Part 12

What more can we say about this section? Obituaries not only name relatives and relationships, but often tell vivid stories of people's lives. Please send in your collected Montgomery County related obits. Put "OBIT" in the subject heading of your email and name the source of the obit if known. The obits do not have to be long but can be short notices.

Adams, Mrs. Mary Jane Nov 6, 1873
Agard, Mrs. Catherine J. Jan 16, 1922
Anstead, Issac Apr 24, 1903
Bamber, Roger 25 Apr 1886
Bartholomew, Charles D. Mar 18, 1918
Bartholomew, John 1948
Bartholomew, Vincent Oct 21, 1903
Bogardus, Charles M. 1911
Bradford, Robert 4 Dec 1929
Brown, O. C. Oct 29, 1882
Bundy, Stephen L. 1 Dec 1906
Burtt, Jay C. Feb 4, 1926
Bzbyourcz, Locadis Jul 18, 1910
Carmody, Patrick Apr 2 1904
Church, Frank L. Jul 26, 1930
Cimmino, Alphonso Jan 16, 1922
Coit, Esther R. Dec 31, 1917
Devendorf, Dewitt A. Dec 23, 1899
Doran, Margaret Dec 17, 1914
Elwood, Henry D. Jan 12, 1902
Ehle, Homer D. 1990
Ethridge, Alfred Sep 10, 1899
Faulknor, James J. 1886
Faulknor, John B. 7 Jan 1920
Finehout, George Mar 13, 1917
Folts, Mrs. George P. Oct 3, 1898
Francisco, Minerva Dorn Jul 18, 1910
Frazier, infant 25 Apr 1886
Furiani, Lena 1929/1930(?)
Gagen, Harry 1929/1930(?)
Gilliland, Ellen M. Nov 1, 1873
Gleason, Mrs. Mary P. Apr 17, 1929
Golder, Mrs. Benjamin F. Aug 1938
Gramps, Mrs. Harvey (Julia) Jun 24, 1918
Hare, Andrew J. Jan 2, 1896
Hare, Jay Dec 18, 1915
Hare, Mrs Jay (Melissa Teeter) Jun 16, 1916
Hare, Mrs. Emma Sep 1902
Hayes, Caroline Jan 11, 1902
Heagle, Mary J. 1907
Herrick, Mrs. Dennison Aug 1938
Hibbard, Ethel Alice 23 Jul, 1922
Hilts, Elizabeth (Grandma Kinney) Jan 8, 1927
Hinkle, Chester P. 6 Jan 1920
Howard, Ebenezer Feb 10, 1892
James, Anthony R. 1921
Karner, infant 25 Apr 1886
Kosboth, Levant C. Apr 5, 1927
Krum, Mrs. William Jul 22, 1922
Kubas, Wilhelmina 5 Jan 1920
Lepper, Lucinda Snell Jan 11, 1902
Marion, Anna C. 20 Aug 1906
Markham, Rev, Wilbur F. May 10?18, 1921
Marmet, Mrs. Christian 1904
Marsh, Joseph 20 Aug 1906
McGregor, Martha Ann (Mattie) 1898
McKoon, Jessie M. May 16, 1918
Merritt, Mrs. Augusta Aug 13, 1917
Merry, Mary E. 1919
Mosher, George F. Apr 2, 1904
Nichols, Mrs. Walter Jan 22, 1922
O'Shaughnessy, Nancy Bamber 25 May 1910
Pawling, William T. Nov 30, 1913
Persohn, Jacob May 21, 1923
Phillips, Peter Nov 3, 1873
Pieczynski, Frank 1930
Pitcher, George O. 1 Aug 1911
Platt, Mrs. Helen Apr 28, 1927
Reynolds, Mrs. Perry Jan 12, 1913
Rich, Jennie Jul 22, 1922
Richertt, John Feb 3, 1926
Schufelberger, Bertha Weaver 4 Apr 1908
Schuyler, Harriet Herrick Mar 30, 1917
Schuyler, Hiram Aug 6, 1908
Scullen, Mrs. Mary A. May 1912
Scullen, Mrs. Ruth Mar 9, 1911
Scullen, Walter I. 1912
Sherman, Alonzo P. Feb 4, 1926
Showerman, Lydia DeGraff 8 Jan 1920
Shults, Martin Jan 9, 1922
Smith Charles Mar 23, 1904
Smith, Eugene 1914
Smith, Wilhelmina Richard Feb 2, 1921
Snell, Eugene Aug 16, 1917
Snyder, Adam W. Nov 4, 1873
Snyder, Christopher Jan 12, 1922
Steadwell, Frank Lane Aug 17, 1917
Sutton, Richard W. 4 Dec 1929
Swart, Mrs. Clarence 1922
Tarmey, Thomas Patrick Aug 16, 1917
Thatcher, Charity Cuyler 20 Aug 1906
Thompson, Alexander McGregor 1911
Thompson, Evelyn 1911
Thompson, Grace 1923
Thompson, Herbert J. 1933
Thompson, Howard Eugene 1884
Thompson, Issac H. 1821
Thompson, Jessie 1977
Thompson, Jessie Martha 1977
Thompson, John Jan 22, 1922
Thompson, John Bartholomew Jan 15, 1922
Thompson, John H. 1953
Thompson, Martha A. May 19, 1898
Thompson, Mildred 1976
Thompson, Mrs. Eliza A. Feb 6, 1897
Thompson, Mrs. James B. Jan 1, 1921
Thorn, Wilber S. 1919 or 1920
Usher, Luke Jan 16, 1902
Van Brocklin, Sylvester Aug 4, 1898
Van Slyke, Nancy ?????
Vandelinder, Mrs. Nettie Nov 10, 1928
Van Horne, Mary A. 1929/1930(?)
Voorhees, George W. Apr 3, 1921
Voorhees, John Leslie Sep 3, 1888
Vrooman, Nancy E. Jun 26, 1918
Wands, Mary E. Jun 11, 1936
Warner, Henry Aug 31, 1924
White, Celia ?????
Williams, Abram May 1859
Wilson, James H. Nov 6, 1910
Wilson, Mrs. Phoebe M. Sep 14, 1911
Witherstine, C. S. Apr 1899
Wojcik, Mrs. Stanislaus Jan 16, 1922
Wyszomirski, Frank 7 Jan 1920
Zimerman, Andrew Nov 8, 1873

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, unknown date in mid-September 1907

Sept. 16-
Martin J. Hartley is making arrangements to remove the remains of the John Barlow family, buried on the John B. Hartley farm in the town of Florida, to the Chuctanunda cemetery at Minaville. It is said that the Rev. Father Gorski, of Amsterdam, paid $8,000 for the Hartley farm, which contains 200 acres.

[NOTE: the Barlows are not on our cemetery list, but on findagrave there is a Barlow Graveyard located in the Town of Florida, including photos. Their list has four Barlow family members, including John Barlow Sr. who passed in 1837. Perhaps this exhumation agreement never went through, or the remains were removed and some stones left in place. According to an article titled "Father Gorski Buys Florida Farm," posted in the September 7, 1907 issue of the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, the John B. Hartley farm was 3 miles southeast of Amsterdam, and had been owned by members of the Hartley family for nearly a hundred years. The farm would be occupied by Father Gorski's mother and siblings and be a summer retreat for the nuns of St. Stanislaus Polish Catholic Church's school. Nothing is said about the cemetery. However, according to a for sale notice posted by the Hartley Bros. in the June 7, 1902 issue, and other 1902 issues, of the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, the John B. Hartley farm was situated 3 1/2 miles southwest of Amsterdam. On the 1868 map of Florida, the farms of J. B. Hartley and R. M. Hartley were located a short distance southwest of the former village of Port Jackson. Members of the Barlow and Hartley families might have intermarried as there is a J. Barlow Hartley (1870-1909) listed on Malcolm Lethbridge and Edith Becker's compilation of Chuctanunda Cemetery. This interment compilation was produced by comparing the sexton's record and every surviving stone in the cemetery from 1820-1924.]

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Tuesday, August 21, 1906

Mrs. George W. Thatcher.

Charity Cuyler, widow of George W. Thatcher, of this city, died at the home of her brother, Henry S. Cuyler, at Hagaman, Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, of apoplexy, aged 67 years. She was first stricken on May 30th, and has failed gradually since, until the end came Monday. She was born at Hagaman, and resided there until she was united in marriage to Mr. Thatcher, of Amsterdam, Jan. 22d, 1863, and has lived in Amsterdam since that time. She was a member of the Emmanuel Presbyterian church, and was identified with all the activities of the church. She is survived by one brother, Henry S. Cuyler, of Hagaman, one niece, Flora Cuyler, and one nephew, George H., both of Hagaman. The funeral will be held at the residence of H. S. Cuyler, Pawling street, Hagaman, Wednesday at 2 p.m., the Rev. G. C. Seibert officiating. Interment at Hagaman.

Miss Anna C. Marion.

Miss Anna C. Marion, formerly of Mill Point, died in Schenectady Monday afternoon, where she had been visiting. The remains were brought to this city on the 2:56 train Monday afternoon was taken to the home of Peter Manifold, at No. 317 East Main street, where the funeral will be held Thursday morning at 9:30 o'clock and at 10 o'clock at St. Mary's church (sentence exactly as printed). Interment in St. Mary's cemetery. The deceased is survived by one sister, Miss Mary Marion, of Mill Point, one niece, Mrs. John Carlon, of Quincy, Ill., and two nephews, Thomas Dempsy of St. Louis, Ill., and Mark Dempsy of Galesburg, Ill.

Joseph Marsh.

Joseph Marsh, a citizen of Fort Plain, during his whole lifetime up to about ten days ago, died at the county house Monday morning, over 80 years of age. He was a tailor by trade, at which he was occupied for many years at Fort Plain. For some time past he had been in poor health.

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Thursday, January 8, 1920, page 3

Chester P. Hinkle.

Canajoharie, Jan. 8- Chester P. Hinkle, 13 years old, son of Mrs. Clara Hinkle of Stone Arabia, died Tuesday evening at 5:35 at their home after a two weeks' illness of acute dilation of the heart. He had seemingly recovered and was able to sit up in bed, when a change suddenly came and he quickly expired. He is survived by his mother and one sister, Mildred, both of Stone Arabia. He was a member of the Evangelical church and Sunday school of Stone Arabia and a bright, clever lad who had many young friends. The funeral will be held Friday at 1 o'clock at the home, the Rev. A. G. Ehman, pastor of the Stone Arabia Evangelical church, officiating. Interment will be in the Johnstown cemetery.

John B. Faulknor.

John B. Faulknor, aged 61, died at his home, 16 Wright street, at 10:45 o'clock Wednesday night, after an illness of eight days of bronchial pneumonia. He was born at Mill Point, but has lived in Amsterdam for 27 years. Of late he has been in the employ of the Pioneer Broom company. Besides his wife, Mr. Faulknor is survived by three sons, Gilbert, Louis and Arthur; three brothers, Frank E., of Amsterdam police force, and Daniel, of Amsterdam, and W. Allen, of Mill Point' and a sister, Mrs. Nelson Shelp of the town of Florida.
(Johnstown papers please copy.)

Mrs. John Showerman.

Lydia DeGraff, wife of John Showerman, died at noon today at the Home for Elderly Women, after a lingering illness, aged 79 years. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah DeGraff and was born just east of this city. All her life had been passed in this vicinity, where she was widely known and greatly esteemed. Mrs. Showerman was a member of the Second Presbyterian church. She is survived by her husband and several nieces and nephews.

Frank Wyszomirski.

Frank Wyszomirski, aged 66 years, died Wednesday night at 11:45 o'clock, after a long illness, at his home, 11 Cady street. He was a broommaker by trade and was employed by the American Broom and Brush company previous to his sickness. He had been a resident of this city for 25 years. Mr. Wyszomirski is survived by his wife, five sons, Joseph, Stanislaus, Martin, Frank and Alexander, a daughter, Mrs. Francis Jaracz, forty-two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, all of this city.

Wilhelmina Kubas.

The funeral of Wilhelmina Kubas, the 10-year-old daughter of Andrew Kubas, who died at St. Mary's hospital Monday of cirrhosis of the liver, was held at 7:40 o'clock this morning at the home, 70 James street, and at 8 o'clock at St. Stanislaus' church. The Rev. Father Gorski officiated, and interment was in St. Stanislaus' cemetery. The bearers were J. Jarek, E. Antoniewicz, J. Rus, S. Jurek, Z. Krnzszyzanowski and B. Sokolowski.

Funeral of Wilber S. Thorn.

The funeral of Wilber S. Thorn was held at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in the funeral house of Johnson & Lindsay, the Rev. Dr. Henry T. McEwen officiating. The interment was in Green Hill. The bearers were Edwin Wert, Joseph Heller, Charles Anderson, Hugh Barkhuff, George Heller and Fred Albrecht.

new 11/27/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Monday, December 3, 1906




Canajoharie, Dec. 3- Stephen L. Bundy of Bundy's Corners in the town of Root, and well known throughout this vicinity, was found dead in bed Saturday morning.

Mr. Bundy has been addicted to the laudanum habit for sometime and it is believed took an overdose. He was found by his daughter, Mrs. Lorenzo Pitcher, who went to his room to call him. She noticed that her father's condition was unnatural and called Dr. Currie Garlock of Ames, who chanced to be passing by. The doctor at once pronounced him dead, and upon examination found effect of laudanum poisoning.

Mr. Bundy was a man over 80 years of age and had resided practically all his life at Bundy's Corners, near Lykers. He was a well known farmer and a prominent Methodist, and the leader in all the religious movements in his neighborhood. He was a well versed Bible student and officiated for years as superintendent of the Sunday school and leader of the prayer meetings. He frequently visited relatives in this village.

Several years ago his wife died and since then he had made his home with his daughter Minerva, wife of Lorenzo Pitcher. Of late he had not been enjoying good health. Besides his daughter he leaves one sister, Margaret Bundy, living in the Old Ladies' Home at Albany.

The deceased was an uncle of Deputy Postmaster E. L. Bundy, Mrs. Frank Shubert and Myron and James Lettice, all of this village, and a brother-in-law of Peter Van Etta of Utica.

The funeral will be held to-morrow at 10 a.m. and the remains will be taken to Fort Plain for interment. [NOTE: his findagrave listing has a photo of his monument, with dates 1827-1906.]

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Tuesday, December 3, 1907

On Sunday morning there passed away one of our oldest inhabitants William Parker, at the ripe old age of 74 years. Mr. Parker was a lifelong resident of our village. He was noted for his quick wit and gentle humor. He was a man of quiet disposition and a friend to every man and enemy to none. Owing to the infirmities of age, last year he resigned the sextonship of the Chuctanunda cemetery, after a service of over thirty years, and now he is to be laid with the many he has himself placed there. About a week ago he was taken with a second stroke of paralysis, from which he did not recover. He leaves, besides his wife, five sisters. His funeral will be held at the Reformed church, of which he was a member, on Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock, the Rev. R. A. Pearse officiating.

The funeral of Mrs. Mary J. Heagle, who died at the home of her brother Mr. Moore, was held at Johnstown Saturday afternoon. [NOTE: the brother was Peter Moore of Johnstown NY.]

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Monday, April 6, 1908

Mrs. Fred Schufelberger

Mrs. Bertha Weaver, wife of Fred Schufelberger, died Saturday afternoon at her home in Minaville, aged 33 years. Death was due to kidney trouble The great portion of her life has been passed in the town of Florida, where shw was well known and respected. She is survived by her husband and a number of cousins. The funeral was held this morning at 11 o'clock at the M.E. church in Minaville and the remains were placed in the vault of the Chuctanunda cemetery. [listed as SCHAUFELBERGH on our site's interment list; name commonly spelled Schaufelberg.]

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Friday, Decmeber 6, 1929, page 3


SUTTON - Richard W. Sutton, December 4, at St. Johnsville. The funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the funeral house of Johnson & Lindsay, the Rev. Dr. E. T. Carroll officiating. Interment will be in Green Hill cemetery.

BRADFORD - Robert Bradford, December 4, at the home of his cousin, Lewis Daley, 17 Garden street. The funeral will be held at Boice's undertaking parlors Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. John A. Hamilton officiating. Interment in Chuctanunda cemetery, Minaville.

new 11/27/16   From the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Thursday, January 9, 1930, page 2

VAN HORNE - Mary A., wife of Cornelius B. Van Horne, January __(?) The funeral will be held at the residence in Mill Point Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. Franklin Himkam (?) officiating. Interment will be in Chuctanunda cemetery in Minaville.

PIECZYNSKI - The funeral of Frank Pieczynski will be held Friday morning at 8:30 o'clock at the home, 46 Schuyler street, and at 9 at St. Stanislaus' church. Interment in St. Stanislaus' cemetery.

Funeral of Harry Gagen.

The funeral of Harry Gagen was held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the funeral parlors of John J. McNamara, Dr. Clark S. Defendorf officiating. Relatives acted as bearers. Interment was in the Sand Flats cemetery at Fonda.

Card of Thanks.

We desire to express our appreciation of the many kindnesses of friends and neighbors during the illness and following the death of Mrs. Lena Furiani. We are especially grateful to those who sent floral tributes for the funeral.

new 11/27/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday, August 5, 1911

St. Johnsville


His Death Occurred at the Home of His Sister.

St. Johnsville, Aug. 5.- Word was received here yesterday of the death of Charles H. Bogardus, aged 58/59(?) years, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Jacob Goodenough, at Jefferson, Schoharie County, where he had gone for a visit. Mr. Bogardus was taken ill on his arrival there, but not seriously, complications developing later and Mrs. Bogardus and son Leo left for that place Saturday night and found him in critical condition.

Mr. Bogardus was a carpenter by trade and had resided here for the past year, the family moving here from Ilion. Their former home was in Jefferson, where Mr. Bogardus was born and died. He is survived by his wife and six sons, Hayes, Leroy, Carl, Earl, George and Leo, and one granddaughter, Maude, and three grandchildren, Ralph, Beatrice and Robert Bogardus, all of this village; one sister, at whose home he died, and one brother, William, at Stittville. Hayes Bogardus left for that place at once on receipt of the telegram and will bring the remains to Frankfort, where the funeral will be held Sunday at 1 p.m. from the undertaking parlors. The Rev. Mr. Brown of Ilion will officiate. [NOTE: Mr. Bogardus rests in Oakview Cemetery, Frankfort NY. His dates are 1852-1911.]

The funeral of the late George O. Pitcher was held yesterday afternoon from his late home on East Main street and was very largely attended. The arrangements under the supervision of Undertaker Van Antwerp, were in charge or the Little Falls Commandery, No. 2_(?), which order attended in a body, accompanied by the Little Falls Band. The pall bearers were Frederick Engelhardt, Alvin Kneaskern, Capt. I. E. Smith, Hubert D. Allter, Fred D. Storms and Franklin J. Snell of St. Johnsville, members of the commandery. Several members of the Schenevus Lodge, F. & A. M., were present, of which the deceased was a member. Capt. I. E. Smith of St. Johnsville acted as marshal. The friends from out of town who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. John Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith and son, Mr. and Mrs. Almira Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Bierman, Mr. and Mrs. William Mabie, John Roof of Starkville, John L. Smith and daughter Beulah of Dolgeville, Frank Fox of Cold Brook, Mrs. Uhle and Mrs. Shaver of Little Falls, Mrs. James Cramer of Utica, Reuben Mickle of Fort Plain and Miss Freda Homan of Mohawk.[NOTE: he should be the George O. Pitcher, age 67, of the 1910 St. Johnsville NY census. He rests in Prospect View Cemetery, St. Johnsville. Although his stone has only year dates, full dates given on the site are November 18, 1842 - August 1, 1911, with burial on August 3, 1911.]

new11/27/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Thursday, May 26, 1910

Mrs. John J. O'Shaughnessy

Mrs. Nancy Bamber, wife of Attorney John J. O'Shaughnessy, formerly of Amsterdam, died Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilson Duesler, No. 33 Glenwood Boulevard, Schenectady. The announcement of the death of Mrs. O'Shaughnessy came as a shock to her friends. Although it was known that she had been in failing health and had gone to the home of her daughter, in hopes of recuperating, her illness was of such a character that her decline was gradual. Death was due to acute valvular heart trouble. She was born at Fort Plain fifty-five years ago, a daughter of Roger Bamber and Isabelle E. Hall. The deceased was twice married, her first husband being Charles Beck, of Ephratah, and Fort Plain. She has been a resident of Johnstown for 11 years. Mrs. O'Shaughnessy was a member of the Presbyterian church in that city.

The surviving relatives are her husband, Attorney John J. O'Shaughnessy; two daughters, Mrs. Duesler, at whose home she died, and Mrs. Earl O. Smith, of Passoag, Oswego county; one sister, Mrs. Charles Nellis, of Newark, N.J., and one brother, William Bamber, of New York.

The funeral will be held at Fort Plain on Friday. The remains will leave Schenectady at 9:55 o'clock in the morning, arriving at Fort Plain at 11: 42 o'clock and the funeral cortege will go directly to the chapel at the cemetery where the service will be held.

new11/27/16  from The Amsterdam Daily Democrat, Monday evening, April 26, 1886

Forty Years a Prominent Business Man of New York City.

Died, at his late residence in Fort Plain, Sunday, at 12:45 P.M., Roger Bamber, aged 79 years. He has been in the cheese commission business in New York city with his sons, R. L. and William, under the firm name of Roger Bamber & Co., at No. 123 Warren street, for the past forty years, and was the oldest cheese buyer in this county and one of the first to buy cheese at Little Falls. In New York city he was one of the original founders and organizers of the board of trade, and made the first shipment of cheese to Liverpool. During his business life he has met with many adversities. At one time, when his business was the most prosperous, he was estimated to be worth upward of $300,000. At the time of his death he was still engaged in the business which he followed the greater portion of his life. He was married March 30th (Easter day) 1834, to Miss Isabel Hall, who still survives him. He leaves two sons, R. L., and William, and three daughters, Mrs. C. W. Nellis of Brooklyn, and Mrs. C. C. Beck and Mrs. Archie Stewart of Fort Plain. He celebrated his golden wedding there two years ago. County Clerk Hall of Fonda is a nephew of the deceased. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 2 P.M. at the house. The interment will be made in the Fort Plain cemetery.


An infant child of Caspar Karner, the baker, died yesterday morning, aged seven months. The funeral was held, at 1 P.M. to-day, from St. Joseph's church. The interment was made in St. Joseph's cemetery.

The infant child of Seymour Frazier, whose wife died of child bed fever a few days ago, died yesterday at the home of its grandfather, Wm. Landsburgh of Mill Point, aged three weeks. The funeral will be held from Mr. Landsburgh's house Tuesday morning and the interment will be made in Green Hill.

Card of Thanks.

The undersigned desires to tender his heartfelt thanks to the members of Artisan Lodge, No. 84, F. and A.M., and to the friends in and about Mill Point for their kindness during the sickness and after the death of his father James J. Faulknor. They will ever be held in most grateful remembrance.
        J. Scott Faulknor.

new11/27/16  from the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Wednesday evening, March 23, 1904

Mohawk, March 23-

Funeral of Mrs. Marmet

After a brief service at her late residence on Devendorf avenue, the remains of Mrs. Christian Marmet, who died Monday morning, were taken to Little Falls, where services were held from the German Evangelical Church, the Rev. Philip Sachs officiating. The floral offerings were beautiful and include many set pieces. The remains were placed in a vault in Fair View Cemetery.

Follow-up articles to the above:

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Thursday evening, May 19, 1904, page 5


Miss Katherine Marmet Reaches the Village from Switzerland.

Mohawk, May 18 - Miss Katherine Marmet has arrived in Mohawk from her home in Switzerland. She will live with her brother, Christian Marmet, and will care for his two small children, left motherless by the death of Mrs. Marmet a few weeks ago. Miss Marmet came on to Mohawk alone. She cannot speak English.

From The Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown NY, Friday, November 15, 1946

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Gray and daughter, Mrs. Adelbert Smith, Jr., atended (sic) the funeral of Christian Marmet, at the Graves funeral home in Mohawk Tuesday afternoon.[NOTE: his findagrave listing, in Mohawk Cemetery, give his birth year as 1874 and death date unknown. However, the photo of his grave marker clearly gives his death year as 1946, same year as the funeral notice.]

new11/27/16    From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 23, 1904


Fort Plain, March 23- Charles Smith, a native of the village of Nelliston, was found dead in bed at his home in that village this morning. Mr. Smith, while at work a few days ago, fell and injured his side quite severely. Two ribs were fractured. It was not thought that he was seriously injured. He is a brother of John Smith of this village and was about 46/48 (?) years of age.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Tuesday, July 19, 1910, page 3

Mrs. Samuel Francisco

Fultonville, July 19- Minerva Dorn Francisco, widow of Samuel Francisco, died Monday at 1:30 o'clock, aged 84 years, of heart failure. Mrs. Francisco was a member of the M. E. church of Minaville and spent 35 years of her life in that village, where she was esteemed and respected by all who knew her. She was the daughter of James and Hester Bunn Dorn. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Spencer Billington, of this place, and two sons, Edward of Canada, and George H., of Norfolk, Va.; three sisters, Mrs. Mary Steenburg, of Minaville, Mrs. Jay Wicks, Amsterdam, and Mrs. Elmira Hitchcock, of Cortland, and one brother, George Dorn, of California.

A prayer will be offered at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Billington, at 12 o'clock, Wednesday and the funeral services will be held in the M. E. church at Minaville at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday. Interment in Chuctanunda cemetery, at Minaville.

Locadis/Locadia (?), the 10 months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bzbyourcz (sp?) of No. 93 Grand street, died Monday of cholera infantum. The funeral was held at 8 o'clock this morning at St. John's church. Interment at St. Stanislaus' cemetery.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Monday, April 4, 1921, page 9

VOORHEES - George W. Voorhees, April 3. Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the funeral house of Johnson & Lindsay, the Rev. Dr. H. A. Pearse, pastor emeritus of Minaville Reformed church, officiating. Interment in Chuctanunda cemetery, Minaville.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Saturday, March 31, 1917, page 3

Mrs. Harriet Herrick Schuyler

Mrs. Harriet Herrick Schuyler, widow of Ralph B. Schuyler, died at 5:15 o'clock Friday afternoon at the home of her daughter, T. Romeyn Staley, in the town of Florida, of general debility, aged 83 years. Mrs. Schuyler has been in failing health for the past six months and confined to her bed for ten weeks of that time.

Mrs. Schuyler was born in the town of Florida, July 3, 1833, the daughter of Davis and Mary Herrick. Practically all of her life was passed in the vicinity of her birthplace. She was a devout Christian woman and a member of the Minaville Reformed church in which she always took an active interest. She enjoyed the love and esteem of those who knew her and the announcement of her death brings sorrow to many.

The surviving relatives are two daughters, Mrs. Emma Pearse of Niskayuna and Mrs. T. Romeyn Staley of the town of Florida; four sons, E. H. Schuyler of St. Petersburg, Fla., Eugene Schuyler of Brooklyn, and Charles J. and William G. Schuyler of the town of Florida; a brother Dennison Herrick of this city, eight grandchildren, six great grandchildren and several nephews and nieces.

The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Minaville Reformed church, the Rev. Dr. R. A. Pearse officiating. Interment will be in Chuctanunda cemetery at Minaville.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Wednesday, February 2, 1921, page 10

Funeral of Anthony R. James

The funeral of Anthony R. James was held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at his home at Minaville and at 2 o'clock at the Reformed church of that village. The Rev. Dr. R. A. Pearse, pastor emeritus, officiated, assisted by the pastor, the Rev. D. L. Betten. There was a large gathering of relatives and friends of Mr. James, who was one of the best known colored residents of this section. Interment was in Chuctanunda cemetery, Minaville, the bearers being leading members of the community, William F. Ruff, William G. Schuyler, Allen Brown, Howard A. Hewitt, Henry Bohne and Fred Schaufelberg.

Mrs. Wilhelmina R. Smith

Wilhelmina Richard Smith, widow of Christopher Smith, died at 12:10 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D. B. Maxwell, 1 McCleary avenue, after a long illness, due to old age, in her 84th year. Mrs. Smith was born in Germany but most of her life was spent in Hagaman and Rockton, now the eighth ward of Amsterdam, where she was widely known. She was one of the first members of the original German Lutheran congregation in this city. Mrs. Smith is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Colonel Southard, Mrs. D. B. Maxwell and Mrs. William Wilson, of Forest avenue, and six grandchildren.

new11/13/16  from The Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown NY, Thursday, June 11, 1936, page 11


Miss Mary E. Wands, 69, died at 7 yesterday morning at her late home in the Town of Charleston, after several days illness, having suffered a stroke.

Miss Wands was born in the Town of Charleston on July 22, 1866, the daughter of Ebenezer Wands and Susan Hilton Wands. She had lived in the Town of Charleston for some time. She attended the Baptist church at Esperance.

The surviving relatives are two brothers, Emery Wands of the Town of Charleston, with whom she made her home, and James F. Wands of Fultonville and several nieces and nephews.

The body was removed to the funeral home of Charles M. Welch, Funtonville, where the funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 (Standard Time), Rev. Harry E. Christiana, pastor of the Fultonville Reformed church, officiating. Interment will be made in the Charleston Four Corners cemetery.

Follow-up funeral notice:

new11/13/16  from The Morning Herald, Gloversville and JOhnstown, NY, Monday, June 15, 1936, page 10


The funeral of Miss Mary E. Wands was held Saturday afternoon at 3, at the funeral home of Charles M. Welch, Fultonville. Rev. Harry E. Christiana, pastor of the Fultonvile Reformed church officiated. Mrs. John Vosburgh and Mrs. Alfred Carroll sang "Nearer My God To Thee" and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere." There were many beautiful floral tributes.

The bearers were Mynard Wands, Seymour Wands, Bert Woodcock and Herman Hall. Interment was in the Charleston Four Corners cemetery. The following from out of town were in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. Mynard Wands of Saratoga; Mr. and Mrs. William Woodcock, son Bert, of Gloversville; Mr. and Mrs. John Hoessle of Cobleskill; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence West, Frank Keyser and sister, Lula, of Amsterdam; Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Woodcock of Central Bridge and Emery Wands of Oak Ridge.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Wednesday, March 5, 1919, page 9

MERRY - The funeral of Mary E. Merry will be held at her residence at Fort Johnson, Friday, at 1 p.m., and at the Reformed church at Minaville at 2:30 p.m., the Rev. R. A. Pearse of Minaville officiating, assisted by the Rev. Dr. J. R. Kyle of Amsterdam. Interment in the Chuctanunda cemetery at Minaville. Friends kindly omit flowers.

new11/13/16  from the Evening Recorder, Amsterdam NY, Wednesday, August 17, 1938, page 3

Funeral of Mrs. Dennison Herrick

The funeral of Mrs. Dennison Herrick was held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, at the home, 20 Jackson Street, the Rev. Dr. Alvah E. Knapp officiating. There was a large attendance at the service and many floral remembrances from relatives, friends, neighbors. The bearers were Harry Sherburne, Harry Boardman, W. I. Purdy, A. P. Servoss, F. P. Davis and Arthur Reid. Interment was made in the Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville. (followed by list of those present from out of town)

Funeral of Mrs. B. F. Golder

The funeral of Mrs. Benjamin F. Golder was held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles R. Gardiner, 27 Grant Avenue, the Rev. Harold W. Griffis officiating. There was a profusion of flowers. The bearers were C. Roy Hodge, Dr. William A. Mabie, Edward L. Quirl, William H. Kuhn, C. Robb DeGraff and James Shuttleworth. Interment was in Fair View Cemetery. (followed by list of those present from out of town)

new11/13/16  from the Fulton County Republican, Johnstown NY, Thursday August 6, 1908


Hiram Schuyler, aged 78 years, died at his home in the village of Minaville Thursday afternoon of a complication of diseases. He had been in ill health for about three weeks.

Mr. Schuyler was a prominent resident of Minaville, a native of the town of Florida, and an influential citizen. He was superintendent of section three of the Erie canal for two terms. In politics he was a consistent Republican. For two years he was commissioner of highways of the town of Florida. At the time of his death he was a director of the Farmers National bank of Amsterdam, having been one of the principal stockholders in the old Merchants' bank. He was also treasurer of the Chuctanunda Cemetery association of Minaville.

The deceased is survived by one son, Albert Schuyler, commissioner of highways of the town of Florida; his wife having died about two years ago. Since the death of his wife he has resided alone at his home in the village.

The funeral was held at 2:30 o'clock on Saturday afternoon from the residence in Minaville. Interment in the Chuctanunda cemetery, Minaville. (NOTE: his wife was Elizabeth Nare, 1830-1906)

new11/13/16  from The Register, Fort Plain NY, November 14, 1873


ZIMERMAN - At St. Johnsville, 8th November, Andrew Zimerman, aged 66 years.

PHILLIPS - In Amsterdam, Nov. 3d, of congestion of the lungs, Peter Phillips, aged 62 years.

GILLILAND - In Port Jackson, N.Y., Nov. 1st, Ellen M., wife of Francis Gilliland, Esq., aged 53/58(?) years.

ADAMS - In Amsterdam, Nov. 6th, Mrs. Mary Jane Adams.

SNYDER - At Fultonville, Nov. 4th, Adam W. Snyder, in the 79th year of his age.

new11/13/16  from the Schenectady Gazette, Thursday morning, December 17, 1914, page 3


Amsterdam, Dec. 16- The death of Mrs. Margaret Doran occurred this afternoon at her home, 14 McElwain avenue. Her age was 45 years. She was a native of Ireland, but has been a resident of Amsterdam since she was a small child, and attended the old St. Mary's church, which was then in the village of Port Jackson, now the Fifth ward of the city. She has been a member of the present St. Mary's church since its inception. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Peter Quinn and Mrs. Patrick Burton, of this city; one son, Thomas Doran, also of this city; one sister, Mrs. Joana Quinn, of New Haven, Conn.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Monday, July 24, 1922, page 3

Jennie Rich.

Jennie Rich, eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rich, of 7 Lefferts street, died Saturday afternoon at 12:45 o'clock at St. Mary's hospital of acute nephritis, after a month's illness. The funeral will be held Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock at the house and at 9:30 at St. Michael's church, where the pastor, the Rev. Father E. Ercolani, will celebrate high mass. Interment will be in St. Michael's cemetery.

Mrs. William Krum.

Fort Plain, July 24- Mrs. William Krum, aged 53, of Brookman's Corners, died Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at the Binghamton sanitorium, where she went about four weeks ago. The body was brought to this village Saturday night and taken to the undertaking parlors of A. G. Swartz & Son. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 o'clock, and interment will be in the Fort Plain cemetery. Mr. (sic) Krum is survived by her husband, two sons, Seward Krum of Starkville and Willard Krum of Minden; three sisters, Mrs. William Wholgemuth (sic; Wohlgemuth) of Nelliston, Mrs. Abbie Eacker of Van Hornsville (sic), and Mrs. Charles Lane of Buel; three brothers, Willard Young, Sr., of Minden, and Nicholas and Edward Young of Brookman's Corners.

Miss Ethel Alice Hibbard.

Canajoharie, July 24- The death of Miss Ethel Alice Hibbard occurred at her home on Schultze street in this village Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. She had been in poor health for fifteen months from a complication of diseases. About two years ago she was troubled with rheumatism, and later had her tonsils removed, and she again seemed to be in very good health, but afater a short time she became ill and for the past year she has been confined to her bed. Her entire suffering was borne with Christian spirit and she always looked forward to the time when she would again enjoy good health.

Miss Hibbard was born in Canajoharie November 16, 1893(?), a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar P. Hibbard. She graduated from the local High school in the class of 1913 and later secured a position in the office of the Beech-Nut Packing company. She had a large circle of friends who are saddend to learn of her death. Miss Hibbard was a member of the Reformed church and Sunday school, the K. E. society and Young Ladies' society. She is survived by her parents. The funeral will be held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Victor J. Biekkink, pastor of the Reformed church, will conduct the service. Burial will be at Fort Plain.

new11/13/16  from the St. Johnsville Enterprise, Wednesday, January 16, 1902

Mrs. Daniel Hayes.

Caroline, wife of Daniel Hayes, died at her residence in this village Saturday, January 11, aged 59 years and 6 months. Besides her husband, deceased is survived by ten children - four sons and six daughters, and twenty-nine grandchildren. Funeral service was held from her late home on Monday, Rev. G. E. Harsh officiating.

Does the presence of a monument necessarily mean that someone is interred there?

A Barry (sic; Barre) granite monument in memory of Darias Redfield and wife, deceased, was recently erected on Mount Prospect cemetery.

NOTE: this is an error as to name of cemetery. The correct name is Prospect View Cemetery, St. Johnsville NY. According to findagrave records for this cemetery, "Darius Barrett Redfield's" dates are 1805 - 1897. Several family trees, as well as original SAR applications on, name Ervilla Sawyer as his wife. Ervilla Sawyer Redfield, dates 1821-1899, is also interred in Prospect View Cemetery. In census records, this couple resided in Jefferson County NY for decades.

Information pertinent to the couple is found in a long article about their son Charles M. Redfield, founder of the Malone (NY) Evening Telegram newspaper, which was printed in that paper on Nov. 11, 1941. Darius and Ervilla Redfield's son, Charles M. Redfield (1859-1941), Charles' wife Carrie Keller (1865-1949), and an infant (1887) who might be a child of Charles and Carrie, also appear in findagrave's listing for Prospect View Cemetery. A profile of Charles M. Redfield, published in the St. Johnsfield Enterprise newspaper on an unknown date in 1953, states that he married Carrie Keller, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Keller, in 1886. Mr. Redfield was a clothier in business in St. Johnsville with his father-in-law. Mr. Redfield was also founder of the Herkimer Telegram, and later moved to Malone NY and founded the Malone Evening Telegram. Carrie Keller Redfield's parents Stuart Keller (bur. 4/4 /1913) and his wife Caroline W. Keller (bur. 10/14/1926) are also listed in Prospect View Cemetery. In the 1910 census, Stuart and Caroline resided in Malone NY with Charles M. and Carrie Redfield. An article about acquisitions by the Margaret Reaney Mem. Library [St. Johnsville Enterprise and News, September 13, 1939, front page], notes that a book donated to the library by Carrie Keller Redfield, was originally gifted by Stuart Keller to his wife Carrie Waltamath Keller on Christmas 1873. This obscure mention of her maiden name as Waltamath will break down the brick wall for all the researchers who have her listed in their family trees as simply "Caroline W." (maiden name unknown)

Mrs. Lucinda Lepper.

Lucinda Snell, relict of the late Sanford Lepper, departed this life Saturday morning, Jan. 11, at one o'clock at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. John S. Vossler, Bridge street, aged 80 years and 6 months. The deceased was a widow of Sanford Lepper and daughter of Jacob P. and Mary C. Snell. Mrs. Lepper was born in the town of Manheim, near East Creek, on March 4, 1822, and married Mr. Lepper about sixty years ago. In 1856 the family moved from this vicinity to Verona, where, in November, 1862, Mr. Lepper died, and in March, 1863, Mrs. Lepper and children removed to St. Johnsville, where she has since resided. She is survived by three children, Mrs. John S. Vossler, with who she made her home, Jacob S. Lepper, also of this place, and Burdette Lepper, Antelope, Stark county, North Dakota, and one brother, Benjamin J. Snell of Fort Plain. Sanford L. Vossler, civil engineer of Albany, Arthur B. Vossler, principal of Salem, Washington county, High school, and Milo Nellis, of the railway mail service, are grandsons of the deceased.

Mrs. Lepper was a sincere christian lady and a devout and consistent member of the Reformed church of this place, but for the past few years infirmities incident to old age has made her attendance at church services very infrequent. The funeral services were held Monday afternoon from her late residence, her pastor, Rev. O. J. Hogan, officiating. The remains were interred in the Snells Bush cemetery. [Details of obituary followed by printing of a long poem read at her funeral service.]

Henry D. Elwood

Henry D. Elwood died early Saturday morning at his home in the town of Florida from general debility, aged 80 years. For several months the deceased had been in failing health. He was a prominent farmer and a man greatly respected in that section, and will be missed by his many friends. he is survived by a widow and one son, Emory, of the town of Florida. The funeral was held at his late home at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning and the interment made at Minaville.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, unknown date ca. December 4, 1913

Funeral of Mr. Pawling.

The funeral of William T. Pawling was held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Reformed church, Hagaman. The Rev. C. V. W. Bedford officiated and Fred Pawling sang two selections. The bearers were Bernard Fitzgerald, James Stairs, Frank Peterson, George Peterson and Edward Davis, of Hagaman and George Dewey, of Schenectady, boyhood friends of Mr. Pawling. There were a number of handsome floral tributes. The interment was in the Hagaman cemetery.

Mr. Pawling was born at Hagman and lived here until he was 23 years old. He was a general favorite with the people of the village. He attended the village school for a time and then went to Lawrenceville and Princeton but his vacation periods were spent at Hagaman. After leaving school he went in the Star Mill, where he remained until the family left town. He was active in the social affairs of Hagaman and belonged to a dramatic club. He was a promoter of several enjoyable entertainments. [NOTE: his findagrave listing states that he was born July 1, 1878 and passed away November 30, 1913 at Geneva, Ohio. According to the Ohio Death Index, he died at Ashtabula, OH. His body was brought to Amsterdam by train.]

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Monday, May 23, 1921, page 8

Jacob Persohn.

Fort Plain, May 23- Jacob Persohn, aged 64 years, died Saturday at the home of his step-sister, Mrs. Augustus Schlotzhauer, in the Hallsville section of the town of Minden, after being an invalid for the past 30 years. He was a native of France, but had spent most of his life in this country. Besides the step-sister mentioned, Mr. Persohn is survived by his step-mother. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, new time, at the home, the Rev. Byron E. Fake officiating. The interment will be in the Fort Plain cemetery.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Wednesday, June 26, 1918, page 8

Mrs. Harvey Gramps.

Fort Plain, June 26- Mrs. Harvey Gramps, aged 62 years, died at her home at Stone Arabia, Monday. She had been ill for a long time, and death was not unexpected. She is survived by two brothers, John Saltsman of Fort Plain and Adam Saltsman of Johnstown; also one sister, Mrs. Alonzo Ehle, of the town of Minden. The funeral will be held at the home Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, the Rev. Royal A. Stanton, pastor of the Ephratah Reformed church, officiating. Interment will be made in the Fort Plain cemetery. [NOTE: in censuses, her first name was Julia.]

Mrs. Nancy E. Vrooman.

Mrs. Nancy E. Vrooman, aged 83 years, died this morning at the Home for Elderly Women. She has been affected with heart trouble for the past eight years, but was taken seriously ill about six years ago. Mrs. Vrooman came from Fultonville, her former home, five years ago and has since resided at the Home for Elderly Women. She is survived by a son, Clarence Vrooman, of Johnstown. [NOTE: in the 1910 census of Town of Glen, village of Fultonville, her name was written as "Nancy G.", not "Nancy E."]

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Thursday, February 4, 1926, page 3

Jay C. Burtt.

Jay C. Burtt, aged 81 years, died this morning at 1:15 o'clock at the home of his son, William Q. Burtt, 362(?) East Main street, of a complication of diseases. Mr. Burtt was taken ill last Thanksgiving day, but had not been confined to his bed. Wednesday evening he was with the family as usual, and retired about 9 o'clock. Shortly after 1 o'clock he was heard breathing heavily, and died almost immediately after being found.

Mr. Burtt was born in the town of Florida, August 5, 1844, and he spent his entire life in this vicinity. For forty-two years he was employed by Hill & Watson, later the Arthur Hill company, but for the past five years he had led a retired life. He was an attendant at the First Baptist church. Fifty-six years ago he married Lydia Fuller, who died last August.

Surviving Mr. Burtt are a daughter, Mrs. D. H. Rivenburgh, two sons, Harry and William Burtt, all of Amsterdam, and a sister, Mrs. Hattie Rulison, of Braman's Corners, as well as six grandchildren.

Alonzo P. Sherman.

Alonzo P. Sherman, for many years a resident of Amsterdam, died this morning at the hospital at the county home in Palatine, of cancer of the stomach. He was 79 years old. Mr. Sherman, who had been at the home since June 1, 1924, had been in the hospital for two weeks. He is survived by his wife, who, with the hospital nurse, attended him. Burial will be made Saturday in the family plot at East Galway. Mr. Sherman was a carpenter by trade.

John Richertt.

John Richertt, aged 61, died Wednesday at his home, 13 Clinton street, of hardening of the arteries, after an illness of about a year. He was born Dec. 28, 1864, at Hagaman, but spent most of his life in Amsterdam. He was employed for a long time in the Morris mills. Mr. Richertt leaves two brothers, Fred of this city and William of Fort Johnsn, and two sisters, Mrs. Anna Hug and Mrs. Emma DeGraff, both of Amsterdam.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Friday, August 17, 1917, page 10

Thomas Patrick Tarmey.

Thomas Patrick Tarmey, the 16-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tarmey, of 16 Meadow street, died of blood poisoning Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Besides his parents he is survived by two brothers, Peter James and John Joseph. The funeral will be held at the home tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The interment will be in St. Mary's cemetery.

Mrs. Augusta Merritt.

Fort Plain, Aug. 17- Friends here have received word of the death of Mrs. Augusta Merritt, aged about 60 years, which occurred at the home of her brother, Norton Hill, near Coxsackie, Monday. She was the widow of M. F. Merritt, who for many years was Fort Plain's chief of police. She was a member of the local Methodist church and was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends. She went to Coxsackie in April. The funeral was held at that place yesterday, and the burial was made there.

Eugene Snell.

Fort Plain, Aug. 17- Following an illness of several weeks, Eugene Snell, aged 60 years, died at his home on Mohawk street yesterday. He had been in failing health for over a year. He was well known and had always resided here. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Snell. He was a photographer of considerable ability. He had always been a staunch Republican. Mr. Snell is survived by one brother, and a sister, Harlie H. Snell and Mrs. L. A. Timmerman, both of this village. The funeral will be held at the home Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Dr. McCullum, of Castleton, former pastor of the local Reformed church, officiating. The interment will be made in the Fort Plain cemetery.


Frank L. Steadwell Found Lifeless Near West End Home.

Widely Known Resident, Long Engaged in Realty Business,
Succumbs Suddenly While Alone, After Leaving Home for an
Evening Stroll -
Corpse Not Found Until Morning.

Frank Lane Steadwell, a well known resident of Amsterdam, was found dead on the stoop of his property at 20 Henrietta street at 6:30 o'clock this morning. Mr. Steadwell had been in poor health for a long time. He was a sufferer from heart trouble, and since an operation for appendicitis about a year ago his health was still further affected.

During Thursday he was apparently in his normal condition and ate an unusually large dinner. At supper he said that he did not feel hungry, but gave as the reason the fact that he had eaten so heartily at dinner. After supper he sat at the house on Guy Park avenue until 10:30, when he announced his intenntionnn of goig out for a walk. From that time up to the discovery of his lifeless remains, his whereabouts were unknown to his family.

When the body was discovered it was apparent from the condition of the muscles that death had occurred about four or five hours previous. Mrs. Steadwell was at once notified and gave instructions that the corpse of her husband be placed in the care of Undertakers Johnson & Lindsay. They in their turn notified Coroner Murphy, who stated that it was a case for the health officer, but as Dr. Hicks could not be located, the body was taken to the undertaking rooms, where an investigation was held by physicians later in the day, and death was pronounced due to dilation of the heart.

Mr. Steadwell was born August 20, 1860, in what was then Port Jackson, but now the fifth ward of Amsterdam. He moved to Wisconsin when a young man, and lived there for twenty years, returning to Amsterdam and making this city his home ever since. He was engaged in the real estate business, and a very large number of dwellings and lots in the city have exchanged ownership through his agency. Not quite a year ago he purchased a laundry business on the south side, but disposed of it after six months' operation.

He was a member of Artisan lodge, No. 84, F. and A.M., and of the Modern Woodmen of the World. In his youth he was a member of the old J.D. Serviss Steamer company's running team and participated in many of its races. He is survived by his mother, whose maiden name was Katherine Belding, his father, Lyman H. Steadwell, having died a number of years ago, and also his wife and a daughter, Catherine.

The funeral will be held at the home, 242 Guy Park avenue, either Sunday or Monday, and the interment will be in the Minaville cemetery.

new11/13/16  from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Saturday, April 2, 1904, page 3

Patrick Carmody.

Patrick Carmody, a well known citizen of Amsterdam, died quite suddenly shortly before noon today at his home on Mohawk lane. Although he has not been feeling well for some time Mr. Carmody has been about as usual, even as late as Friday. This forenoon while sitting in his home he suffered from a sinking spell and was carried to his bed, but before medical aid could be secured he passed away. Kidney disease was ascribed as the cause of his death. Mr. Carmody was born in Ireland but for the past 50 years or more has been a resident of Amsterdam. He was 73 years old. Mr. Carmody is survived by his wife. His only daughter, who married Alderman Andrew Burns, died in 1890. The funeral will probably be held at St. Mary's church Tuesday morning.

George F. Mosher.

George F. Mosher, a well known follower of the typographical art, died about noon today at the home of his mother, Mrs. Maria Mosher, at No. 37 Pearl street, of consumption of the bowels, aged 32 years.

Mr. Mosher was born in St. Johnsville, but had passed the greater portion of his life in Amsterdam. He learned his trade in the office of the Morning Sentinel, where for many years he was engaged in the composing room. For about two years past, however, he has been located in Indianapolis and Toledo. Two weeks ago he returned home in a greatly exhausted condition and continued to decline rapidly at the home of his mother until the end came. Besides his mother, he leaves three sisters Mrs. George H. Loadwick, Mrs. William K. Clark and Mrs. Walter F. Lewis, all of this city, and two brothers, John of Indianapolis and Charles F. of the Morning Sentinel. Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been completed, but it will probably be held Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. The interment wil be made at St. Johnsville.

6/29/05  Obituaries of members of the Thompson family, relatives of contributor Nancy Robinson, and miscellaneous obits.

6/27/05  Obituaries of members of the Bartholomew family, published in the Amsterdam Evening Recorder newspaper, relatives of contributor Nancy Robinson.

6/24/05  Florida, Amsterdam, and other Montgomery County-related obituaries from the Amsterdam Daily Democrat newspaper, relatives of contributor Nancy Robinson. Surnames include Hare, Thompson, Wilson, and Finehout.

6/19/05  Nine Herkimer County-related obituaries from the The Fulton Patriot newspaper, kindly donated by Joanne Murray.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, January 16, 1918


For The Patriot:

In the year 1827 Elias Thomas of Herkimer County came from his native town to Schroeppel and bought a large tract of the primeval forest at the place, which afterwards was given the name of Gilberts Mills.

Mr. Thomas cleared a small portion of the forest, built a log house and returned to Herkimer County to marry Electa Yilia Griffiths, a young schoolteacher. They started at once for their new home, coming by ox team with their household goods and stock, a long, tedious journey.

In a few years a large frame building, which is still standing, replaced the little log house. This home was the birthplace of Esther Ruth Thomas, who was born in 1841, the youngest of four children. From her earliest childhood her sunny nature drew all hearts toward her.

When the long anticipated time came for her to attend Falley Seminary in Fulton, which was the goal of all studious, ambitious young people of this region and the surrounding country, Esther entered into her school life with a joy that continued to be an inspiration to her through all of the years that followed. She became a favorite with the principal and preceptress, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Griffin, with the professors and pupils. She excelled in scholarship, receiving prizes at the close of a number of terms - in spelling, penmanship and chemistry. She was one of the most honored pupils in art, and painting was one of her favorite occupations in after years.

Esther married John Jay Coit of Central Square, a fellow student in Falley Seminary. They resided for many years at Bristol Hill, where their only child, Carrie Maude, was born.

Mr. Coit was a singer and a teacher of rare ability. He taught a select school a number of winters at Volney Center, which is remembered with affection by his scholars.

In the church, in educational and musical circles and in their home life their influence was far-reaching.

They left their farm, removed to Fulton, and joined the Presbyterian Church and began life anew with all the enthusiasm of their earnest natures, especially in the Sunday school work. Mrs. Coit was intensely interested in missions, which she studied daily. She is affectionately remembered by her work as president of the Missionary Society, also teacher of the women's Bible class.

During her last year she was not able to attend church, but one of her chief delights was to review the associations with her friends of the church she loved so dearly.

On the morning of the 31st of December, while she was whispering the prayer, "Father, Take My Hand, Here I Am, O, Come Quickly," her petition was granted.

A Friend

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, June 5, 1918


The Omaha, Nebraska Bee, of recent issue, contains the following mention of the death of Miss Jennie M. McKoon, formerly of Fulton, but for several years a school teacher in the city schools of Omaha:

"Miss Jennie M. McKoon, for 35 years teacher and principal of the Omaha public schools, died at the home of her late brother-in-law, Samuel Rees, Thursday evening, May 16th. Miss McKoon suffered a broken hip five years ago and has been confined to her home more of less ever since.

"Miss McKoon is survived by a sister, Mrs. N. A. Stanton, of Fulton, NY; a niece, Miss Henrietta Rees, with whom she resided, and a nephew, Samuel Rees, Jr. In all her school life she missed but two days from school, and that was because of the death of a nephew.

Miss McKoon was born June 24, 1863 in Herkimer County, NY, her father and mother both being born in the same county. She received her education in Osage County district schools and in private schools and in Falley Seminary, Fulton County, NY.

Miss McKoon came to Omaha in 1869 to help her sister, Miss Henrietta McKoon (later Mrs. Samuel Rees) to grade her private school. At the opening of the private school, Henrietta was called to the position of teacher at the Old Jackson School and accepted. Miss McKoon continued the work in the private school during the fall and winter, when she too, was called to fill the position of teacher in a building in the vicinity of the Union Pacific Railroad grounds, near the present depot.

In the fall the new South School was ready for use and she, with her sister and other teachers, under principal Hutchinson, helped to grade the Omaha schools, the South School being the only one having the higher grades at that time.

She continued in the service for 35 years without losing a day on her own account. She held the position of principal for 30 years. She was placed on the retirement list for a number of years, but kept up a keen interest in the working of Omaha schools."

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, May 18, 1921

MARKHAM - Died at his home in Herkimer May [10th or 18th], Rev. Wilbur F. Markham, aged 83 years. The deceased was ordained as a Methodist preacher in this city in 1856. He was located at Hannibal two years; at First M. E. Church, Oswego, three years; and at the First M. E. Church, Fulton, for three years. He was in the ministry for 42 years.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, September 17, 1924


Henry Warner was born in the town of Warren, Herkimer County, May 17, 1836 and passed to the great beyond Aug. 31, 1924 at his home in Hannibal.

He served during the Civil War in company B 1st New York Artillery. After the war closed he came to Hannibal to Dr. Kent's whose wife was Mr. Warner's sister. Sept. 17, 1867 he married Emma Jane Kent, who survives him.

Mr. Warner was an industrious farmer, a good neighbor and will be missed by a host of friends.

Burial at Hannibal Sept [10th?], Rev. Swales officiating. Services at the grave by the Masonic Fraternity of which he had long been a member.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, April 27, 1927

Mrs. Helen Platt, 78, mother of Eugene E. Platt of Minetto, died at the home of her son, Edward Platt, in Herkimer on Thursday.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, April 27, 1927


Levant C. Kosboth, son of John Kosboth and Martha Link Kosboth, was born in the town of Danube, Herkimer County, March 22nd 1869. He passed away at his home in Minetto April 15, 1927.

When a small child he moved with his parents to Sterling. In early manhood he came to Hannibal, later making his home Minetto.

In 1896 he was married to Miss Nina Jones. Besides his widow, he is survived by two sons, Lyle and Roswell, and one daughter, Dorothy.

Mr. Kosboth was a man of fine ideals, always interested in the civic welfare of the town in which he resided. He was known for his integrity of character and honest dealing with his fellowman. He was highly respected in the community in which he lived. This was evidenced by the large number attending the funeral and the many floral gifts of sympathy and esteem.

He was a Christian, and being a man of strong convictions of right and wrong, he could always be counted on to take the side of right. With him there was no compromise on the side of wrong. His influence in his home and community will continue and be an example to those who follow on.

For many years he had been a valued employee of the Hunter Arms Co. of Fulton, where he was recognized as an able and faithful workman.

He had been in failing health for two years, but bore his sufferings patiently, ever hopeful he would recover his health, but it was not to be.

Easter Sunday, April 17th, funeral services were held in the M. E. Church of Minetto, his pastor, Rev. C. E. Holcomb, conducting the services. Burial was made in the family plot in Hannibal Cemetery.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, November 14, 1928

VANDELINDER - Died at her home in Herkimer, Nov. 10th, Mrs. Nettie Vandelinder, wife of Frank Vandelinder, aged 64 years. She is survived by her husband, five sons, Harold, Melvin, Howard and Jesse of Herkimer and Fred of Malone; Three daughters, Mildred, Alma and Helen, all of Herkimer; One brother, Stephen Barnhart of Fulton, and one sister in Michigan.

Funeral services were held at the family home in Herkimer on Monday morning, and the remains were brought to Fulton for interment in Mt. Adnah.

Mrs. Vandelinder and family resided in Fulton for many years and she was popular with a large number of friends and acquaintances. Her death followed several months' illness.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, April 24, 1929


Mrs. Mary P. Gleason, 77, formerly of Pulaski, at Herkimer, April 17th.

From: The Fulton Patriot (Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) Wednesday, July 23, 1930

Frank L. Church, of Herkimer, a brother of Mrs. A. Casor of this city, died at the Long View Sanatorium at East Herkimer on Saturday.

6/16/05  Five obituaries spotted in Potsdam NY (St. Lawrence County) newspapers, kindly contributed by Joanne Murray.

From: The St. Lawrence Herald (Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY) Friday, August 5, 1898

Sylvester Van Brocklin, while at work in the field of Joseph Rasback, Orleans Corners, received a sunstroke Thursday, at 1 p.m. and died at 2:50. Dr. Potter was in attendance. Mr. Van Brocklin was born in Herkimer County in 1813 and had been a resident of Orleans for some time.

From: The St. Lawrence Herald (Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY) Friday, October 14, 1898

Many will learn with sorrow of the death of Mrs. George P. Folts, of Herkimer, a woman prominent in the Methodist Church work throughout this section of the state. Mrs. Folts and her husband were the founders of Folts Mission at Herkimer, organized for the purpose of training and educating young men and women for the mission fields of the world. Her death occurred Monday, Oct. 3rd.

From: The St. Lawrence Herald (Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY) April 1899

Editor Witherstine Dead.

Little Falls, April 1 - C. S. Witherstine, for over forty years editor of The Democrat of Herkimer, died of blood poisoning. He was sixty-seven years of age and was the oldest editor in Herkimer County. Two sons, Capt. H. P. Witherstine, of the 31st separate company, and Horace Witherstine survive him.

From: The St. Lawrence Herald (Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY) Friday, January 17, 1902

Luke Usher.

Died Suddenly Yesterday Afternoon at Berry's Law Office.

Mr. Luke Usher, one of the most prominent and widely known citizens of Potsdam, died very suddenly yesterday afternoon in Watson B. Berry's law office, aged 73 years and six months. Mr. Usher was apparently in perfect health, and walked up town with Vasco P. Abbott, of Governeur, both men going into Mr. Berry's law office together. Mr. Usher sat down in a chair and Mr. Abbott noticed that he was breathing hard and asked him what was the matter. At this, Mr. Berry went into Mr. Lefever's tailor shop on the same floor, for a glass of water, and Mr. Abbott turned to telephone a physician.

By this time Mr. Berry and Mr. Lefever came in and eased Mr. Usher down to the floor, and he was dead.

Luke Usher was born in Herkimer County April 22, 1830, a son of Bloomfield Usher, a Herkimer County manufacturer. Luke was the youngest of nine children, and was educated at Little Falls Academy. His first posting was as a civil engineer on the Erie Canal. In 1861 he came to Potsdam, when he became the cashier of the old Frontier Bank, and continued to act in this capacity until 1866, when the Frontier Bank was succeeded by the National Bank of Potsdam, and he became cashier of that institution. In January 1890 he was elected president of the bank to succeed his oldest brother, Bloomfield Usher, a position which he held for several years. During all this time he was prominent in the management of the bank, and in the general management of its business.

Mr. Usher was also prominent as a manufacturer, being for several years the head of the Potsdam Lumber Co. at Hewittville. And the originator and founder of the Pyrites Paper Co. at Pyrites and the Piercefield Paper Co. at Piercefield. He was a bright, energetic businessman, the very soul of honor, and his hundreds of employees were always promptly paid in full.

In 1856 Luke Usher married Hannah E. Small of Little Falls, who survives him. They have three children, Frank L. Usher, who was sometimes manager of the Potsdam Lumber Co.; Mrs. N. R. Usher, wife of Lieut. N. R. Usher of the U. S. Navy; and Miss Susan S. Usher.

From: The St. Lawrence Herald (Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY) Friday, May 1, 1903

Isaac Anstead.

The death of Isaac Anstead, for many years a well known resident of this town and village, occurred on Friday morning, April 24th. Mr. Anstead was in his eighty eighth year and since the death of his wife, two years ago, had been feeble much of the time. He was born in Herkimer Co., and with his wife, Nancy Loucks Anstead, came to Potsdam in 1843, residing here continuously from that date. Their married life extended over the unusual period of sixty-two years and both were for many years, members of the Baptist Church. In the building of the church he took an active part. He is survived by four sons and three brothers. The funeral was held at his home on Pleasant St. Monday afternoon, Rev. J. L. Cann officiating, and was attended by many relatives and friends from West Parishville, Colton, Theresa, Massena and Potsdam. Interment was at Bayside. His surviving brothers are Attorney Charles Anstead, of Colton. Alvin A. Anstead, of West Parishville and Marvin Anstead, of Potsdam.

His four sons are Oliver M. and Norman C. Anstead, of Iowa, Herman A., of Massena and L. D., of Potsdam.

6/4/05  Two 19th century obituaries from Syracuse NY (Onondaga County) newspapers, most kindly contributed by Joanne Murray.

From: Central City Courier, Syracuse, New York. May 28, 1859

"Abram Williams was buried beneath a sand bank near Mohawk, Herkimer County, a day or two ago - the covering having piled upon him to the depth of ten feet. When he was taken out, life was extinct."

From: The Evening Herald, Syracuse, New York, page 3. Monday, September 11, 1899

Rome - Alfred Ethridge.

"Death of a prominent citizen and useful man. Rome, Sept. 11 - about 3 p.m. yesterday, at his home, no. 206 West Embargo Street, occurred the death of one of Rome's most honored citizens, Alfred Ethridge, in his 83rd year, death being caused by old age and a general wearing out of the system. He was the senior member of the wholesale grocery firm of A. Ethridge & Company, one of the oldest business houses in this part of the state. Mr. Ethridge was a very public-spirited citizen and was interested as a stockholder in about every industry of importance in this city. For several years he has been able to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

[Photo of Alfred Ethridge]

He was of English descent, his father being one of the pioneer settlers of Herkimer County, deceased being born in that county in Little Falls, on July 29th 1817. When he was 9 years old his parents went to Michigan and he was bound out to a farmer, and from that time on he was thrown upon his own resources. During his youth he worked for farmers in the summer and went to school winters, and so became a teacher himself. His first business experience was obtained in a grocery store in Utica, and he learned rapidly and was soon offered the management of a canal store in Frankfort, owned by a firm of contractors. In 1844 he came to this city, then being 27 years old. He had saved a little money and he and a young man named Willett Northrup opened a canal grocery in South James Street on the present site of the Ethridge-Rose building. There they also had a storehouse. At the end of five years they moved to the block now occupied by the American Express Company, corner of James and Dominick Street. A short time after Mr. Ethridge bought out his partner. In 1860 A.P. Tuller bought a share in the business and the firm became A. Ethridge & Company and has since continued so.

At the close of the Civil War the firm built the block at the corner of Dominick and Washington Streets and have since been doing business there. The other members of the present firm are two sons of the deceased, F.A. and James M. Ethridge. There is another son, George, who lives in New York City. These, with the widow, are the survivors. Mrs. Ethridge was formerly Miss Abbie M. House of Houseville, who married Mr. Ethridge on November 6th 1851. About 45 years ago Mr. Ethridge built the house where he lived and died. One daughter, Belle, died when about 16 years old.

Much of Rome's advancement and prosperity is due to the efforts of Mr. Ethridge. He was president of the Rome Savings Bank for a number of years and for a long time the vice president of the Central National Bank, and one of the board of trustees of the Central New York Institution for Deaf Mutes from the time it started. He was for many years one of the directors of the Rome & Clinton Railroad Company. In politics he was a Republican. He was the 1st Republican Supervisor ever elected in the town of Rome. Mr. Ethridge was not a member of any church, but was a regular attendant of the Presbyterian Church and was one of its main supporters."

6/4/05  Three 19th century obituaries from The New York Times, spotted by Asst. Coordinator Lisa Slaski!

New York Times
4 Sep 1888
John Leslie Voorhees died at Fort Hunter yesterday, aged 83 years. He was President of the Bank of Amsterdam.

John Leslie Voorhees, one of the famous farmers of the Mohawk Valley, diedyesterday at Fort Hunter, N.Y., at the age of 83. He leaves half a million dollars.

New York Times
11 Feb 1892
Ebenezer Howard , a wealthy broom manufacturer of Fort Hunter, N.Y., and a member of the firm of E. Howard & Sons, died yesterday of the grip. He was sixty-five years old, and was one of the influential residents of the Mohawk Valley.

New York Times
24 Dec 1899
Dewitt A. Devendorf died last night at Fort Hunter, N.Y., aged thirty-six years. He was Secretary and principal promoter of the Empire State Power Company, which is engaged in harnessing the Schoharie River in order to furnish electrical power to the cities and villages of the Mohawk Valley.

4/22/05  The obituaries of Ozni C. Brown and his wife Nancy VanSlyke Brown Reynolds were graciously contributed by gg-granddaughter Cheryl Potter.


Austin Daily Herald
Austin, Minnesota
14 Jan 1913

Mrs. Perry Reynolds

Mrs Perry Reynolds died Sunday, January 12, shortly before noon at the home of her daughter, Mrs A.B. Lovell in Austin. Though in poor health for several years she was confined to her bed but a week. Her death resulted from heart and lung complications.

Nancy VanSlyke was born seventy years ago the third of the coming February, at Mindenville, N.Y. She was married February 12, 1860 to O.C. Brown and they came to Mower County the following year. In 1862 they settled on the homestead in Nevada which still remains a family possession. Thirty-one years ago last October 28 Mr. Brown died.

Four sons and one daughter of the family born to Mr. and Mrs. Brown are living: Harry of Milnor, N. Dak., Colonel (Orrin J) of Austin, Frank D. living on the home farm in Nevada, George V of Pipestone and Mrs Arthur B. Lovell of Austin. One son Chester died about two years ago.

March 23, 1883 Mrs. Brown was married to Perry Reynolds who survives her. They lived on the farm home until fifteen years ago when they moved to Austin. Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds survive their mother's death: Harlan L. and Mrs. Harry Hermann both of Austin.

Mrs. Reynolds was a member of the Disciples Christian church in Austin. She was the kindest and best of mothers and her devotion to home and its interests was one of the marked characteristics of her life. Mrs. Reynolds was one of those kindly, motherly women, who extends the helping hand to all in need of her ministrations and aid. Her life was a useful, helpful one, and she will be greatly missed by those who loved and leaned upon her.

The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 from the A.B. Lovell home. Rev C.D. Belden officiating and internment in Enterprise Cemetery.

NOTE: Nancy VanSlyke Brown Reynolds was the daughter of David D. and Sally (Moyer) VanSlyke, life long residents of Mindenville, NY.

Mower County Transcript
Austin, Minnesota
1 Nov 1882

O.C. Brown, of Nevada, died last Sunday night of typhoid pneumonia aged 49 years and 10 months. Mr. Brown came to Austin on the 20th as a delegate to the Republican Convention. He was taken ill while here, and remained with Nathan Reed, an old friend, in the 3rd ward, until Monday, when he persisted in being taken home. The funeral was held at Enterprise school house in Austin township, yesterday, Rev. Spafford of this city, conducting the services. Mr. Brown leaves a wife and seven children, the wife being a relative of Mrs. George Van Camp. He had been a resident of the county about 22 years and had many friends among his neighbors and acquaintances. He was a hard working, industrious man and died honored and respected, leaving for his children the legacy of an honest life.

NOTE: Ozni C. Brown was born 31 Dec 1833 to Henry and Lucy (Kelly) Brown of St. Johnsville, NY.

4/15/05  Elizabeth Hilts Kinney's obituary was contributed by Hilts researcher Carol Grainger! Carol noted that she obtained them through research done by the Herkimer County Historical Society (HCHS).

Grandma Kinney Dead.

Miss Elizabeth Hilts, wife of R. K. Kinney was born in Herkimer City, Herkimer county, N.Y., May 1, 1846 and departed this life at her home in Laverne Oklahoma, January 8th, 1927, Age 80 years, 8 months and 7 days. She was married to Mr. R.L. Kinney February 28, 1865. To this union was born eight children, two girls and six boys. The girls died in early childhood, but the boys are all living: W.F. (William Francis), James A., Robert, Howard, Calven H. (Calvin) and Bert C., all living in Harper county Oklahoma, except James A. of Wichita Kansas.

4/15/05  These Scullen family obituaries were contributed by Hilts researcher Carol Grainger! Carol noted that she obtained them through research done by the Herkimer County Historical Society (HCHS).

Herkimer Evening Telegram, 1911.

Mrs. Ruth Scullen.

Little Falls, Mar 10- Mrs Ruth Scullen, aged 76 years, relict of the late James Scullen, died at her home on West Main street Thursday, a son and three daughters surviving. The funeral will be held from the home Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev Mr. Cooper officiating. Interment in Rural Grove Cemetery.

Note: James Scullen was married to two Hilts sisters, Catherine M. & Ruth Margaret, both daughters of George and Polly (Casler) Hilts.

"I am interested in hearing from any descendant of James Scullen and the Hilts sisters he married."

Scullens in the 1900 Hughes' Little Falls Directory, page 215.

Scullen Alexander, h 30 Furnance.
Scullen Annie, operative, bds 30 Furance.
Scullen Emma, operative, bds 30 Furance.
Scullen Henry J., moulder, bds 30 Furance.
Scullen Henry Jr., moulder, bds 30 Furance.
Scullen Kate, operative, bds 354 W. Main.
Scullen Ruth, wid h 354 W. Main.
Scullen Thomas, carpenter, h 631 E. Monroe.

Scullens in the 1903 Little Falls Directory, page 222.

Scullen Annie, operative bds 30 Furnace.
Scullen Emma, operative bds 354 W. Main.
Scullen Henry, moulder h 30 Furnace.
Scullen Henry, spinner h 354 W. Main.
Scullen Kate, operative bds. 354 W. Main.
Scullen Mary, wid. Henry h 30 Furnace.
Scullen Nellie, operative bds 30 Furnace.
Scullen Ruth, wid. James h 354 W. Main.
Scullen Thomas, carpenter h 631 E. Main.

Obituary: Herkimer Evening Telegram. 1912

Walter I. Scullen Passed Away at 11:30 Today Following a Week's Illness.

Walter I. Scullen, a life long resident of this town, passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Merriott in South Washington street at 11:30 today.

He was born in Smalls Bush, this town and came to this village about 42 years ago, where he has since resided. He was the son of James Scullen and Catherine Hilts Scullen and was in his 62nd year.

His nearest relatives are a half brother Henry Scullen, and two half sisters, the Misses Emma and Catherine Scullen of Little Falls.

Note: relationship to Morris and Ida Perry Marriott - half first cousin, once removed of the wife.

Obituary: Herkimer Evening Telegram, May 1912

Death of Mrs. Mary A. Scullen.

Mary A., beloved wife of Walter Scullen, passed to the higher life this morning at 9:45 from the home in Eastern Avenue.

She was the daughter of Sanford and Mary Hilts, respected and well known residents of the past. Besides the bereaved husband she is survived by a brother and sister, namely Edward A. Hilts and Miss Amanda Hilts, both Herkimer residents. The deceased was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church and consistently mindful of the teaching of her faith.

Note: In the 1900 and 1910 census it's stated that Maryann was not the mother of any children.

Scullens listed in the 1910 Herkimer Directory, page 185.

Scullen Mary A., seamstress, bds 309 Eastern ave.
Scullen Walter I., machinist, bds 309 Eastern ave.

4/15/05  Contributed by Hilts researcher Carol Grainger. For further information about persons mentioned, make inquiries of the appropriate historical societies. the Herkimer County Historical Society (HCHS).


Officals now engaged in getting ante-mortem statement.

Everett is reported to be dying at his home in East Herkimer as the result of injuries inflicted by Charles "Loffy" Case, the week of March 11. County officials are now at Slocum's home endeavoring to his ante-mortem statement. Slocum and Ellis Barhydt were arrested on the complaint of Case, charged with assault, third degree and were discharged, it being understood that the grand jury would consider their cases.

Case alleges that Slocum and Barhydt came to his shanty one night and commenced to tear boards from the roof of his hut in East Herkimer. He drove them away and they began throwing stones at the shanty, when he told them if they would come where he was he would give them a thrashing. Evidently Slocum and Barhydt accepted Cases's invitation, and in the scrap it is said Case hit Slocum over the head with a shovel inflicting a scalp wound 6 inches long, which is now expected to result fatally. Case alleges that both men set upon him and began kicking and pounding him.

Note: In the 1900 Herkimer, Herkimer County NY census, Charles Case is listed as living in the Chester Slocum household as a servant, occupation day laborer.

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