Early Documents of the Dygert Family

Montgomery County, New York

Contributed by Dale Ozag

Sale of Slave to Nicholas Dygert (Tyger), 1793

"Know all men by these presents that we Nicholas Van Der Volgen and Dirk Van Ingen two of the Executors to the Estate of Cornelius Van Der Volgen, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of sixty eight pounds lawful currency of the state of New York to us the said executors in hand well and truly paid by Nicholas Tyger of Canajohary in the county of Montgomery and receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, have granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Nicholas Tyger a negro woman slave named Nan aged about seventeen years.

To have and to hold the said negro woman slave unto the said Nicholas Tyger his heirs and assigns forever and we the aforesaid Executors administrators and assigns against any person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim the same do by these presents forever warrant and defend.

In witness whereof we have hereunto put our hands and seals this 8th day of November 1793.

Nicholas Van der Volgen

Dirk Van Ingen

Nicholas Dygert Estate Goods and Chattels, 1806

"An Account and Inventory of all the goods chattels and credits whereof Nicholas Dygert late of the Town of Minden dec'd possessed Made this twenty fifth day of October, 1806.

Due on Bonds    $354.36

Four Horses    182.50

Six Cows    75.00

Five young cattle    21.00

Fifteen sheep    30.00

Six hogs    8.00

Five iron kettles    8.00

Two brass kettles    3.00

Twenty chairs    7.50

Three tables    6.00

Hand irons, tongs, and shovels    7.00

Pails and tubs and casks    5.50

Beadsteads and busks    3.00

All other property in or belonging to the house as furniture

Or in use    15.00

One plough    5.00

One harrow    3.00

Two Slays    14.00

One Waggon    20.00

Harness    14.00

One Iron Stove    10.00

One Saddle & bridle    8.00

One farming mill    12.00

One Negro woman a slave    150.00

The above is a true account and Inventory of the Goods chattles and credits of which the above named Nicholas Dygert died possessed made by Maria Dygart Administrator of said Nicholas Dygert on the day and year above named.

Signed by us a witnesses to the signing of the said Administsratrix who as Heirs were present and did approve of the valuation as by her made:

Peter Dygert

Nicholas Gros S/Mary Dygert, Administ/ as above

Dygert/Pomery document - 1802

Know all men by these presents that Elisha Pomeroy of Minden in the County of Montgomery and State of New York am held and firmly bound unto Nicholas Dygert of same place in the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars of Money of account of the United States to be paid to the said Nicholas Dygart or his certain attorney his Executors and administrators or assigns to which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs executors and administrators firmly by these presents. Sealed with my seal, dated this sixth day of October One thousand eight hundred and two.

The corroction (?) of this obligation is such that if the above bounded Elisha Pomery his heirs executors or administrators do or shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter will sufficiently save defend and keep harmless and indemnified the above named Nicholas Dygart, his son Peter Dygart and their and every of their Heirs, Executors and administrators and also John Herkimer and Abraham Copernan Co__ of the Poor of the Town of Minden aforesaid and their successors in office and also all and every other the inhabitants which now are or hereafter shall be of said Town and every of them respectively of and from the finding, keeping educating, instructing, bringing up and providing for a female child which Lucinda Pomeroy a single woman was lately delivered whereof the said Peter Dygart is said to be the reputed father of and from the charges of laying in of the said Lucinda Pomeroy of said child and of and from all actions, suits costs, charges, troubles, expenses, damaages and demands whatsoever which they or any of them shall or may happen to incur sustain or be put into for or in respect of said child or of the laying in of the said Lucinda Pomeroy and also that neither he the said Elisha Pomeroy nor the said Lucinda Pomeroy shall or will by themselves or otherwise at any time or times hereafter prosecute or trouble either the said Nicholas or Peter or their representatives or any other persons whatsoever for or by reasons of the Bastardy above referred to them their obligation to be void otherwise of force.

S/Elisha Pomeroy

Henry Keller

Lucinda Pomeroy document

Know all men by these presents that I Lucinda Pomeroy of Minden in the County of Montgomery and State of New York have re___, release and forever quit claimed and by these presents do for me my heirs executors and administrators remiss (?) release and forever quit claim unto Nicholas Dygart and Peter Dygart a son of said Nicholas all and all manner of action and actions cause and causes of actions suits ___ suit, quarrels, controversies, trespasses, damages and demands whatsoever both at law and in equity or otherwise howsoever but more especially from all damages which I have sustained by reason or means of the said Peter Dygart having heretofore begotten me with child which child I lately have been delivered of and I do hereby release and promise to indemnify the said Nicholas & Peter their and each of them heirs executors and administrators from all costs, troubles and damages which they or either of them may be put to by reason or means of the Bastardy above mentioned.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal at Minden this sixth day of October One thousand eight hundred and two.

Sealed and delivered in presence of Henry Keller Lucinda (X) Pomeroy (her mark)

John/Mary Dygert Promise 1812

Whereas Maria Dygert of Minden in the county of Montgomery and State of New York did on this tenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and twelve convey to me a certain piece of land being Lot number Six of ___ land in that Patent granted to Rutger Bleecker Nicholas Bleecker and others the number of acres of which is not known,

Now I do hereby promise and engage to and with the said Mary Dygert that I will not grant bargain sell or dispose of said Lot number Six to any person or persons whatsoever during the time she shall or may occupy the Farm on which she now lives and that the Wood shall be for the use of the said farm now occupied by the said Mary Dygert so long as she shall or may occupy the said farm but I reserve the right of converting of said Wood to my own private use in case I shall think proper to dispose of any part of the same for the performance of which I bind myself my heirs executors and administrators in the Sun of Two hundred dollars.

Witness by Hand and Seal on the day and year above written.

Sealed & delivered in

Presence of

John Dygert

Jno. M. Charlesworth

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