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Surnames M - Y

Name of ElectorPlace of ResidenceParty Affiliation
Moyer, Charles A.RD 7Republican
Moyer, Chauncey L.RD 3Republican
Moyer, CoraRD 3Republican
Moyer, John D. RD 3Republican
Moyer, Rhoda RD 3Republican
Moyer, Adam RD 7
Moyer, Lany RD 7
Moyer, Howard A.RD 3Republican
Moyer, Emma RD 3
Moyer, Harvey RD 3Republican
Moyer, Davis RD 3Republican
Moyer, Jay E. RD 3Democrat
Moyer, Wanda RD 3Republican
Moyer, Matilda RD 3
Mandow, Joseph RD 3
Mandow, Sarah RD 3
Mandow, Harold V.ReidDemocrat
Mandow, Allie M.ReidRepublican
Mowers, ClarenceRD 7Democrat
Mowers, Hattie RD 7
Mowers, Myron RD 3Republican
Mowers, May

Mowers, Byron RD 7
Mowers, Alice RD 7Republican
Mowers, Seward D.RD 3Democrat
Miller, Ira C. RD 3Republican
Miller, Glen RD 3Republican
Miller, Minnie Beck
Marcellino, Elizabeth Douglas Republican
Mosher, Alfred RD 7
Mosher, Grace RD 7
Minch, William KelloggRepublican
Minch, Verna Kellogg Democrat
Manning, George E.RD 7Democrat
Manning, MinnieRD 7
Moore, Warner RD 3Republican
Moore, Celia RD 3Republican
Madison, James BeckRepublican
Marcellino, JamesDouglas
Morrell, Lulu Reid
Moyer, Ralph Garfield
Moyer, Emily Garfield
Marshall, May Main
Miller, FrancisMainRepublican
Miller, Ella MainRepublican
Mabbett, LeslieReid
Mabbett, Edith Reid
Madison, RosinaBeckRepublican
Mac Arthur, Charles W. RD 3Republican
MacArthur, Hilda A.RD 3Republican
MacArthur, Daniel J. RD 3Republican
MacArthur, Esther M.* RD 3*(Name entered twice)
MacArthur, Esther M.* RD 3
MacArthur, BeatriceDouglas
Miller, Bertha Douglas Republican
McCoy, Elmer Douglas
McCauley, Anna MainDemocrat
McFee, Kenneth Douglas Democrat
McFee, Mabel Douglas

Nestell, Ida M.Ft. Plain Republican
Nestell, Laura Garfield
Nestle, Homer RD 3Republican
Nestle, Mabel RD 3Republican
Nestle, William C.RD 3Republican
Nestle, Esther RD 3
Nestle, Henry RD 7
Noelk, August Prospect HillRepublican
Noelk, Lucia Prospect HillRepublican
Neach, Louisa RD 5
Nestle, Pearl RD 7

Ottaway, J. StanleyRD 3Republican
Ottaway, LillieRD 3Republican
Osbaker, RudolphRD 7
ODay, William Beck
ODay, Rose Beck
Ottaway, HarrisRD 3

Pickard, CharlesRD 7Republican
Pickard, JosephBeckDemocrat
Pickard, MadolinBeckDemocrat
Pomeroy, ReubenRD 3Republican
Pomeroy, CynthiaRD 3
Prime, William RD 7Democrat
Prime, Edna RD 7
Prime, Sidney RD 7Democrat
Prime, Elsie RD 7Republican
Prime, Howard RD 7
Prime, James H.RD 7
Peasley, William D.RD 7Democrat
Peasley, Emma C.RD 7
Pickel, Carl Garfield Republican
Pickel, Minnie Garfield Republican
Palmer, Leland RD 5

Quirk, John Douglas
Quackenbush, EttaReid

Rapp, Libbie MainRepublican
Ripple, DeforestRD 3Democrat
Ripple, Ella RD 3Democrat
Ripple, Dewitt RD 3
Ripple, WilliamRD 3Democrat
Rogers, Julia RD 7
Ryan, Joseph RD 7Democrat
Ryan, Pearl RD 7Republican
Race, Alvin S. Douglas
Roof, Byron Prospect HillRepublican
Roof, Elma Prospect HillRepublican
Roof, Leo C. Prospect HillRepublican
Roof, Ethel Prospect Hill
Roof, Lester A.Prospect HillRepublican
Roof, Jennie Z. Prospect HillRepublican
Roof, Anna R. RD 5
Roof, Abram RD 5
Roof, Emily MainRepublican
Rouse, Milton Prospect HillDemocrat
Rouse, Lydia Prospect Hill
Richardson, Harold L. Reid
Rollman, Fred DouglasDemocrat
Rollman, JessieDouglas
Robinson, CorneliaReid
Rivenburg, JohnRD 3
Rivenburg, Asa RD 3
Rivenburg, VirgilRD 7
Rivenburg, MabelRD 7
Rowe, Chauncey RD 3

Snyder, RogerRD 7Democrat
Snyder, Albert P.
RD 7
Snyder, LouisRD 7Democrat
Snyder, EllaRD 7
Stonehouse, John C.RD 3Republican
Stonehouse, MaggieRD 3
Sauer, CharlesBeckRepublican
Sauer, HattieBeck
Sitterly, SidneyDouglasRepublican
Slingerland, AbramRD 3
Slingerland, AnnaRD 3
Slingerland, GlenRD 3Republican
Slingerland, RuthRD 3
Slingerland, Chester RD 3Republican
Slingerland, IvaRD 3
Smith, AddisonRD 7Democrat
Smith, AlmaRD 7
Smith, ElmerRD 7
Smith, ClarenceRD 3Democrat
Smith, David H.RD 3
Smith, Kate E.RD 3Democrat
Smith, Ruth D.RD 3Republican
Smith, AmeliaRD 3
Smith, MaryProspect Hill
Smith, DeEttaProspect Hill
Smith, Geo. W.Prospect HillDemocrat
Smith, HowardProspect HillRepublican
Smith, Mary E.Prospect HillRepublican
Smith, EarlReidRepublican
Smith, MaudeReid
Smith, ElmerRD 7
Smith, EstellaRD 7
Smith, RichardRD 7
Smith, Harold R.RD 7
Smith, HarryReid
Smith, AnnaReid
Smith, CorlissRD 3Republican
Smith, ChaunceyRD 3
Smith, JacobRD 3
Schwartz, George H.RD 7Democrat
Schwartz, Charles S. Prospect HillRepublican
Schwartz, Anna M.Prospect HillRepublican
Schwartz, EdwardDouglasDemocrat
Schwartz, EdithDouglasRepublican
Schwartz, HazelProspect HillRepublican
Sprung, JayRD 3Republican
Somers, CoraKelloggDemocrat
Somers, BeulahKellogg
Somers, JessieKelloggRepublican
Shant, AdaReidRepublican
Saltsman, JeremiahProspect HillRepublican
Saltsman, BeulahProspect HillRepublican
Stahler, Frances E.GarfieldRepublican
Stahler, CharlesGarfieldRepublican
Sullivan, KatherineKelloggDemocrat
Shufelt, LauraReidDemocrat
Stahler, LelandGarfieldRepublican
Smith, GordonReidRepublican
Smith, GladysRD 3
Smith, CeliaRD 3
Sparks, WalterDouglas
Smith, OliverGarfieldDemocrat
Smith, WilliamGarfield
Sparks, IdaDouglas
Sienert, JohnFt. PlainDemocrat
Smith, MinnieRD 3
Steenburgh, John H.RD 3Republican
Steenburgh, Grace M. RD 3Republican
Stahler, Charles Jr. GarfieldRepublican
Stonehouse, HarveyRD 3
Sayles, LeroyBeck
Smith, Mabel L.Prospect HillRepublican
Smith, WilliamDouglas
Salesman, LillianReid
Salesman, SedateReid

Thompson, JamesRD 7Republican
Thompson, ClarenceRD 3Republican
Thompson, PearlRD 3
Thurwood, AdelaideMain
Tullock, VioletRD 3Republican
Tallman, HarryBeckRepublican
Tallman, MinnieBeck
Turner, AdelbertRD 7Democrat
Turner, MaryRD 7

Van Alstyne, Edwin C. GarfieldRepublican
Van Alstyne, Clara M. Garfield
Van Alsyne, Irving E. GarfieldRepublican
Vosburgh, IsaacRD 7Democrat
Vosburg, GordonRD 7Democrat
Van Duesen, SewardBeckRepublican
Van Duessen, LouisaBeck
Van Duessen, WardRD 5Republican
Van Duessen, PearlRD 5
Van Duessen, RalphBeck
Voorhees, HarryRD 5
Voorhees, LuluRD 5
Van Auken, EdithDouglas
Van Alstyne, GraceGarfieldRepublican

Ward, HenryRD 7Republican
Wauffle, AlexanderRD 7Democrat
Waffle, BessieRD 7Democrat
Waffle, Stanley J.RD 7
Waffle, AllieRD 7
Wagner, JustusKelloggRepublican
Wagner, LouiseKelloggRepublican
Wagner, JennieKelloggRepublican
Wagner, IvaRD 3
Wagner, ElmerRD 3Republican
Walker, JosephRD 7
Walker, StephenRD 7
Walker, JohnRD 7Democrat
Walker, NoraRD 7Democrat
Walker, ArthurRD 7
Walts, Emerson J.RD 3Republican
Walts, HowardRD 3Republican
Walts, CarrieRD 3Republican
Walts, JennieRD 3Republican
Walts, IvaRD 3Democrat
Wiers, FrankRD 7Democrat
White, George E.KelloggDemocrat
White, MyraKellogg
White, GraceKellogg
Whyland, JacobRD 3Republican
Whyland, ArthurRD 3Republican
Whyland, MatildaRD 3
Whyland, Henry RD 3Republican
Whyland, EstellaRD 3
Wick, RollinRD 3Democrat
Wiles, SarahReidRepublican
Wiles, DavidRD 3Democrat
Wiles, EmmaRD 3
Wick, EdgarRD 5
Wick, ReginaRD 5
Wessells, WinifredReidRepublican
Wessells, MarianReidRepublican
Walrath, OrlandoRD 7
Walrath, LydiaRD 7
Wells, MyronMainDemocrat
Weeks, GeorgeRD 3Republican
Weeks, AgnesRD 3Republican
Weller, Mary J.RD 3
Weller, GraceRD 3
Weller, ClarkRD 7
Wohlgemuth, AnnaMainRepublican
Walts, IdaMain
Winegart, GertrudeGarfield
Wood, FredRD 7Republican
Wiers, AgnesRD 7
Wagner, Cora L.Main
Wolfrom, AmandaProspect Hill
Waner, Alfred L.RD 5Republican
Waner, MabelRD 5Republican
Walrath, LydaRD 7
Weller, EllaMain
Wright, HerbertReidDemocrat
Wright, BlancheReid
Weller, Clifford T.MainDemocrat

Yops, JohnBeckDemocrat
Yerdon, GeorgeFt. PlainDemocrat
Young, J. EdwardRD 3
Young, Nicholas D.RD 3Democrat
Young, IreneGarfieldRepublican
Young, SamuelGarfieldRepublican
Young, SarahGarfield
Yerdon, JosephineMain
Yops, CarrieBeck
Yager, FredRD 3

    We, the undersigned, Commissioners of Election of the County of Montgomery, do hereby certify that the persons shown by the foregoing list are the only persons enrolled as electors in the First Election District of the Town of Minden, in the said County for the year 1927.

     Dated, Amsterdam, N.Y., February 1, 1927

                                  W. ARTHUR CLINE
                                  E. EUGENE DEVENDORF,
                                  Commissioners of Elections.

Transcriber's Note: Order of voters and all spellings are typed exactly as in the book. e.g., Van Alstyne and Van Alsyne (without the "t" after the "s"), Vosburgh and Vosburg (the "h" at the end dropped), Van Duesen and Van Duessen (with two "s's"), Wauffle and Waffle (no "u").

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