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The original typescript of the minister's list is bound in the Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the D.A.R., Volume 73, pages 257-259, 1935, available for your personal viewing in the genealogy room at the New York City Public Library. A note at the top says "Records from the Freysbush Methodist Church. Ministerial Record taken from a record kept by John I. Wendell, Local Elder." This list is useful if you have a record of marriage or baptism but don't know faith of your family or their minister, as well as to try to track the careers of ministers to see where possible surviving records might be located.

All spellings are exactly as on the original typescript, including Oneida, and blank boxes mean no information was given. I have no way of finding out where the original list is kept now, or if it has survived since 1935. For further information about persons named, please visit or order a search from the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives.

DatesConferenceDistrictCircuitPresiding ElderPrechers (sic)
1812GeneseeOnida (sic)OtsegoW. CaseE. White
R. Laning
1813"""W. CaseR. Laning
A. Cumings
1814"""C. GilesG. Garey
J. Morgan
1815""LitchfieldC. GilesJ. Mills
I. Bennet
1816"""C. GilesI. Puffer
J. Hazen
1817"""C. GilesJ. Hickcox
J. Arnold
1818"""G. GaryP. Jones
E. Barnes
1819""CanajoharieG. GaryA. Gifford
1820"""G. GaryC. Horthap
1821"""G. GaryC. Horthap
1823"""C. GilesH. Peck
1824""LitchfieldC. GilesM. Tooker
E.W. Allen
1825"""C. GilesJ. Stone
E. Doolittle
1826"""L. BarnesJ. Finegan
J. Roper
1827"""L. BarnesJ. Roper
J. Diefendorf
1828""SharonG. HarmonJ. Wallace
D. Corey
1829OnidaChenangoSharonG. HarmonJ. Arnold
L. Sperrey
1830"""G. HarmonJ. Arnold
E. Whipple
1831""CanajoharieG. HarmonE. Whipple
J. Diefendorf
J. Wendell
1832"""A. PeckJ. Kelsey
A.G. Diefendorf
1833"""A. PeckM. French
P. Dedrick
1834"""A. PeckM. French
J. Backus
1835"""A. PeckJ. Grant
L.G. Weaver
1836"OnidaCanajoharieE. BowenJ. Grant
A. Lovey
1837"""E. BowenE. Dennison
B.J. Diefendorf
I. Padgham
1838"""E. BowenE. Dennison
B.J. Diefendorf
I. Padgham
1839"""Z. PaddockD. Davis
M. Dunham
1840"""Z. PaddockE. Breckenbridge
W. Southworth
1841"""Z. PaddockE. Breckenbridge
W. Southworth
1842"""E. BowenE.L. North
J.J. Wendell
1843"""E. BowenE.L. North
J.J. Wendell
1844"""E. BowenJ. McGowen
1845"""E. BowenL.C. Rogers
1846"Otsego"L. SperryL.C. Rogers
1847""FreysbushL. SperryA.E. Daniels
1848"""L. SperryA.E. Daniels
1849"""L. SperryH. Halsted
1850"""I. ParksH. Halsted
1851"""I. ParksG. Parsons
1852"""I. ParksG. Parsons
1853"""I. ParksD. L. Pendell (?)
1854"""DanaJ. Soul
1855"""DanaJ. Soul
1856"""J. ShankW. Burnside
1857"""J. ShankW. Burnside
1858"""J. ShankW. McDuguld
1859"""J. ShankW. McDuguld
1860"""J.T. WrightL. Hartsough
1861"""J.T. WrightL. Hartsough
1862"""J.T. WrightW.L. York
1863"""J.T. WrightW.L. York
1864"""J.T. WrightDavis
1865"""W. BixbyDavis
1866"""W. BixbyW.R. Lynch
1867"""W. BixbyB.B. Carruth
1868"""W. BixbyB.B. Carruth
1869Ont.-N.Y.Herkimer"A.B. GreegM.G. Wadsworth
1870"""A.B. GreegM.G. Wadsworth
1871"""A.B. GreegDaniel Austin
1872"""A.B. GreegDaniel Austin
1873N.V.Y.""CorseDaniel Austin
1874"""CorseJ.B. VanValkenburg
1875"""CorseJ.B. VanValkenburg
1876"""CorseJ.B. VanValkenburg
1877"""ShepherdL.E. Marvin
1878TroyAlbany"H. EatonL.E. Marvin
1879"""H. EatonMarvin &
H. Wendell
1880"""J.C. SawyerG. Parsons
1881"""J.C. SawyerD.E. Perry
1882"""J.C. SawyerD.E. Perry
1883"""J.C. SawyerM. White
1884"""D.W. GatesM. White
1885"""D.W. GatesE.E. Taylor
1886"""D.W. GatesE.E. Taylor
1887"""D.W. GatesJ.B. Wood
1888"""J.W. EatonJ.B. Wood
1889"""J.W. EatonAaron Hall
1890"""J.W. EatonAaron Hall
1891"""J.W. EatonE.W. Ten Brouck & supply -
attending school
1892"""J.W. EatonEdgar H. Brown

Edgar H. Brown

J.H. CoburnEdgar H. Brown

L.I. Backus

L.I. Backus

L.I. Backus

L.I. Backus

M.J. Osteyee

M.J. Osteyee

M.J. Osteyee

Frank Marsland

D.M. Schell

G.W. Brown

G.W. Brown
1906TroyAlbanyNellistonI.D. VanValkenburgA.J. Hutchinson
1907""Freysbush"A.J. Hutchinson
1908""""A.J. Hutchinson
1909""""E.J. Cummings
1910""""E.J. Cummings
1911""""E.J. Cummings
1912"""W.W. Foster, Jr.E.J. Cummings

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