Canajoharie National Bank, Jno. C. Smith, pres. A. G. Richmond, cashier, Church next to P.O
Clark L. B. & Son (T. C. Clark), planing mill and lumber yard, Market
Clark T. C. (L. B. Clark & Son), Market
Connover J. V. wagonmaker, Main
Cook James H. (Cook & Spraker), Church c Main
Cook & Spraker (J. H. Cook and F. Spraker), lawyers, Church corner Main
Davis Jason H. (Barnes & Davis), Church
Delford Samuel (Delford & Lynch), Church
Delford & Lynch (S. Delford and T. Lynch), hardware, Church
Diefendorf J. J. grocer, on the dock
Dunckel H. lawyer, Church corner Main
ELDREDGE HOUSE, Chas. H. Robinson, prop. Mohawk cor. Church
Ellithorp John L. (Ellithorp & Adams), Church near the bridge
Ellithorp & Adams (J. L. Ellithorp and J. Q. Adams), furniture, Church near the bridge
Failing C. dry goods, 143 Church
Fero B. Miss, milliner, Main near Church
Filmer A. (Ilse & Filmore), Church
Finehout John, grocer, Church near Kirby house
Frost James, cashier, National Spraker Bank of Canajoharie
Gohat Paul, saloon, Church
Gotte Fred, bootmaker, Mohawk
Gross S. (G. H. Watson & Co.), Church
Ragadorn Abraham & Levy, stoves, Main near Church
Hagadorn Levi (A. and L. Hagadorn), Main n. Church
Hale Joel, millinery, Mill
Halligan James, cattle dealer, Church
Hammersmith Jacob, grocer, Church
Hatter Wm, clothier, next to P. 0., Church
Hawley H. S. clothier, Church
Heinz H. clothier, Church
Hildebrand W. C., tobacconist, Church
Hodge A. M. (Hodge & Stafford), Church corner Market
Hodge & Stafford (A. M. Hodge and J. H. Stafford), druggists, Church corner Market
Ilse C. (Ilse & Filmer), Church
Ilse Frederick, saloon, Church cor. Main
Ilse & Filmer (C. Ilse and A. Filmer), clothiers, Church
Keshner Frank, bootmaker, Church
KIRBY HOUSE. Aaron Nellis & Co. proprietors, Church corner Main
Loucks C. G. grocer, Church
Luckenback W. H. Rev, pastor Lutheran church
Lynch Thomas (Delford & Lynch), Church
Market Jacob, butcher, Church
Mohl F. A. boots, Church
Morrel Daniel S. lawyer, Church
Morrel Samuel, jr. (Read & Morrel), on the dock
Mosher C. W. (C. G. Barnes & Co.), Church cor. Main
Mosher E. C. wagon manufacturer, Main
National Spraker Bank of Canajoharie. James Spraker, pres. James Frost, cashier. Mohawk cor. Church
NELLIS AARON & CO. (E. Young), Kirby House, Church corner Main
Noah Moses, grocer, Church near Mohawk
Plank A. J. (L. F. Allen & Co.), Church
Read Daniel S. (Read & Morrel), on the dock
Read & Morrel (D. S. Read and S. Morrel, Jr.), flour merchants, on the dock
Reed Geo. H. (J. L. Reed & Bro.), Church cor. Main
Reed J. L. & Brother (G. H. Reed), hardware, Church cor. Main
Richmond A. G. cashier Canajoharie National Bank, Church next to post office
ROBINSON CHARLES H. prop. Eldredge House, Mohawk cor. Church
Roser Adam (J. Roser & Bro.), Main n. Ohurch
Roser J. & Bro. (A. Roser), furniture, Main n. Church
Schrader Henry, harness maker, trunks, Main n.
Settle O. P. druggist, Church
Shaver R. H. groser, Church cor. Mohawk
Shubert Frank (Sticht & Shubert), Church
SLOAN DETER, dentist, Church c. Mohawk
Smith A. C. news-room, in P. 0., Church
Smith Adam (Arkell & Smiths) Mill
Smith Benjamin (Arkell & Smiths) Mill
SMITH JOHN C. postmaster, Church
Smith John C. pres't Canajoharie National Bank, Church next to P. 0.
Smith M. L. & Co. soap mnfrs., Main
Soles Daniel, biliard saloon, opp. Eldridge House
Spraker Frasier (Cook & Spraker), Church corner Main
Spraker James, pres't National Spraker Bank of Canajoharie, Mohawk cor. Church
Stafford B. ins. agent, Church corner Main
Stafford Joab, U. S. deputy marshall, Mohawk
Stafford John H. (Hodge & Stafford), Church cor. Market
Stafford R. B. manager W. U. Tel. Co., Church cor. Main
Starks H. L. Rev, pastor Methodist church
Sticht Christopher (Sticht & Shubert), Church
Sticht & Shubert (C. Sticht and F. Shubert), boots and shoes, Church
Stumpfel Henry, hairdresser, Church
Syder George R. confectioner, Church near Eldridge House
Taylor Elisha, grocer, opp. the canal
Van Zandt D. D. Rev, pastor Reformed church
Watson G. H. & Co. (L. Gross), dry goods, Church
Western Union Telegraph Co., Church cor. Main
Wetmore J. F. lawyer, Church cor. Mohawk
Wheeler Chas. W. ins. agent, Church
Winne C. W. restaurant, Mohawk opp. Eldridge
Winsman H. G. boots, Church next to Bank
Wires & Bullock, produce, Church cor. Market
Zieley & Co., groceries, flour, & c., Market near Church
Zilg John, rectifIer, Church House

FONDA, Montgomery County. Mentgomery county formed March 12, 1772. Fonda, pleasantly situated upon the Mohawk, is the county seat, and a station on the N. Y. C. R. R., 44 miles from Albany and 254 from Buffalo. It contains a population of 1,200; 2 newspapers; a bank, &c. The place was named from Douw Fonda who settled here in 1751. He was murdered by the Indians under Sir John, May 22, 1780.

VILLAGE 0FFICERS. George Mills, President; T. Avery, George F. Mills, J. V. Davis, A. H. Burch, Trustees; A. H. Burch, Treasurer; Edward Cushing, Clerk; H. W. Fero, Collector; Daniel Croft and J. H. Cook, Justices of the Peace.

Ausman John C. bootmaker, Main
Barber A. liquors, wood, coal, &c. Main
Barnes I. G. hairdresser, Fonda Hotel
Bauder G. H. livery stable, near Main
Benze Henry C. (Hees & Benze), Main
Berry D. V. miller, Main near Fonda Hotel
Boyd John C. Rev. pastor Reformed church
Briggs D. C. hardware, Main near Broadway
Bruner B. & E. & Livingston (L. Livingston), dry goods, Main near Broadway
Burtch A. H. insurance agent, Main
Campbell Robert, grocer, Main n. Fonda Hotel
Conyne P. (Conyne & Dockstader), Main
CONYNE & DOCKSTADER (P. Conyne and H. Dockstader), dry goods, groceries, &c., Main next Union Hotel
Cook J. H. cider and vinegar, near Main
Cushney E. B. grocer, Main near Broadway
Cushney H. B. lawyer, Main next to P. 0.
Davis J. M. dry goods, Main near Union Hotel
Davis John V. (Davis & Fisher), near Main
Davis & Fisher (J. V. Davis and J. J. Fisher), livery stable, near Main
Dockstader H. (Conyne & Dockstader), Main
EVERSON JOHN, Montgomery House, Main corner Bridge
Feltis J. S. liquors, near Main
Fisher C. E. & Son (Jay), livery stable, n. Main
Fisher Jay (C. E. Fisher & Son), near Main
Fisher J. J. (Davis & Fisher), near Main
Fonda Adam, flour, grain, &c. near R. R. depot
FONDA DOUW A. dry goods, groceries, lumber dealer, &c., Main opp. Fonda Hotel
Fonda Hotel, Isaac A. Rosa, prop. opp. depot
Franklin House, A. Bridestein prop. Main
FREEMAN C. B. publisher Mohawk Valley Democrat, Main near Union Hotel
FRITCHER ADELIA MRS. postmistress, Main
Frothigham (sic) W. Rev, pastor Reformed church
Gilbert N. A. hairdresser, near Main
Gillett E. S. cashier National Mohawk River Bank, Main corner Broadway
Gunning J. H. physician, Main near Fonda Hotel
Haggard A. & Son (George S.), grocers, Main
Haggard George S. (A. Haggard & Son), Main
Hamlin G. B. jeweler and photographer, Main
Harrower P. P. Rev, pastor Methodist church
Hart E. B. watchmaker, Main
Hees J. (Hees & Benze), Main
Hees & Benze (J. Hees and H. C. Benze), clothiers, Main
Hoag Ira J. (Van Heusen & Hoag), Main
Howard R. Rev, pastor Episcopal church
Johnson D. C. (Johnson A Morgan), near Main
Johnson A Morgan (D. C. Johnson and G. W. Morgan), butchers, near Main
Klock Levi, dentist, Main
Leathers George, bootmaker, near Main
Lefler Alonzo, harnessmaker, Main
Livingston L. (B. & E. Bruno & Livingston), Main near Broadway
Loucks John P. saloon, Main
McDougall Robert, saloon, near Fonda Hotel
MOHAWK VALLEY DEMOCRAT, C. B. Freeman, publisher, Main n. Union Hotel
Montgomery House, Jno. Everson, Main c. Bridge
Morgan G. W. (Johnson & Morgan), near Main
National Mohawk River Bank, D. Spraker, pres.; E. S. Gillett, cash.; Main c. Bway
Nott John Rev. pastor Reformed church
Perrine Bell, milliner, Main near Union Hotel
Putnam George F. carriagemaker, Main
ROSA ISAAC A., Fonda Hotel, opp. depot
Royce Henry Mrs. milliner, Main
Sammons Stephen, lawyer, Main
Sizer Edwin, Union Hotel, Main
Smith Oran W. physician, Main
Spraker D. pres. National Mohawk River Bank
UNION HOTEL, Edwin Sizer, Main
Van Heusan D. H. (Van Heusan & Hoag), druggists, Main
Van Heusan & Hoag (D. H. Van Heusan and I. J. Hoag), druggists, Main
Yost Daniel, lawyer, court house
Young Adeline, tailoress, Main

FORT PLAIN, Montgomery County. Montgomery county formed March 12, 1772. Fort Plain was incorporated April 5, 1832. It is situated upon the Mohawk, and is a station on the N. Y. C. R., 58 miles from Albany, and 240 from Buffalo. It contains a population of about 2,000, a bank, weekly newspaper, etc. The Shipman Spring and Axle Company - a large manufactory for making springs, axles, iron bridges, machinery, etc. is located in this village.

VILLAGE OFFICERS. John A. Walrath, President; David G. Hackney, John Winning, Henry Anthony, Henry Casler, Trustees; Dewitt C. Shults, Clerk; Stephen D. Rue, Police Constable; Dewitt C. Gibson, Treasurer.

Adams Robert, general insurance agent, Canal
Adams Sarah Mrs. milliner, Canal
American Hotel, Josiah Zoller, proprietor, Main
American Express Co. H. Schermerhorn, manager, Canal opp. Montgomery House
Anthony Henry, butcher, Main
Atlantic & Pacific telegraph office, Canal opposite Montgomery House
Austin O. O. flour and groceries, Canal opposite the bank
Ayres A. H. lawyer, Canal
Bamber H. L. grocer and produce, Canal
Becker & Potter (D. B. Becker and B. Potter), druggists, Canal
Bennett B. L. Rev. Universalist, Main
Bennett Edmond, hairdresser, Canal
Betzinger Henry, carriagemaker, Main
Bowen Charles H. stationery, hooks, etc., Canal next to Post-office
Burke John D. carriagemaker, Main
Burnett John K. dentist, Main
Cary Alfred, general insurance agent, Canal
CLARK W. vice-president Shipman Spring and Axle Co., Willett
Coe L. P. jeweller, Canal
Cohn H. clothier and dry goods, Canal corner Division
Cook G. B. (R. H. Shearer & Co.), Canal e. Main
Crook Peter, liquors, Main
Crouse Wm. commission merchant, Canal
Crouse George, lawyer, Canal next to Post-office
Dewey James E. lawyer, Mohawk near Canal
Diefendorf A. B. C. prop. bus. college, Ft. Plain
Diefendorf B. I. principal Fort Plain Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute
Diefendorf Chancey, grocer, Main next to the canal
Diefendorf & Hess (W. G. Diefendorf & I. Hess), grocers, Main
Diefendorf J. W. (Diefendorf & Walrath), Main
Diefendorf W. G. (Diefendorf & Hess), grocers, Main
Diefendorf & Walrath (J. W. Diefendorf and J. A. Wairath), grocers, Main corner Canal
Dunn Andrew, jeweler, Canal
Dunckel J. A. clothier, Canal corner River
Dygert John, photographer, Canal
Edwards C. Z. & Co. (A. G. Mabee), dry goods, Canal
Failing J. Henry, lawyer, Canal next to P. 0.
Fake A. M. (H. H. Shearer& Co.), Canal c. Main
Farley & Griffiths (W. S. Farley and W. Griffiths), hardware, Main
Farley & Kemp (T. Farley and W. Kemp), broom manufacturers, Willet continued.
Farley Theo. (Farley & Kemp), Willet
Farley W. S. (Farley & Griffiths), Main
Fox Frank W. C. & Co. merchant tailors, Canal
Freeman Abram, hairdresser, Canal
Fuller J. H. boots and shoes, Canal near Main
GALVIN MICIIAEL, Empire Hotel, Canal
Genter James, lawyer, Canal next to Post-office
Gibson D. C. Mrs. dry and fancy goods, Canal
Gibson J. C. harness maker, Canal
Glaessel L. boots, Canal
Green George, butcher, Canal opp. Montgomery House
Gregory & Co. (E. S. Gregory, J. H. Babcock and W. H. H. Lintmer), druggists, Canal
Griffiths Wm. (Farley & Griffiths), Main
Hardy Frederick, butcher, Canal
Haslet W. A. prest. Nat. Ft. Plain Bank, Canal
Haslet W. A. hats, furs, &c. Canal
Hawley W. Rev. Methodist, Centre
Heninger Andrew, shoemaker, Canal
Hesler William, tailor, Main
Hess Irvin (Diefendorf & Hess), Main
Hoffman A. & Son (Charles N. Hoffman), storage, Canal
Hoffman Chas. N. (A. Hoffman & Son), Canal
Keller Solomon (Keller & Ward), Main
Keller & Wairath (Walter Keller and James Walrath), clothiers, Canal
Keller Walter (Keller & Wairath), Canal
Keller & Ward (Solomon Keller and H. C. Ward), dry goods, Main
Kelsey Christopher, oyster saloon, cor. Canal and Mohawk
Kellogg D. S. dentist, Main
Kemp Walter (Farley & Kemp), Willett
Kinaman & Cosman, harness manufs. Canal
Kiock Peter (Lipe & Klock), Main
Leddin Francis Rev. German Lutheran, Nellis
Lewis Alonzo, lawyer, Main
Linter Daniel, stage line, Main
Lipe & Kiock (Rufus Lips and Peter Klock), crockery, Main
Lipe Rufus (Lipe & Klock), Main
Mabee A. G. (C. Y. Edwards & Co.), Canal
Marshall Thos. photographer, Main
MATTHEWSON ANGELL, editor and prop. Mohawk Valley Register and Fort Plain Journal, Main
McDonald P. H. restaurant, Canal
MOHAWK VALLEY REGISTER, AND FORT PLAIN JOURNAL, Angell Matthewson editor and proprietor
Montgomery Hall, Mrs. S. Bowen, proprietress, Canal corner Mohawk
Myers David, carriagemaker, Main
NATIONAL FORT PLAIN BANK. Wm. A. Hamlet, president; J. S. Shearer, cashier; Canal
Phillipps W. W. boots and shoes, Canal
Quackenbush Abram, confectioner, Main
Reed & Hackney (M. C. Reed and David G. Hackney, grocers, Canal
Reid D. E. & Son (Wm. C. Reid), liquors, Canal
Reid John E. (H. E. Williams & Co.), Canal
Rod Frederick, tobacconist, Main
Rue S. D. saloon, Main corner Canal
Selwood Richard, marble works, next Montgomery House, Canal
Shearer J. S. cashier National Fort Plain Bank, Canal
SHEARER J. S. sect. and treas. Shipman Spring & Axle Co. Willet
Shearer R. H. & Co. (A. M. Fake and G. B. Cook), dry goods, Canal cor. Main
SHIPMAN J. W. president Shipinan Spring & Axle Co. Willett
SHIPMAN SPRING & AXLE CO. J. W. Shipman president; W. Clark, vice-president; J. S. Shearer, secre'ry and treas.; Willett. (See adv.)
Shults De Witt C. lawyer, Main
Smith Kate Miss, milliner, Canal
Snell J. O. dry goods, Main
Snyder J. saloon, Main
Snyder Morgan, physician, Main
Sparks Josiah, blacksmith, Canal
SPONABLE H. H. prop. Union Hall, River corner Willett
Sticht H. & Son (Peter G. Sticht), boots, Main
Sticht Peter G. (H. Sticht & Son), Main
Still & Youst, milliners, Main
UNION HALL, H. H. Sponable proprietor, River corner Willett
Van Camp Daniel C. livery stables, Mohawk
Wagner P. J. lawyer, Main
Wagner Peter P grocer, Main
Wagner A. J. & J. R. grocers, &c. Canal
Walrath J. A. (Diefendorf & Walrath), Main
Walrath James (Keller & Walrath), Canal
Ward H. C. (Keller & Ward), Main
WEBSTER, C. W. postmaster, Canal corner Mohawk
Webster Peter G. lawyer, Main
Wendell Jacob, lawyer, Canal
Wendell John D. lawyer Main
Wentworth Henry, photographer, Main
Wieting D. furniture dealer, Main opp. Canal
WILLIAMS, H. E. & CO. (John E. Reid), hardware, Canal
Wining John, leather manufacturer, Canal
Wood, Clark & Hall (E. W. Wood, W. Clark, jr., and J. Hall), grocers, Canal cor. River
Wood G. C. grocer, Canal next to Bank
Wright Worthington, butcher, Main
Yost George, lawyer, Mohawk near Canal
Zoller Josiah, proprietor, American Hotel, Main

NOTE: the above were the only Montgomery County locations in the directory.

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