An Early Meeting of the Montgomery County Historical Society

Amsterdam Public Library

Source: from an unknown newspaper that was printed a few days after 8 Oct 1904. The same copy has the obit of a relative on it who died on this day, a resident of Fort Plain, but died in Troy. I think the paper is one of the Fort Plain papers, but am uncertain.

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Canajoharians Attend the County Historical Society Reception.

The reception of the Montgomery County Historical society, its first effort at entertainment, and the opening of its rooms in the Amsterdam Public Library building took place Wednesday night, and the plans of the entertainment committee found fruition in complete success. Hon. Hugh HASTINGS the state historian, delivered a very profitable and interesting lecture on the battle of Saratoga. An instance in the life of Mr. HASTINGS that is of local significance, occurred at Palatine Bridge about 15 years ago, when as a New York Times reporter he was a passenger on the first section of the express train that was wrecked at Palatine Bridge, and in which accident several lost their lives. Mr. HASTING was uninjured and with rare presence of mind did a great service by rushing back and flagging the 2nd section. Since that time the New York Central has granted any request Mr. HASTINGS has made, and he travels in the best of style and luxury.

Those who attended the reception from here are: Miss Etta KIMMERER, Miss Emma VOSBURGH, Miss Josephine REDWAY and Messrs. S. L. FREY, Harry BUSH, A. C. STICHT, J. F. HATTER, Willis BULLOCK, jr., and Earl HODGE.

Through the generosity of Hon. Stephen SANFORD of Amsterdam, the Montgomery County Historical society, has been enabled to secure possession of the collection of Indian relics possessed by the late A. G. RICHMOND of Canajoharie, valued at several thousand dollars.

Mr. RICHMOND was an enthusiast in archaeological research and during the years devoted to this pursuit succeeded in gathering the most complete collection of relics of the Mohawk Indians that is extant. The collection embraces some 30,000 articles, many of much worth, and will prove of educational importance to the people of Amsterdam and vicinity. S. L. FREY, the well known historical writer and investigator of Palatine Bridge, has consented to give a series of lectures in Amsterdam concerning the collection, with which he is fully conversant.

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