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Surnames A - L

Name of ElectorPlace of ResidenceParty Affiliation
Acker, Justus H.Ft. PlainDemocrat
Alter, SebaRD 7Democrat
Alter, William E.RD 7
Alter, Peter A.RD 7Democrat
Alter, Emory E.RD 3
Alter, WesleyRD 3
Alter, Chester E.Reid St.Republican
Alter, Ralph C.Main St.Republican
Alter, CharlesRD 3
Alter, Geo. V.RD 3
Austin, Melvin D.RD 7Republican
Able, Arthur R.MainRepublican
Adams, Edith M.MainRepublican
Adams, Earl D.MainRepublican
Ahrens, HermanRD 7Republican
Alter, Edna J.Main
Able, Viola S.MainRepublican
Alter, EstherRD 3
Alter, NancyRD 3
Alter, CoraRD 7
Anson, WilliamBeck
Anson, PearlBeckRepublican
Alter, Mamie D.ReidRepublican
Adams, RayRD 7
Adams, EdnaRD 7

Bauder, Frank W.RD 3Democrat
Bauder, MeetaRD 3
Bauder, Harry D.RD 3Democrat
Bauder, MarjorieRD 3Democrat
Bonine, FredFt. PlainRepublican
Bonine, ClarenceRD 3
Bonine, MaryRD 3
Bowers, Charles W.RD 7Republican
Bowers, NellieRD 7Republican
Bowman, George B.RD 7Democrat
Brookman, EdwardRD 3Democrat
Brookman, MarthaRD 3
Brookman, Clarence H.RD 3Democrat
Brookman, FlorenceRD 3Democrat
Brookman, CatherineRD 3
Brookman, MargieRD 3
Brookman, LuluRD 3Democrat
Bush, AbramRD 3
Blowers, ArthurReidRepublican
Blowers, BlancheReid
Bobolin, Albert F.Prospect HillRepublican
Bobolin, Maud I.Prospect Hill
Brady, K. BlancheMainDemocrat
Backus, Ida D.MainRepublican
Brown, BernardRD 3Republican
Brown, EdnaRD 3Republican
Bailey, MorganMain
Bailey, FlorenceMain
Bush, StephenRD 7
Bush, LenaRD 7
Bramer, NellieMain
Bodey, MinnieProspect Hill
Bertchman, WilliamBeckRepublican
Byers, PeterFt. Plain
Bagley, Robert C.RD 7
Bowers, ArchieRD 3
Bowers, MaudRD 3
Brown, LuzerneRD 3
Brown, Doris J.RD 3
Burns, William F.BeckDemocrat
Burns, AnnaBeck
Brown, LewisDouglasRepublican
Crouse, RaymondRD 7Democrat

Crouse, Ida D.RD 7Democrat
Clausen, EdwardMain
Cook, James H.RD 7Democrat
Copley, SeeberRD 7Republican
Copley, EmersonRD 7
Copley, BessieRD 7
Copley, Clara F.RD 7Republican
Copley, MaggieRD 3Republican
Cornue, SidneyGarfieldDemocrat
Cornue, George W.Garfield
Clemm, EphraimRD 3Republican
Conlin, JohnReidDemocrat
Coppernoll, JosiahRD 7Republican
Cramer, LewisRD 7Democrat
Cramer, JamesRD 7
Cramer, RitaRD 3Democrat
Casler, CatherineRD 3Democrat
Craig, Ella M.RD 3Republican
Cotton, PhoebeRD 3
Close, Wallace H.Garfield
Close, ClarenceGarfield
Countryman, KatherineProspect HillRepublican
Cotton, KateRD 3
Coursen, CarltonDouglasRepublican
Cosselman, AlvaRD 7
Cotton, EdwardRD 5Republican
Cotton, MaggieRD 5Republican
Casler, EmmaMain
Champney, Harry L.Prospect Hill
Champney, MabelProspect Hill
Cushman, HowardRD 3Republican
Cool, RoyRD 3Republican
Cool, MabelRD 3
Coppernoll, ErnestProspect HillRepublican
Coppernoll, MaryProspect HillRepublican
Cotton, William P.RD 3
Chapman, HarryRD 3
Chamberlain, EdithGarfieldRepublican
Cotton, SophiaRD 3

Delong, AbramFt. PlainRepublican
Dillenbeck, J. EugeneRD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, LuluRD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, IreneRD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, Emery J.RD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, AddieRD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, JosephRD 3Republican
Dillenbeck, HattieRD 3
Dingman, CharlesBeckDemocrat
Duesler, HarveyRD 3
Duesler, CharlesReidDemocrat
Dunckel, MiltonRD 3Democrat
Dunckel, TillisonRD 3Democrat
Dunckel, AlmiraRD 3
Dunckel, KennethRD 3
Dunckel, EdnaRD 3
Dunckel, VoorheesReidRepublican
Dunckel, HazelReidRepublican
Dunckel, WilliamDouglasRepublican
Dunckel, SarahDouglasRepublican
Dygert, AlvinGarfieldDemocrat
Dygert, EdwardGarfield
Dygert, LeeGarfieldDemocrat
Dygert, RayGarfieldDemocrat
Dygert, Eva C.Garfield
Davin, MichaelDouglasDemocrat
Dutcher, AlonzoFt. PlainDemocrat
Dell, Charles W.RD 5Republican
Diefendorf, LuciusRD 3
Diefendorf, MalindaRD 3Republican
Delong, IvaProspect HillRepublican
Duesler, RaymondRD 3Democrat
Dingman, HarveyRD 7Democrat
Dingman, LizzieRD 7
Dopp, GlennBeckRepublican
Dopp, MattieBeck
Dunckel, VernaRD 3
Dunckel, AdamRD 3
Dingman, StewartRD 3
Dingman, BerthaRD 3
David, SamuelMainRepublican
David, EllaMainDemocrat
Darling, LeeRD 3
Darling, FrancesRD 3
Dillenbeck, DwightBeckRepublican
Dingman, HarryBeckDemocrat
Dingman, ElectaBeckDemocrat
Dennison, Chas. E.DouglasRepublican
Dennison, AnitaDouglasRepublican
Dygert, LenaGarfieldRepublican
Dingman, MorganRD 3

Eutermarks, EphraimRD 7Democrat
Eutermarks, FrankKelloggDemocrat
Edick, MarianRD 3Socialist
Essler, BerthaKelloggRepublican
Essler, CarlKelloggRepublican
Eckert, CharlesRD 3

Failing, Kelly F.RD 3Republican
Failing, IdaRD 3
Failing, RaymondRD 3Republican
Failing, Lulu C.RD 3Republican
Fox, Clarence C.RD 7Republican
Fox, DewittGarfieldDemocrat
Fox, ImroGarfieldDemocrat
Flint, HarveyRD 7Democrat
Flint, CyreneRD 7Democrat
Flint, James E.RD 7Democrat
Flint, LoganRD 7Democrat
Flint, EdithRD 7Democrat
Flint, ArthurRD 7Democrat
Flint, MaggieRD 7Democrat
Flint, JosephRD 7Democrat
Flint, MaryRD 7Democrat
Flint, EttaRD 7
Flint, WilbuRD 7Democrat
Flint, MarianRD 7
Flint, IrvingRD 7Democrat
Flint, Mary EvaRD 7
Flint, ClintonRD 7Democrat
Flint, Arthur Jr.RD 7Democrat
Francis, ThomasBeckRepublican
Francis, LuluBeck
Finch, Essle? Main
Fredericks, WardenDouglasRepublican
Fredericks, IdaDouglas
Freebold, MarthaDouglas
Fuellman, HarryBeckRepublican
Fuellman, EffieBeckRepublican
Flanders, FloydGarfield
Flanders, AgnesGarfield
Fox, CharlesMain
Fox, RoseMain
Flint, GeorgeRD 7

Gray, John S.Ft. Plain
Geesler, WalterRD 7Republican
Geesler, RaymondRD 3Republican
Geesler, GeorgeRD 3Republican
Geesler, MiltonRD 3Republican
Geesler, AnnaRD 3
Geesler, SalinaRD 7
Geesler, MariettaRD 3Republican
Geesler, Jacob A.RD 3Republican
Geesler, Mary A.RD 3Republican
Gardinier, Charles M.RD 7Democrat
Gardinier, RoseRD 7Republican
Goodrich, WesleyRD 3
Goodrich, CarrieRD 7
Gottung, CasperReidRepublican
Gottung, CharlesGarfieldRepublican
Gottung, JohnReidRepublican
Gottung, MinnieReidRepublican
Gottung, ElnoraReid
Gottung, GrantReid
Gottung, CarlGarfieldRepublican
Gottung, GeorgeBeckRepublican
Gottung, MarjorieBeck
Gottung, EmmaReid Republican
Granes, PerryReidRepublican
Granes, CarrieReidRepublican
Granes, EdnaReidRepublican
Gross, John W.RD 7Republican
Gross, LottieRD 7Republican
Gros, HenryDouglas
Gros, LetaDouglas
Gurnee, ClarenceRD 7
Garlock, PeterFt. Plain
Golden, AnnaKelloggDemocrat
Golden, AdaKellogg
Green, John M.RD 5Democrat
Gardinier, Lester E.RD 7
Gardinier, LillianRD 7
Gardinier, JohnRD 3Democrat
Gardinier, FloraRD 3
Greeley, EmmaProspect Hill
Greeley, WilliamProspect Hill
Groffman, HenryMainDemocrat
Groffman, ClaraMainDemocrat
Glockler, MartinRD 7Socialist
Green, J. HarveyReidRepublican
Green, TressieReid
Garlock, FrankFt. PlainRepublican
Gottung, Lillian

Hurell, GeorgeDouglasRepublican
Hurell, AlexanderDouglas
Hurell, TheresaDouglasRepublican
Hurell, GeorgenaDouglasRepublican
Hurell, AliceDouglasRepublican
Hoffman, GeorgeRD 3
Hoffman, EttaRD 3
Hoffman, ChristinaRD 3
Hoffman, LesterBeckRepublican
Hoffman, EthelBeck
Hart, FrankKelloggRepublican
Hart, MaryKellogg
Hart, MyrtleKellogg
Haslett, Fred S.MainRepublican
Haslett, Alice W.MainRepublican
Hess, SperryRD 7
Hess, Leon V.RD 7Democrat
Hess, FlorenceRD 7Republican
Hess, Laura C.RD 7
Hufnail, John A.RD 7Democrat
Hufnail, FloraRD 7Democrat
Hiller, J. FranklinRD 3Republican
Hiller, May EvaRD 3Republican
Heiser, GiffordRD 3Democrat
Heiser, EdwardReid
Hert, ErnestMainRepublican
Homkey, ChristianRD 3Democrat
Homkey, CharlesMainRepublican
Homkey, AllieMainDemocrat
Hollenbeck, Ada E.Main
Holmes, JohnRD 7
Holmes, MadelineRD 7
Hudson, Anna J.ReidRepublican
Hudson, HowardReid
Howland, DonFt. Plain
Howland, MinettaFt. PlainDemocrat
Holl, FredBeck
Hardy, Dorothy B.RD 7Republican
Hayes, AdelfordRD 7
Hayes, Harold E.RD 7

Iffland, WilliamRD 3Republican
Iffland, AnnaRD 3

Jordan, AbramRD 7
Jordan, EllaRD 7 Republican
Jewell, James E.RD 7Republican

Keesler, Ralph E.RD 5Republican
Keesler, Fred S.RD 7Republican
Keesler, EmmaRD 7Republican
Kelsey, JohnReidDemocrat
Kelsey, MariettaReidDemocrat
Kelsey, DeliaReidDemocrat
Keller, PeterReid
Keller, HattieReid
Keller, William C.RD 7
Kining, JohnRD 3Democrat
Kining, EdwardRD 3Democrat
Kining, EmersonRD 3Democrat
Kougher, Edward S.RD 7Democrat
Kougher, LouiseRD 7
Kougher, HowardRD 7Democrat
Kougher, FlorenceRD 7Republican
Krum, William J.RD 3Republican
Krum, Steward E.RD 3Republican
Krum, Lulu G.RD 3Republican
Kearns, ClarenceGarfieldDemocrat
Konertz, FrankRD 3
Konertz, LenaRD 3
Keller, NellieRD 7
Kougher, NellieReidDemocrat
Knoeck, LambertRD 3
Knoeck, EdwinRD 3
Knoeck, MaxRD 3
Keeley, JosephDouglas
Kining, LillianRD 3Democrat

Lambert, Geo. H.RD 7Republican
Lambert, BerniceRD 7Republican
Lambert, Emma A.RD 3Republican
Lambert, William E.RD 3Republican
Lambert, JennieRD 3
Lipe, Arthur J.RD 7Democrat
Lieber, John BeckRepublican
Lumley, Leroy RD 7
Lighthall, FrankRD 3Republican
Leneker, Rose Reid
Leyden, George RD 7Democrat
LaValley, LouisDouglas
Luft, William J.ReidDemocrat
Luft, Jennie M.Reid
Lord, EdmundReidDemocrat
Lord, Edward J.ReidDemocrat
Lord, Leona ReidDemocrat
Leneker, Emiel Prospect HillRepublican
Leneker, Nelle Prospect HillDemocrat
Liddle, John F.Douglas
Liddle, Anna F.Douglas
Lord, William Reid

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