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What more can we say about this section? Obituaries not only name relatives and relationships, but often tell vivid stories of people's lives. Please send in your collected Herkimer or Montgomery Counties related obits. Put "OBIT" in the subject heading of your email and name the source of the obit if known. The obits do not have to be long but can be short notices.

Armstrong, Dayton Aug 23, 1961
Beach, Floyd V. Dec 28, 1964
Beach, Fred L. Oct 15, 1960
Beach, Horace M. Jun 4, 1957
Beach, Jesse Dec 13, 1959
Becker, Mary Hodge Mar 12, 1910
Bellinger, Jacob M. Feb 21, 1906
Bellow, Mrs. Mary Colwell Sep 6, 1929
Bingham, Rev. Isaac S. Apr 27, 1893
Bird, Mrs. Rose Oct 4, 1915
Blazier, John Dec 1918
Bonney, Walter P. May 21, 1911
Buddel, Charity A. March 21, 1900
Buddle, Olive Jane Feb 1906
Buddle, William T. March 12, 1895
Buddles, Acelia Mar 31, 1925
Buddles, Lorina Apr 17, 1898
Bush, Elijah April 11, 1900
Carroll, Mrs. James Nov 11, 1903
Carr, Mrs. Sarah Greenman Mar 1910
Caswell, William Aug 4, 1908
Chase, Dewitt Clinton Aug 28, 1894
Collins, John S. Jan 25, 1892
Collins, Mrs. John S. Jan 26, 1892
Cromwell, Martha E. Nov 8, 1903
Cromwell, Martha E. May 21, 1911
Dannenberg, Christian H. May 1911
Dee, Mrs. George Sep 18, 1912
Diefendorf, David K. Sep 5, 1920
Diefendorf, Reuben K. Feb 24, 1901
Dievendorf, Jacob Oct 3, 1915
Dievendorf, Lydia Shelp Aug 2, 1914
Dievendorf, William I. Nov 12, 1913
Doughart, Sarah A. May 21, 1915
Dingman, Albert June 10, 1882
Dingman, Bertha Juy 29, 1886
Dingman, Delevan October 29, 1881
Dingman, Eliza J. October 13, 1875
Dingman, Female Child July 15, 1874
Dingman, Lucinda March 26, 1879
Dingman, Maria February 6, 1877
Dingman, Maria Spoor December 14, 1882
Dingman, Sarah Frances July 25, 1874
Enslow, Earl E. ?????
Failing, Jacob Aug 25, 1932
Falvo, Joseph Aug 1902
Fitzgerald, John W. May 23, 1911
Flint, Amanda A. May 21, 1914
Flint, Helen M. Feb 23, 1920
Flint, Nelson Oct 22, 1916
Hansen, Anna Christina Jan 22, 1929
Hardy, William 1907
Helling, Mrs. Julia Downs Jan 1881
Hilts, Aaron Frederick "Fred" Feb 20, 1909
Hilts, Rosetta M. Dec 1918
Hines, Elizabeth Mar 19, 1942
Hoffman, James A. Sr. Apr 4, 1956
Hoffman, John H. Feb 21, 1926
Hoffman, Julius 1907
Hoffman, Mary Welch Sep 20, 1941
Houghton, Mrs. Henry A. Mar 30, 1891
House, Peter Aug 26, 1903
Jackson, Dr. John C. Jan 10, 1927
Keesler, Gracec Colwell Oct 22, 1939
Kirby, William M. Aug 4, 1914
Knight, Byron Apr 9, 1894
Knight, Kenneth Francis Sep 6, 1943
Knight, Mrs. Emma Apr 13, 1926
Knight, William Bernard Dec 22, 1926
Kougher, Benjamin Feb 23, 1901
Konertz, Martha Aug 18, 1923
Kyser, John Henry May 22, 1911
La Chappelle, Mrs. John Oct 18, 1906
Lasher, Catherine Warner May 10, 1911
Layman, Floyd Jul 3, 1949
Layman, Myrtle Jul 3, 1949
Layman, Patricia Jul 3, 1949
Lettis, Gertrude Jul 31, 1902
Manzer, Mrs. Minnie May Oct 24, 1942
McFee, John Norman Dec 13, 1921
Morrow, Mary Mrs. Oct 25, 1889
Mowrey, Anson Oct 1889
Oliver, Merritt Aug 1902
Pyke, Elisa Sep 5, 1885
Rathbone, Charles 1913
Reedman, Albert Jul, 23 1916
Reedman, Mrs. Frances Mar 14, 1915
Rickard, William H. May 2, 1907
Roberts, Mrs. John A. Dec 8, 1918
Shanley, Bertha M. Jan 22, 1929
Shaut, Emmanuel Dec 5, 1913
Shaper, Dr. John H. Sep 3, 1904
Smith, Charles Mar 23, 1904
Smith, Harrison Morton 1913
Smith, Julia E. Jan 18, 1926
Shuland, John ?????
Stokes, Mrs. Fred May 6, 1907
Stowitts, Dr. Arthur D. Mar 13, 1910
Van Buren, Henry Jun 26, 1938
Van Buren, Mrs. A. O. Apr 13, 1932
Van Buren, Mrs. Mary E. Jul 30, 1931
Vibbard, James M. Apr 4, 1910
Voorhees, Ann Elizabeth Crane May 22, 1911
Wagner, Dr. Charles P.
Walrath, George A. Dec 6, 1918
Wayne, Mrs. May B. April 18, 1939
Wendell, Ruth Adams Dec 15, 1921
Williams, Louis E. Sep 1947
Young, Charles D. Jan 25, 1931
Young, Grace Jul 25, 1935

new1/2/09  The next two Reedman family obits were graciously contributed by Gene Toler, who tells us that this couple are his mother-in-law's grandmother and step-grandfather, and that he located the obits at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

The Evening Recorder Newspaper, 14 Mar 1915

Mrs. Albert Reedman

Mrs. Frances Lewis Reedman, wife of Albert Reedman, died Sunday evening at 9 o'clock at her home, No. 202 West Main Street (Amsterdam, New York), of a complication of diseases, after an illness of four weeks, aged 71 years. Mrs. Reedman was born in Pittsfield, Mass., May 30th, 1843, but had been a resident of Amsterdam for the past 42 years. She was a member of the First Baptist church.

She is survived by her husband; three sons, William Hitt, of Dault, Mass., Arthur L., of Manney's Corners, and Alfred, Jr., of this city. The funeral will be held Tuesday Afternoon at 2 o'clock at the funeral house of Johnson and Lindsay, the Rev. Alvah E. Knapp, pastor of the First Baptist church, officiating, Interment will be in Green Hill.

The Evening Recorder Newspaper, 24 Jul 1916


Albert Reedman, Street Employee, Dies in Hospital

Man Who Lived Alone Said He Had Prepared One Slice of Bread for Himself and Another for Rodents, and Then Devoured Wrong One, Although He Did Not Tell of Illness Until Two Days later.

Albert Reedman, aged 67, of No. 202 West Main street, died at the Amsterdam City hospital Sunday morning of arsenical poisoning, as the result of taking a preparation used for the extermination of rats, but whether accidentally or otherwise is unknown.

Mr. Reedman, who lived alone and was employed on the streets by the public works department, says he took the poison last Monday by mistake, although he made no statement concerning it until Wednesday, when City Physician Woodhead was called to attend him. The poison had permeated the system by this time, and although Dr. Woodhead had the man taken to the hospital, little hope was expressed for his recovery. Reedman said he had taken the poison by accident, having spread a slice of bread with butter for himself and placed the poison on another piece of bread for the purpose of killing some rats, and that he accidentally ate the poisoned slice.

The body was taken to the funeral house of Johnson and Lindsay, on Guy Park avenue, where services will be conducted Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. Alvah E. Knapp, of the First Baptist church, officiating. Interment will be in Green Hill.

Born in Michigan, in 1849, Mr. Reedman came to Amsterdam 43 years ago. His wife died March 14, 1915. He is survived by a son, Albert, Jr., of this city, and a sister, Mrs. Jane Burdick, of Kalamazoo, Mich.

new12/7/08  Byron Knight's obituary was graciously contributed by Steven Knight. Steven tells us that "This is the obituary of my great-grandfather, Byron Knight. The age given is in error as he is listed in the censuses from 1850 thru 1880 as having been born about 1836."

Amsterdam Daily Democrat
Amsterdam, NY
April 9, 1894

Byron Knight - Byron Knight died about 4:30 o'clock this morning at his home at the corner of Center and Albert streets, fifth ward, after an extended illness of paresis. The deceased had been a well known resident of this city and vicinity, having formerly lived at Schenectady. He was 52 years old. For a number of years he was a constable in Port Jackson, when that village was part of the town of Florida. He was also the proprietor of the West Shore hotel on Center Street, and was previously proprietor of the hotel at Cranesville. Besides his wife he is survived by one daughter, Mrs. William Chism, of this city. The funeral will be held from the house Thursday morning and the remains will be taken to Schenectady for interment.

new11/11/08  A group of Dingman surname newspaper death notices, graciously contributed by Rosemary Nadal.


Dingman. In Argusville, July 15th, daughter of Catherine Dingman, aged 3 years and 6 months. (Taken from Canajoharie Radii - July 30, 1874.)

Dingman. In this village (Canajoharie), July 25th, Sarah Frances, daughter of John and Morgiana Dingman, age 1 year, 6 months and 11 days. (Taken from Canajoharie Radii - July 30, 1874.)

Dingman. At Hagaman's Mills, October 13th, Eliza J. Dingman, aged 18 yrs. (Taken from Canajoharie Radii, October 21, 1875.)

Dingman. Died February 6th, Maria Dingman, relict of John Dingman, age 72 years. (Taken from Canajoharie Radii, March 1, 1877.)

Dingman. In Florida, March 26th, Mrs. Lucinda Dingman, aged 69 years, 8 months and 9 days. (Taken from the Canajoharie Radii, April 3, 1879.)

Dingman. In Fort Plain, October 29th, Delevan Dingman, aged 18 years. (Taken from the Canajoharie Radii, November 10, 1881.)

Dingman. At the residence of John Purdell in the town of Mohawk June 10th, Albert Dingman aged 23 years. (Taken from the Canajoharie Radii, June 22, 1882.)

Dingman. In Freysbush, December 14th, Maria Spoor, widow of the late Peter Dingman, aged 18 years, 8 months and 11 days. (Taken from the Canajoharie Radii, December 21, 1882.)

Dingman. In Mapletown, July 29th, Bertha, daughter of Perry and Addie Dingman, age 6 years, 1 month and 19 days. (Taken from Canajoharie Radii - August 5, 1886.)

These obits were copied by the submitter at the Montgomery Co. Dept. of History & Archives, 9 Park St., Old Court House, P. O. Box 1500, Fonda, NY 12068-1500

new10/8/08  Dr. John C. Jackson's obituary was graciously contributed by Rosemary Nadal. This obit should be read as a companion piece to that of Dr. Charles P. Wagner, posted further down on this page.

From the Fort Plain Standard, Thursday, January 13, 1927

Dr. John C. Jackson

Prominent Physician, of Fort Plain,
Died on Monday Evening.

Dr. John C. Jackson died at his home on Centre street, Fort Plain, on Monday evening at 8 o'clock. He was taken ill only a few days previously with a sudden attack of angina pectoris. Dr. Jackson was a man of robust physique, who maintained an appearance of rugged health up to a few weeks before his death. Because of a stress of professional duties and anxiety attendant upon the illness of relatives, Dr. Jackson had recently complained of feeling unwell. He had been constantly in attendance upon his brother-in-law, Dr. Charles P. Wagner, during the latter's final illness.

Dr. Jackson was taken ill last Wednesday and, on Friday, his condition became serious. He was attended by his son, Dr. John W. Jackson, and Dr. M.M. Slocum, a heart specialist, both of Utica, and Dr. C.E. Congdon of Fort Plain.

Hundreds of friends and patients of Doctor Jackson thronged his late home yesterday for a last look at their former physician and friend. A great number of very handsome floral tributes were also received at the home.

Dr. J.C. Jackson was a man of unusual attainments. He was a skilled physician and surgeon, while his easy mastery of languages was little short of remarkable. In his schooldays, he learned Latin and German and, in the latter language, he was most proficient. Later on he learned French, Spanish and Italian so that he could converse with ease in five modern languages. He was a lover of the finer things of life and his interest in boys and their education was very strong. When Clinton Liberal Institute was located here, Dr. Jackson was the school physician. In addition to his medical duties there, he frequently helped the boys with their lessons, particularly with their Latin.

The doctor was fond of poetry and his capacity for quickly committing it to memory was remarkable. "The Country Doctor,"a poem by Will Carleton, was a favorite with him and a brief half hour before his death he recited these simple, touching lines entire in the presence of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Jackson, who were with him at the time. Carleton's "Country Doctor"applies so sympathetically to Dr. Jackson's work and illness that we reprint these brave verses as emblematic of his career and death.

Dr. Jackson recited this poem after his son Harvey had told him of the death of his brother-in-law, Dr. C.P. Wagner at St. Johnsville on Sunday.

The deepest sympathy is generally expressed in this section for Mrs. Jackson, who has lost her husband and brother within this week.

Dr. Jackson was unstinting of his time and strength in serving his patients and he ministered equally to all alike, whether rich or poor and often without any hope of remuneration.

John Charles Jackson was born in Marcellus Dec. 17, 1865, the son of Amos Jackson and Julia Holcomb. After his studies in public school, he entered Williston Academy, Northampton, Mass. Following his graduation from that institution, he entered the New York Homepathic Medical college, from which he was graduated. He later took a course in the Post Graduate hospital, New York City.

Following his graduation Dr. Jackson practiced for a short time in Passaic, N.J., and Syracuse.

Dr. Jackson came to Fort Plain about 1889 and opened an office for the practice of medicine. In 1893, he was married to Ida May Wagner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wagner. In 1894, he moved into the house on the corner of Centre and Division streets, which had since been his residence and office.

Dr. Jackson soon built up a large practice in Fort Plain and its surrounding territory and he was widely known up and down the valley. He specialized in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

Dr. Jackson is mainly responsible for Fort Plain's present theatre. The Fritcher opera house burned on May 4, 1911, which event left Fort Plain without a theatre. The Brunswick hotel, opposite the Jackson home, was burned about 1910. Dr. Jackson's keen mind at once sensed the availability of the site of the hotel as a location for a theatre. He interested a number of business men and a stock company was formed and the construction of the present theatre was started in the fall of 1911. Dr. Jackson subsequently bought a controlling interest in the company and made his son, Harvey H. Jackson, the manager of the theatre. Later managers were Gros & Zielley, Saxton & Lombard, Saxton & Rickard and V.F. Saxton. The theatre was sold to W.C. Smalley in 1921. Dr. Jackson always maintained a great interest in the theatre. Dr. and Mrs. Jackson nursed the beautiful Boston ivy, which overspreads the northern wall and which is the finest example of this handsome vine in this section.

Dr. Jackson was an enthusiastic automobilist, from the earliest days of the motor car. He was the pioneer motorist of the middle section of the Mohawk valley. His first car was a Locomobile, which he bought in 1901. He was fond of travel and had made several trips abroad and had covered most of America by train or automobile.

Dr. Jackson was a member of the local Masonic lodge and the Knights of Pythias. He had served as health officer of the town of Minden and as coroner of Montgomery county for several terms. He was a member of the Montgomery County Medical society, Fort Plain club, the New York State Medical association, the American Medical association. In politics he was a Democrat of independent inclinations.

Dr. Jackson is survived by his wife, two sons, Dr. John W. Jackson of Utica and Harvey H. Jackson of St. Johnsville, and two grandchildren, Robert Harvey Jackson and Anne Marie Jackson, both children of Dr. and Mrs. John W. Jackson. At the parents' request, a short time before his death, Dr. Jackson named the _______* arrival Anne Marie. She was born on New Year's day.

Dr. Jackson is also survived by two brothers, Dr. E.H. Jackson and Dr. Harry Jackson of Schenectady.

The funeral services were held this afternoon at the home of Rev. H. B. Taylor, D.D., pastor of the Universalist church officiating. And Rev. C.L. Schaertel, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church, assisting. Interment will be made in the spring in the Fort Plain cemetery.

*Unable to read-small hole in paper.

Dr. Jackson's favorite poem, "The Country Doctor,"follows:

By Will Carleton

There's a gathering in the village, that has never been outdone,
Since the soldiers took their muskets to the war of sixty one;
And a lot of lumber-wagons near the church upon the hill,
And a crowd of country people, Sunday-dressed and very still.

Now each window is pre-empted by a dozen heads or more,
Now the spacious pews are crowded from the pulpit to the door;
For with coverlet of blackness on his portly figure spread,
Lies the grim old country doctor, in a massive oaken bed,
Lies the fierce old country doctor,
Lies the kind old country doctor,
Whom the populace considered with a mingled love and dread.

When so many pined in sickness, he had stood so strongly by,
Half the people felt a notion that the doctor couldn't die;
They must slowly learn the lesson how to live from day to day,
And have somehow lost the bearings-now this landmark is away.

Maybe half the congregation know of great or little worth,
Found this watcher waiting for them, when they came upon the earth;
This undecorated soldier, of a hard, unequal strife,
Fought in many stubborn battles with the foes that sought their life.
In the nighttime or the daytime, he would rally brave and well,
Though the summer lark was fifing or the frozen lances fell;

Knowing if he won the battle, they would praise their Maker's name,
Knowing if he lost the battle, then the doctor was to blame.
'Twas the brave old virtuous doctor,
'Twas the good old faulty doctor,
'Twas the faithful country doctor-fighting stoutly all the same.

But perhaps it still is better that his busy life is done;
He has seen old views and patients disappearing, one by one;
He has learned that Death is master both of Science and of Art;
He has done his duty fairly, and has acted out his part.
And the strong old country doctor,
And the weak old country doctor,
Is entitled to a furlough for his brain and for his heart.

new10/9/08   Miscellaneous obituaries.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, August 27, 1903, page 5

Fort Plain, Aug. 27

Death of Peter House

The death of Peter House, an old and respected resident of the town of Minden, occurred at his home at Keesler's Corners yesterday at the advanced age of __(?) years. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Ellen Craig, and one grandchild. The funeral will be held from his late home Friday morning. The services will be conducted by the Rev. Mr. Lamphere of Minden. [Note: the 1900 Minden census lists Peter H. House, age 76, widower, b. July 1823; residing with him were his daughter Ella M., age 41, widow, b. March 1858, and granddaughter Ida A., b. (illegible) 1884. ]

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 9, 1918

Community Lost Esteemed Resident by Death

St. Johnsville, Dec. 9.- George A. Walrath died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Mary M. Yoran, Friday evening, December 6, at 9 o'clock. Mr. Walrath suffered a paralytic stroke on his way to St. Johnsville from his home Thursday morning, from which he never revived. He belonged to one of the pioneer families of the Mohawk valley; his father and mother were Martin Walrath and his wife, Julia M. Flanders, and he was one of a family of twelve children. He was born August 6(?), 1859 on the old homestead north of St. Johnsville, where he always resided, and which has been in the Walrath name for nearly two hundred years. Mr. Walrath is survived by one sister, Mrs. Yoran, three brothers, the Hon. Martin and Joel Walrath of St. Johnsville, and Alvin Walrath of Kansas City, Mo. The funeral will be held from the home of Mrs. Yoran on Tuesday, at 1 p. m. with the Rev. H. W. McCrone of the Grace church, officiating, and the interment will be made in the cemetery at West St. Johnsville. The deceased was a member of the Fort Plain Lodge, I. O.O.F.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 9, 1918

Canajoharie, Dec. 9

The remains of John Blazier, who died as a result of injuries received in the West Shore railroad wreck near Frankfort last week, were brought here for interment in the Sts. Peter and Paul cemetery Saturday.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 9, 1918

Canajoharie, Dec. 9

The sudden death of Mrs. John A. Roberts, which occurred on Sunday morning at her home on Moyer street undoubtedly was caused by gall stones. The deceased was born in Palatine about 56 years ago and for several years had resided in this village, where she was well known and respected. She was a true and faithful wife and a kind and loving mother who will be greatly missed in the home she so dearly loved. Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Countryman and Miss Freda Roberts of this village, two sons, Fred of this village and Schuyler L. of Utica, also one sister and two brothers. The funeral will be held from her home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. J. B. Govo of Rural Grove officiating. Burial will be made in Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 6, 1913

THIS SURNAME IS SHAUT, WHICH IS CONSISTENTLY MISSPELLED THROUGHOUT THIS OBIT, and is consistently spelled Shaut in the 1900-1930 St. Johnsville census.


Emmanuel Shant Succombed to Heart Trouble

St. Johnsville, Dec. 6.- Emmanuel Shant, aged 55/53(?) years, dropped dead on Monroe street yesterday afternoon about 1:10 o'clock near the residence of H. P. Austin. No one saw him fall, but Fred Klock, who was returning to his work at Don't market discovered the body lying on the sidewalk. Mr. Shant was returning from Mente's barber shop when he was stricken with a heart attack, which he was subject to. Coroner Willie N. Simons, M. D., was called and the body was removed to the Austin residence. Upon investigation he found that Mr. Shant must have been dead before he struck the walk. Later Undertaker J. _. Gammond removed the body to the residence of his son, Clinton Shant, on Averill street. Besides his widow he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Marjorie Griffith of Binghamton and Mrs. Roland Dockey of St. Johnsville and three sons, Clinton and Floyd and Carl Shant, all of St. Johnsville. Arrangements for funeral have not yet been made.

From The Richfield Springs Mercury, April 27, 1893

Thursday, at his home in Herkimer, occurred the death of Rev. Isaac S. Bingham, D.D., in the 75th year of his age. Deceased had been in ill health for the past few years and retired from active service as a clergyman about two years since, when he withdrew as pastor for the M. E. church in that village. Dr. Bingham was born in Canajoharie, Montgomery county, on the 18th day of March, 1819, and in the spring of 1843 began his active duties in the ministry as pastor of the M. E. church at Le Ray, Jefferson county, N.Y.

From the Utica Morning Herald, January 30, 1892, page 2

The funeral of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Collins of Hagamans Mills, who died Monday and Tuesday respectively, will be held to-morrow at their late home.

From the Utica Morning Herald, October 25, 1889, page 8

Amsterdam, Oct. 24 - Anson Mowrey, a well known resident living near Akin, died yesterday, aged 85 years. (Note: Akin is now called Ft. Johnson.)

From the Utica Morning Herald, October 25, 1889, page 8

Mrs. Mary Morrow of Hagamans Mills, aged 70 years, was found dead in bed this morning. Her death is attributed to heart disease.

From the Utica Morning Herald and Daily Gazette, January 21, 1881

Mrs. Julia Downs Helling has just died in Hagamans Mills, aged 97. James Downs, her brother, built the first hotel in Amsterdam, and her family is one of the pioneer families of the Mohawk Valley.

From the Utica Weekly Herald, March 31, 1891

Amsterdam, March 26. Mrs. Henry A. Houghton died last night of consumption, aged 30 years. Mrs. Houghton was a daughter of Robert Cunningham of Clinton.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 23, 1904


Injuries Received by Charles Smith a
Few Days Ago Proved Fatal

Fort Plain, March 23.- Charles Smith, a native of the village of Nelliston, was found dead in bed at his home in that village this morning. Mr. Smith, while at work a few days ago, fell and injured his side quite severely. Two ribs were fractured. It was not thought that he was seriously injured. He is a brother of John Smith of this village and was about 46(?) years of age.

new10/8/08  Dr. Charles P. Wagner's obituary was graciously contributed by Rosemary Nadal!

Source: the Fort Plain Standard, Thursday, January 13, 1927

Dr. Charles P. Wagner

Well known Physician of St. Johnsville
Passed Away Sunday

Dr. Charles P. Wagner, 48, one of the best known physicians of the Mohawk valley, died at his home in St. Johnsville on Sunday morning after an illness of nearly a year's duration. Death was caused by a complication of diseases.

Dr. Wagner was first taken ill while on a vacation trip last spring to Battle Creek Mich., in company with a party of friends which included Hon. Joseph L. Moore of Fort Plain and Joseph H. Reany of St. Johnsville.

From the beginning Dr. Wagner's illness was of a serious nature. He was brought to St. Johnsville and later was taken to Roosevelt hospital, New York city, where an operation was performed. After remaining there for several weeks, Dr. Wagner returned to St. Johnsville and resumed his practice, seemingly restored to health. This favorable condition lasted but a few months and last fall he was removed to the Littauer hospital in Gloversville for treatment. Several weeks ago he returned to St. Johnsville, since which time he failed rapidly. His brother-in-law, Dr. John C. Jackson of Fort Plain, had been in constant attendance upon Dr. Wagner within the past few weeks. In another column will be found extended notice of the death of Dr. Jackson, who survived Dr. Wagner by little more than a day. [Note: this obit is posted further up on this page.]

Charles Peter Wagner was the son of Harvey Wagner and Margaret Ann Garlock. He was born on his father's farm in the Seebers Lane section of the town of Canajoharie, Jan. 31,1878. The Wagner family is one of the oldest in this section, having located in the Mohawk valley long prior to the Revolutionary war. The Garlock family members probably were the first white settlers of the township of Canajoharie.

About 1905, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wagner moved to Fort Plain and occupied the home on Mohawk street, where Mrs. Wagner now resides. Mr. Wagner died in 1924.

After finishing his elementary education in the Seebers Lane school, Dr. Wagner entered Clinton Liberal Institute, where he was prominent in all the school's activities and served as major of the battalion of his military school.

Charles P. Wagner was very popular here as a young man and, as he made many more friends with the passing years, he leaves a wide circle of acquaintances in this community who mourn the passing of a true man, a public-spirited and progressive citizen and a well-beloved, skilled and efficient physician and surgeon. Dr. Wagner was truly a martyr to the exacting demands of his medical work. He was unsparing of himself in responding to calls from his patients and the rigors of his profession gradually undermined his naturally strong constitution until disease attacked his weakened system.

Following his school years at Clinton Liberal Institute, Fort Plain, Dr. Wagner entered Cornell University. He received his medical training in Albany Medical College and was graduated in 1902. He started active medical work at Samaritan Hospital, Troy, where he was junior house physician and surgeon for six months and senior house physician and surgeon for six months.

Dr. Wagner located in St. Johnsville in 1903, where he built up one of the best practices in this section of the state and where he had been remarkably successful, both as a physician and surgeon.

He was graduated from the C.L.I. Military school with rank of major, the highest rank within the gift of the school. He was a firm believer in military training, and when time permitted took a keen interest in athletic events. The St. Johnsville home guard, an organization organized during the war, composed of men and boys exempt from military duty, was drilled under his personal supervision, and became a very effective and well trained body. His services in the Liberty loan campaigns and in the various welfare drives were always at command, and his driving energy was expended to the utmost with the result that success crowned his efforts and his colleagues found him a tower of strength in these various endeavors. His interest in the boys who went to the front was not confined to a mere gesture, but received his personal attention, he making it a point of duty to see each man off, and he was among the first to welcome the boys on their return. In fact, the home coming celebration was under his personal charge, and was one of the finest outdoor affairs ever staged in the village of St. Johnsville.

During the influenza epidemic in 1917 Dr. Wagner rose to his greatest effort. It was a time when men lost their heads and even the wisest were shaken. He worked almost alone and fought a battle against disease which robbed him of vitality and sleep but never dimmed his courage. It was a crisis and he alone forced to meet it. His sacrifices on this occasion will never be known. Working side by side with volunteer nurses, and such assistance as he could draft, with a temporary hospital in the Masonic temple and with calls on his services form every part of the parish it was only his iron will to serve and his splendid strength that enable him to cope with the task.

As a physician, he was a sound counselor, as a surgeon he had few equals. Forced early in his career by the circumstances of his diversified parish, he took to surgery as a necessary part of his work, and he was recognized as one of the best in this part of the state. Among fellow practitioners his advise inspired confidence and his diagnosis was appreciated and respected. His hospital experience was extended to all the nearby hospitals in Utica, Amsterdam, Little Falls and Gloversville, where he had many cases under his personal direction.

Perhaps, aside from his sound basic knowledge and his acquired skill gleaned from a quarter of a century of active practice, his best asset was his sick room presence. His radiating personal magnetism and good nature sent a beam of sunshine into many a sick room, where hope often returned merely at the sight of his inspiring presence. Nature endowed him with a character peculiarly fitted to his calling. He was a nurse as well as doctor, and a messenger of good cheer wherever he went. And this was not assumed for professional purposes, for he never considered the commercial side of the case. Rich and poor shared alike in his ministrations, and it can never be said that he served his fellow man for what there was in it, for his carelessness in material matters was as remarkable as his almost slavish devotion to his cases, which absorbed him even to the time when growing physical disability demanded some attention to himself. He stood to the task long after he should have retired and it was purely devotion to duty.

In politics, Dr. Wagner was a Republican and served three terms as coroner of Montgomery county, being returned to that office in 1926. He was also health officer of the village and town of St. Johnsville and the town of Oppenheim. During the World war Dr. Wagner rendered efficient service on the examining board of Montgomery county and served as captain of St. Johnsville Home guards.

Dr. Wagner found time for fraternal affiliations and was a member of St. Johnsville lodge, No. 611 F. and A.M.; Auskerada lodge, 814 I.O.O.F.; St. Johnsville club, Exchange club, American Medical association; New York State Medical society, Montgomery County Medical society and was a director of the First National bank of St. Johnsville. He attended St. John's Reformed church.

In 1904 he married Miss Mary Graham of Waterford who survives with a son, C. Graham and a daughter, Margaret Wagner, his mother Margaret A. Wagner, Fort Plain, four sisters, Mrs. John C. Jackson and Miss Ola M. Wagner, Fort Plain; Mrs. Charles C. Washburn, Amsterdam, and Mrs. Waldo T. Hunter, Brooklyn.

The funeral was held Wednesday at 2 p.m., from St. John's Reformed church, St. Johnsville, Rev. Henry C. Ficken officiating. Interment in the family plot in Fort Plain cemetery.

The funeral of Dr. Wagner was the largest ever held in St. Johnsville. The Reformed church was packed and many were unable to obtain admittance. Many from Fort Plain and Nelliston were in attendance. The floral tributes were impressively beautiful in their great number and variety. The body was brought to Fort Plain and placed in the vault of the Fort Plain cemetery yesterday afternoon. The funeral cortege consisted of about 40 cars which accompanied the remains from St. Johnsville to Fort Plain.

new7/14/08  David Spraker's obituary was graciously contributed by Ron Miller!

Hi, Here is an obituary for the widow of Hon. David Spraker. You have his biography on-line. It gives her maiden name as Harriet F. Rowan.

Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday Evening, March 30, 1907

Canajoharie, March 30, [1907] Mrs. Harriet Spraker, widow of Judge David Spraker, died this morning at 2 o'clock at her home on Otsego Steet. Mrs. Spraker was 82 years of age and had been afflicted with dropsy for some time. She was a highly respected old lady and had been a resident of this place for many years, the family being among the most prominent in this section of Mohawk Valley.

The deceased is survived by three sons, David, an attorney at Rochester; Ferdinand, a banker at Cooperstown, and Randolph of this village, and two daughters, Mrs. Bonney of Erie, Pa., and Miss Flora of Canajoharie. One daughter, Hortense, who was the wife of Dr. John C. Shaper, deceased, of Herkimer, left a daughter, Miss Harriett Shaper, who made her home with her grandmother.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, November 12, 1917

St. Johnsville


Esteemed Resident of Mindenville Died Early Yesterday Morning

St. Johnsville, Nov. 12- Charles R. Carter, aged 47 years, a respected resident of Mindenville, died at his home in Mindenville yesterday morning at 1 o'clock, after a long illness. Mr. Carter was born in the town of Minden and had always lived there. By occupation he was a blacksmith, but had lived a retired life for the past few years. Mr. Carter was a member of the St. Johnsville Lodge, No. 611, F. & A. M. He is survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. Alice Linter of Bridgeport, Conn., and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from his late home, with the Rev. H. W. McCrone of the Grace Christian Church of St. Johnsville officiating. The interment will be made in Prospect View Cemetery in the village.

Charles Clemmens, aged _5 years, who was a veteran of the Civil War, died last night at the home of John Sawson in Oppenheim. He had no near relatives. The funeral will be held at 12 m. on Wednesday in the school building at Oppenheim, and the interment will be made in the Clemmens Cemetery.

From the Richfield Springs Daily, unknown date, ca. 1915-1917

In the death of Clark Goodbread, Mindenville loses one of its best young men. It was just recently that Mr. Goodbread visited Starkville friends, he being a nephew of Frank Suits.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, October 21, 1918

Causes Much Grief

Influenza followed by pneumonia caused the death of Mrs. Earl J. Rasbach at her home on Catharine street at 3:40 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Her death removes a young woman that was endeared to all. She was 32(?) years of age and formerly lived at Fort Plain. Her marriage to Mr. Rasbach took place about two years ago. Her maiden name was Carrie Van Ever (sic). Surviving are her husband and one son, aged four months. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon.



Three of Them Were Due to Pneumonia, Following Influenza.

Dolgeville, Oct. 21 - Death again was busy here yesterday, four residents passing away. Three were victims of pneumonia, following influenza, and one, Eber Madison, died suddenly of heart trouble. Mr. Madison was born in the town of Oppenheim 71 years ago last April and was the sons of Sherman Madison. All of his life up to two years ago, when he took up his residence in this village, had been spent in farming. He conducted farms in this section and also at Mindenville and Jordanville. He was a man of estimable character, on whom was bestowed the high regard of his friends. Fifty years ago last July the deceased was married to Hannah Youngs. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, Alvin Madison of Jordanville and William of Rochester; by two daughters, Mrs. W. J. Leavitt and Mrs. Milton Saunders of this village, and by a brother James of Oppenheim. Mr. Madison's death occurred at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. He had been visiting at the home of a neighbor, and on his return became ill. Dr. Petrie was summoned and reached the home a short time before the end came. Heart trouble was ascribed as the cause of death.

Mrs. Carl Jesullo

Mrs. Carl Jesullo succombed (sic) to pneumonia at her home on Winton lane, after an illness of several days. She was about 26 years of age and had spent most of her life in this village, being the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Decker. Her brother, Milford Decker, and the latter's wife died of pneumonia a few days ago. Mrs. Jesullo is survived by her husband and two children and by her parents.

James Minocozzi (sic; Minicozzi)

James Minocozzi, an esteemed Italian resident, occurred at his home on Baker street, after a short illness, caused by pneumonia. The deceased was a native of Italy, but had been in this village for several years past. He was 26 years of age. He is survived by his wife and four children.

Myrna Cortell (sic)

Myrna Cortell, aged 9 years, was also added to the long list of pneumonia victimes when she died at the home of her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Cortell, on VanBuren street. Her grandmother, Mrs. Albert Davis, died of the same disease here a few days ago, as did her cousin, Albert Comstock. The families of the stricken ones have the sympathy of their friends in their sorrow.

Fort Plain, Oct. 21

The body of Arthur Lasher, aged about 32 years, was brought to the village on Saturday afternoon and the burial was made in the Fort Plain Cemetery. The deceased was a resident of Oneida and died from influenza and pneumonia.

new5/8/08  The next group of obituaries were graciously contributed by Ron Miller!

Utica Daily Press, Tuesday Morning, Oct 24, 1916

The funeral of Nelson Flint, who died Sunday at a Utica Hospital, will be held Tuesday afternoon at 7 o'clock from the chapel in Fort Plain Cemetery. The deceased was 84 years of age and a former Resident of Sprout Brook. He is survived by three sons, Edward, Fennimore and Gillett Flint.

Utica Herald-Dispatch, Friday Evening, May 22, 1914



Death Summons Respected Resident In
Her Eighty-first Year

Canajoharie, May 22- More than 60 years of married life was interrupted by death yesterday when Amanda A. Flint, wife of Nelson L. Flint succumbed at her home near Cherry Valley. The deceased was born November 2[6?], 1833, and had reached the advanced age of 80 years, 5 months and 26 days. She was born in Springfield, Otsego Co., and was a daughter of Chester Gray and Pernal Standard. Her entire life time has been lived practically in one vicinity, throughout which she was well known and much respected. Besides her husband, three sons survive, Edwin and Gillett Flint of Sprout Brook and Fenimore Flint of Syracuse. The funeral will be held on Sunday forenoon at 11 o'clock at the late home of the deceased and will be conducted by the Rev. J. W. Arnold. Burial at Fort Plain.

Richfield Springs Mercury, April 19, 1900

Elijah Bush

Elijah Bush was born at Freysbush and was a resident of this section until 1860, when he removed to Springfield, which has since been his home. He is well remembered here by older residents as a builder and contractor, he having been interested in the construction of C.L.I. For some years he has lived a retired life though a man of strong intellect and robust body almost to the day of his death.

Deceased is survived by two sons, Dr. P. E., of New York, Ephraim, Leadville, Col.; five daughters, Mrs. Charles Wilsey, Johnstown, Mrs. L. Wilsey, Jersey City, Mrs. Adam Flint, Philadelphia, Mrs. John McKellip, Mrs. Charles Doran, Springfield; three brothers, Peter, Freysbush, Daniel, Girard, Mich., John, Ottawa, Mich.; and three sisters, also of Girard, Mich., Elizabeth, Margaret, and another, whose name we have not learned.

Richfield Springs Mercury, April 12, 1900


Bush- April 11th, Elijah Bush in his eightieth year. Funeral from his late residence Saturday, April 14th at 10 a.m. Interment at Fort Plain.

new3/19/08  The following group of Beach Family obituaries was graciously contributed by Kelly Beach!

Fred L. Beach Obituary (Oct 16, 1960)

Dolgeville- Fred L. Beach, 53, of Snells Bush section of the Town of Manheim, died yesterday in his home after a long illness.

He was born May 7, 1907, in the Town of Stark.

On Dec, 23, 1926, he married Mabel Loucks.

The couple had conducted farms in Manheim and Newville for the past 35 years.

Mr. Birch (Beach) attended Ingham's Mills Church.

He was a member of Dolgeville Lodge 796, F&AM, and the Royal Arch Masons, Cathetackne Grange. He was formerly a director of the Producers Co-op of Dolgeville and was an officer of the Dolgeville GLF.

Besides his wife, he leaves his mother, Mrs. Nellie Beach, (should be Miss Nellie Beach), of St Johnsville; two grandchildren and several cousins. A son, Lynn died in 1951.

The funeral will be at 2 Wednesday from the Beach home with the Rev. William Gilpin, pastor of the Ingham's Mills Church, officiating. Burial will be in Ingham's Mills Cemetery .

Dolgeville Lodge F&AM will conduct ritualistic services at the Beach home at 7:30 tomorrow night.

Calling hours at the home will be tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday, until the time of the funeral, at the convenience of callers. Arrangements are in charge of the Nielson Funeral Home.

Floyd V. Beach (Dec 29, 1964)

Ilion- Floyd V. Beach, 57, of 4 Shull St., a retired Sperry Rand UNIVAC employee, died yesterday in Herkimer Memorial Hospital.

Mr. Beach was born in Oswego. He married Gladys Williams in 1922 in Mohawk.

He had lived in Ilion 45 years and was a member of the First Baptist Church. He was also a member of the 25 Year Club of Sperry Rand, where he had been employed 41 years, retiring in March.

Besides his wife, he leaves two daughters, Mrs. Warren (Hazel) Seckner of Jacksonville, Fla., and Mrs. Elliot (Irene) Holden of Allentown, Pa.

The funeral will be at 2 tomorrow from the Whiter-Hendrix Funeral Home with the Rev, Arthur Lacey, pastor of Ilion Baptist Church , officiationg. Cremation will be in Waterville.

Calling hours are from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 today.

Horace M. Beach, 79, Ilion Resident 57 Years

Ilion- Horace M. Beach, 79, of 155 John St., died unexpectedly June 4, 1957.

He was born Nov., 1877, in Smiths Corners, Town of Stark, son of William and Rose Fort Beach. He married Flora E. Vauvilliez in June, 1900. She died in June, 1943.

A resident of Ilion for 57 years, Mr. Beach was employed at Remington Rand where he was a member of Local 334, AFL-CIO.

He was a member of First Methodist Church and of Ilion Lodge 839, IOOF, for more than 50 years.

He leaves a son, Floyd of Ilion, tow brothers, Perry of Utica, Jesse of St. Johnsville; a sister, Miss Nellie Beach of Herkimer; two grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren.

The funeral will be at 2 Friday from the Whiter Funearl Home, with the Rev. Carlton VanOrnum, pastor of the First Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Jordanville Cemetery.

Jesse Beach (Dec 13, 1959)

St Johnsville- Jesse L. Beach, 68, died yesterday in his home, 85 W. Main St., after a long illness.

Mr. Beach was born at Smiths Corners, Town of Stark, Oct. 2, 1891, a son of William and Rosina Fort Beach. He lived most of his life in Paines Hollow and was a carpenter.

The family came to St. Johnsville in 1944 and lived here since.

Mr. Beach was married to Leah Doxstader Nov. 27, 1913, in Paines Hollow. She survives also a son, Paul W., of Elmira; a brother, Perry, Utica; a sister, Miss Nellie Beach, St. Johnsville; two grandsons; several nieces, nephews and cousins.

The funeral will be at 1:30 tomorrow from the Lull Funeral Home, the eve. Bertram A. Walton, acting pastor of St. Johns Reformed church, officiating. Burial will be in the Jordanville Cemetery in the spring.

Below is the best census info I have on this family. William H. is my Gt Gt Grandfather via his son Perry. These names are all on the same page one after another, no house #'s or household divisions. This is page 14 out of 16. Shaut, Cramer and more Fort families show up on page 13. Eckler and more Shaut on page 9.

1892 NY State Census, Stark, Herkimer County, NY, Feb. 16, 1892

NameSexAgeCountry BornProfession
William Beach M44 US farmer
Rosina Beach F41US
Willie Beach M22US mason
Albert E. Beach M18US
Horace Beach M15US
Perry Beach M11 US
Nellie M. Beach F8US
Jessie Beach M1US

Angeline C. MabieF 67US
Lester Mabie M12 US

Alexander FortM 38US farmer
Ellen Fort F 38 US
Lewellyn Fort M 6 US
Edna FortF1US

Really what I really need is William H Beach's death certificate. This is he and wife buried at the Highland Cemetery, Jordanville.

BEACH, Rosina Fort, 1851 - 1929, Hus. Wm. H.
BEACH, William H., 1849 - 1925, Wf. Rosina Fort

new3/16/08  The following large group of Flint-Buddle obituaries was graciously contributed by Ron Miller!

Utica Daily Press, Tuesday, February 23, 1926


Canajoharie- Feb 22, John M. Hoffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman of Palatine Bridge, died at the Montgomery County Sanitarium at Swart[s?] Hill Sunday night. He had been a patient there the last year.

He was [19?] years of age and was born in Canajoharie. Besides his parents, he leaves seven brothers, Clifford, Roy, Wilbur, James, Charles, Harold, William and three daughters [sisters], Mrs. William Abeling, and Elizabeth and Katherine Hoffman of Palatine Bridge.

The funeral will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. - unreadable----

Daily Press, Utica, NY, Wednesday, April 4, 1956

St. Johnsville-- James A. Hoffman Sr., 84, died April 2, 1956 in Little Falls Hospital, where he had been a patient a week.

Mr. Hoffman made his home with his son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoffman, at 17 West Liberty Street.

He was born in the Town of Canajoharie on March 25, 1872, a son of John M. and Maria Ambridge Hoffman. He had resided in St. Johnsville about 30 years, and for long time was employed by the Palatine Dyeing Company, prior to his retirement.

He was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Canajoharie, and the St. Johnsville Grange. He married Mary C. Welch. She died in 1941.

Surviving are five sons, Clifford, James A., and Charles Hoffman, all of Fort Plain; William and Harold Hoffman, St. Johnsville; two daughters, Mrs. William Abeling, Canajoharie, and Mrs. William Perry, St. Johnsville; a sister, Mrs. Mabel Martini, Canajoharie; 19 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, also several nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be at 2 Thursday from the Smith Funeral Home, here, the Rev. Herman Briele, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, officiating. Burial will be in Brown Cemetery, at Canajoharie.

Utica Daily Press, 1941 - date missing from newspaer image


St. Johnsville-- Mrs. Mary Hoffman, 62, wife of James Hoffman, 33 Center, died Sept. 20, 1941, in Little Falls Hospital, where she had been a patient for four months.

Mrs. Hoffman was born in Canajoharie, a daughter of Byron and Catherine Welch. The family lived there for many years, but had lived in this village for about 10 years.

She was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Canajoharie.

There survive two daughters, Mrs. William Abeling, Canajoharie, and Mrs. William Perry, this village, five sons; Clifford, Harold and William, all of St Johnsville, and James and Charles, Fort Plain; two sisters, Mrs. Albert Asheroft, Palatine, and Mrs. Jacob Sparks, Fort Plain, and two brothers, Charles Welch, Fort Plain, and Oliver Henneman, Valier, Mont.

The funeral will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow from the home of the daughter, Mrs. William Perry, 15 S. Division, this village. Burial will be in Canajoharie.

Note: Her birth name was Mary C. Flint, she was adopted by Byron and Rachael Welch on 20 June 1880. Her birth parents were George Peter Flint and Mary Catherine /?/

Her brother, Oliver David Flint was adopted by a German Family - Henry & Julia Henneman, thus explaining her brother, Oliver Henneman of Valier, Montana.

The Utica Observer, Monday, April 4, 1910



Dispondency Because of Ill Health
Thought to Have Deranged His Mind -
Twenty-Five Years West Shore
Freight Agent - Ten With Central

Fort Plain- April 4, [1910] (Special) James N. Vibbard, 6[3?] years old and for many years one of the best railroad men in the Mohawk Valley, ended his life today by hanging himself with a clothesline in his own home. Despondency because of continued ill health is thought to have been the reason.

Mr. Vibbard was alone in the house this forenoon, the other members of the family being at work and neighbors saw him as late as 10 o'clock.

When his daughter, Miss Marion Vibbard, returned from work for luncheon this noon, she found her father's body in the front hall suspended from the banisters.

Mr. Vibbard was the original West Shore freight agent in this village, and he opened that company's freight station here when the road first begain to operate. He worked in the capacity of freight agent for the company during [2?]5 years and upon his retirement was succeeded by his son L. [Leonard] H. Vibbard. Another son, John Vibbard is freight agent of the New York Central here. Prior to his coming to Fort Plain the elder Vibbard was for ten years employed as agent by the New York Central in Amsterdam and Schenectady.

Besides his widow and the daughter and two sons mentioned there survive one brother, [J.?] R. Vibbard, Saratoga Springs and one sister, Mrs. Henry Tib[bitts?] of Schenectady.

Utica Daily Press, 1898- [no date at top of page.]


Buddles- In this city, Sunday, April 17, 1898, Lorina, wife of the late John Buddles, aged 76 years.

The Utica Herald Dispatch, Saturday Evening, May 22, 1915



Died at home of daughter, Mrs. Timothy Smith, in Marshville.

Canajoharie May 22, - Sarah A., wife of Stephen Doughart, died yesterday about noon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Timothy Smith, in Marshville. The deceased was born April 20, 1823 and was one of the oldest residents of the town. She was three times married. Her first husband was Oliver Flint, the second husband Abram Failing, and Stephen Doughart the third. The deceased is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Timothy Smith and Mrs. William Konertz, both of Marshville: four sons, W. H. Flint off Newburg, Theodore Flint of Gloversville, Oliver Flint of Schenectady and Jacob Failing of Canajoharie. The funeral will be held on Sunday nt 2 o'clock at the church in Marshville. The Rev. L. A. Roberts of Ames will officiate. Burial in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

The Utica Observer Dispatch, Friday, August 26, 1932

Deaths in the O-D Parish

Jacob Failing

Canajoharie- Jacob Failing, 65, died yesterday afternoon at 2 at his home in Otsego street, this village, after an illness of five months.

He was born in Canajoharie Oct. 7, 1866, a son of Abraham Failing and Sarah Buddle Failing. For a number of years he had been employed at Arkell & Smith's. He was a member of the father's auxilliary of Raymond W. Smith Post 222, American Legion.

Besides his widow he is survived by two sons, Clark of Perry Farms, Fla. and Webster of Chicago, Ill., and one grandson, Clark E. Failing.

The funeral will be held from his late home tomorrow afternoon at 2. The Rev. Herman F. Vesper, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church will conduct the service. Burial will be in Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

Note: I had been trying to find out who Oliver Flint's wife's maiden name was for years. I found out about the Newpaper site and solved the mystery in about 15 minutes!!! :) I still haven't found out the parentage of Oliver. :(

The Utica Herald-Dispatch, Friday Evening, February 16, 1906



Burial at Ames

Mrs. Olive Jane Buddle, wife of Henry Buddle, one of the old residents of this town, will be buried to-morrow afternoon at Ames. The service will be held at 2 o'clock in the Ames Methodist Church and the Rev, Mulholland will officiate. Mrs. Buddles was 72 years of age and her death was due principally to senile infirmities. The interment will be made in Ames Cemetary. Besides a husband, the deceased is survived by two daughters and five sons, Lorenzo, William and E. P. Buddle of Canajoharie. Grant Buddle of Herkimer and Henry of Lykers.

[Note: The Henry mentioned should be Clarence]

The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Thursday, April 2, 1925

Utica Daily Press, Thursday, April 2, 1925


Canajoharie- April 1, 1925 - Mrs. Acelia Buddles, wife of Lorenzo Buddles, died Tuesday at her home near the village. She was a daughter of Ros[w]ell and Rebecca J. Miner Earring and was born in the town of Sharon, March 2, 1852. She was a member of the Methodist Church at Ames.

She leaves her husband, two sons, Homer and Henry Buddles of the town of Canajoharie, and three daughters, Mrs. William Hilton of Syracuse, Mrs. Freeman Becker of Palatine Bridge, and Mrs. Elmer Hawkins of Canajoharie. Funeral services will be held at the Methodist Church at Ames Friday Afternoon at 2. Interment will be made at Ames.

Newspaper clipping:

William T. Buddle age 67 died at Little Falls, March 12, 1895. Had a harness shop for many years.

The Utica Daily Press, Thursday, March 22, 1900


BUDDEL- Entered into rest, in this city, Wednesday, March 21, 1900, Charity A. Buddel, aged 67 years.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Wednesday, January 20, 1926

Funeral Tomorrow
Of Mrs. J. E. Smith
Of Canajoharie

Canajoharie, Jan. 20- The funeral of Mrs. Julia E. Smith, 68, widow of Timothy Smith, will be held tomorrow. Her death occurred at the home of her daughter Mrs. John Heiser, Seebers Lane on Monday.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Heiser and Mrs. [Dinkel?] [Kniskern?] of Canajoharie; six sons, Charles of Newville, Oliver and William of Fort Plain, John of Voorheesville, and Fred G. and Guy of this village.

The funeral will be held from the home of Mrs. Heiser tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. William M. Ba???, D. D. pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church will conduct the service. Burial will be in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

[Note: Julia was a daughter of Oliver Flint and Sarah A. Buddle]

Utica NY Observer, Monday, August 20, 1923

FORT PLAIN [ Montgomery County, NY]

Bring Remains
To Son's Home

Jay C. Cook Correspondent

Fort Plain, Aug. 20, 1923- Mrs. Martha Konertz, 65, died at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam late Saturday night after an illness of five months. The remains were brought to the undertaking rooms of [H. ?] Swarty[?] and & Sons and taken later to the home of her son Charles Young, where the funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 and a 2 o'clock service will be held at the Catherine Nellis Memorial Chapel. Interment will be made at the Fort Plain Cemetery. The Rev. Scott J. Davis will officiate.

Mrs. Konertz leaves her husband, William Konertz and two sons, Charles and James of this village, also one sister, Mrs. Timothy Smith of Nelliston, three brothers, Oliver of Schenectady, Theodore of Gloversville, and William of Newburg, and one half brother Joseph Failing of Canajoharie. She was practically a lifelong resident of the town of Minden.

[Note: Martha was a daughter of Oliver Flint and Sarah A. Buddle]

The Utica Daily Press, Tuesday, January 27, 1931


Fort Plain-- Jan. 26, [1931] Charles D. Young, 54, a lifelong resident of Fort Plain, died Saturday night at 11 after an extended illness, at his home here.

He was born March 18, 1876, a son of Charles H. and Martha Flint Young. By occupation, Mr. Flint was a painter and followed that profession for a number of years. He was a member of the Fort Plain Baptist Church, Ote[qauge?] Lodge, 507, I.I.O.F., Fort Plain Encampment and Rebekah organizations.

The survivors are his wife and one son, Leland Young, both of Fort Plain. Burial at Fort Plain Cemetery.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Friday, July 26 1935

Deaths in the
O-D Parish

Mrs. Grace Young

Fort Plain- Mrs. Grace Young, 53, wife of the late Charles Young, died at he home of her son Leland Young, Thursday morning, July 25, 1935, after a lingering illness.

She was born in Canajoharie, Mar. 9, 1877, daughter of Peter and Margaret Salisbury Becker. She had been a resident of Fort Plain for the past 30 years. She was a member of Rebecca Lodge, First Baptist Church and also sang in the choir of that church.

She is survived by one son, Leland Young; two sisters, Mrs. Peter Keller and Miss Martha Becker both of Fort Plain: one halfsister, Miss Alice Yerdon of Sharon Springs; two grandsons, Leo and Deo Young.

Utica Herald Dispatch, Tuesday Evening, Feb 24, 1920

Mrs. Helen M. Flint --

Helen M. Flint, widow of Edward Flint, died Monday morning at 4:15 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Maxson on Barclay street, after a long illness with Bright's disease. She was born at Mayfield May 16, 1847, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Blowers, but most of her life had been spent in this village. Since the death of her husband she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Maxson. She was a member of the Reformed Church and was highly regarded by those who knew her. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Maxson, Mrs Mable Hoke and Mrs. Clay Hines of this village; two sisters Mrs. Jane Boller of Vail Mills and Mrs. Wm. Kent of Frankfort, and one brother, Lucius Blowers of Fort Plain. The funeral will be held Thursday at 2 o'clock at the Maxson home, the Rev. Victor J. Blackkink pastor of the Reformed Church, officiating. The remains will be placed in the vault in the Canajoharie Falls Cemetery, where the burial will be made in the spring.

Utica Daily Press, 1942

Mrs. Elizabeth Hines

Canajoharie- Mrs. Elizabeth Hines, 77, died Mar. 19, 1942, in the home of a son, Clay Hines, 112 Moyer St. She had been ill 10 months.

She was a daughter of Daniel and Katherine Heavenor Neahr, and was born in Canajoharie. She was a member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard.

Besides Clay she leaves another son, John A. of Canajoharie.

The funeral will be at 3 p. m. tomorrow from the home of Clay Hines, the Rev. Clyde Joudry officiating. Burial will be in Leesville Cemetery.

new 3/16/08  We've received a new donation from Carol Grainger!

Death Notice - The Syracuse Herald, 9 Dec 1913:

Charles Rathbone, 72, Ilion.
Harrison Morton Smith, 25, Herkimer.

Ilion- The funeral of Louis E. Williams, 60, of 116 S. Fourth ave., who died Saturday at his home following a long illness. Burial was in Armory Hill Cemetery. A native of Oneida Castle, he was the son of John E. and Harriett Pitcher Williams. In 1914 he married Dorothy Kidder in Turin. He leaves one son of California and one sister Lynn _______.

The Syracuse Herald, 21 Feb 1909

Aaron Frederick "Fred" Hilts, d. Feb 20, 1909 at East Syracuse, burial in Herkimer.

The Syracuse Herald, 11 Dec 1918

Rosetta M. Hilts, widow of Frederick A., died at her home 231 Fayette Street, burial in Herkimer.

1900 census Syracuse Ward 5, Onondaga, New York
Frederick b. May 1849
Rosetta M., wife, b. Oct 1855, no children, married 44 years.
Rented a house, Fred was a carpenter. Listed as Frederick A. in census.

new 2/24/08  Obituaries for May Brown Wayne were contributed by B. Porter!

Evening Recorder
Amsterdam, New York
Tuesday - April 18, 1939


Mrs. May B. Wayne

Mrs. May Brown Wayne, died Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock in the Amsterdam City Hospital, where she where been a patient since Jan. 16, following a fall in which she fractured her hip. She was born in Chateaugay [NY] April 8, 1878, and for the last 40 years had been a resident of Amsterdam, conducting a roomnig [sp.] house at 13 Pearl Street for many years. She was a member of St. Mary's Church.

The survivors are one daughter, Mrs. Carrie Dumas, Plattsburgh [NY]; four granddaughters and several nieces.

Evening Recorder
Amsterdam, New York
Wednesday - April 19, 1939


WAYNE - April 17, 1939, Mrs. May Brown Wayne. Funeral Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at the funeral house of Johnson-Lindsay and 9:30 at St. Mary's Church. Interment in St. Mary's Cemetery.

Evening Recorder
Amsterdam, New York
Thursday - April 20, 1939


Funeral of Mrs. May B. Brown

The funeral of Mrs. May Brown Wayne was held this morning at 9 o'clock at the funeral house of Johnson-Lindsay, and at 9:30 at St Mary's Church, where the Rev. F. Raymond Sellman celebrated a requiem high mass. The bearers were Roy Loder, Jacob Seigle, Albert Siegenthaler and Joseph Gutowski. Interment was in St. Mary's Cemetery, the Rev. John T. Taffe conducting the committal service.

Mrs. Carrie Dumas, Plattsburgh [NY] attended the funeral.

new 2/20/08  An out-of-county handwritten death record, contributed by Pat Troy Demers.

I found this on Wolfe Island, while searching for Patrick E. (Elim) TROY's death record.

Elisa (M?) PYKE
died Sep 5 1885
45 years old
didn't say if she was married, single or widow
born Montgomery Co, NY (Mongom--Y Co NY)
didn't say what she died of
doctor: CR Dixon, MD
reported by Thomas Chambers, Wolfe Island
reported on 12 Sep 1885

Chambers seems to have reported several on the same page. Perhaps he was a town official, that periodically visited the doctor who may have lived on the mainland; it didn't say, and I haven't researched where the Dr. resided.

Wolfe Island is the island at the entrance of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, where it empties into Lake Ontario. On the Canadian side, people could take a ferry there from Kingston. On the US side, I think the ferry leaves from Cape Vincent.

My family (TROY) owned the land on Long Point, which is the land jutting the farthest into the lake. Someone from Toronto has horses running on it now, maybe a few cows. We were able to walk around the property, avoiding the animals, and we found a tin roof structure, what was left of it, where they probably kept feed. It was interesting.

Pat Troy Demers

new 2/20/08  Obituaries of the Dell Family of St. Johnsville, Town of Danube, & Town of Minden, contributed by Lisa Slaski.

new 2/20/08   From the Utica Daily Press, January 24, 1929:


Frankfort, Jan. 23.- Mrs. Anna Christina Hansen, widow of Ever Hansen, died last night at her home in the eastern part of the town. She was born in Denmark, June 21, 1865/66, coming to this country directly to Frankfort. She married Mr. Hanson in 18_6 and he died in 1920(?). She was a member of the Episcopal Church. She leave two children, Mrs. Jesse Brewer and John Hanson, both of this village.


Frankfort, Jan 23.- Mrs. Bertha M. Shanley, 64, widow of Thomas Shanley, died at the Ilion Hospital last night. She was born in Hillsboro, June 25, 1875, daughter of Seth and Jane Van Amee. She came to Frankfort 42 years ago and married in 1916, to Thomas Shanley, who died the same year.

She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Charles Lipp, Utica; Miss Ella Van Amee, Jacksonbrg, and Mrs. Evelyn House, Ilion, and a brother, George Van Amee, Little River, Fla.

new 1/2/08   The following three Knight family obituaries were contributed by Steven Knight!

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, NY, April 14, 1926


Mrs. Emma Knight, wife of the late Byron Knight, died at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her son, William Knight, 84 West Main street. She had been in failing health for the past three years and a short time ago fell, breaking her shoulder which hastened the end.

Mrs. Knight was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Powers of Newport where she was born 77 years ago.

She was twice married. Her first husband was Charles Curtis of Utica and several years following his demise she was married to Byron Knight also of Utica where most of her life had been spent. Mr. Knight died 45 years ago.

For the past three years Mrs. Knight has resided with her son in Mohawk where she leaves many friends. She was a member of Calvary Episcopal Church of Utica. There survives besides her son mentioned, another son, Charles Curtis of Ilion and four grandchildren John and Kenneth Knight of Mohawk and Harry and Helen Curtis of Ilion.

The funeral will be privately held from the son's home at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, Rev. William J. Gage of Grace Church officiating. Burial will be in Mohawk Cemetery.

Friends may call at the home this evening from 7 until 9.

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, NY, December 23, 1926


Death Comes Suddenly to William Bernard Knight in the Renwick Thomas Shop

Funeral Friday Morning

This village was shocked at the sudden and entirely unexpected death last evening of one of its well-known residents William Bernard Knight of West Main Street. Deceased was a tonsorial artist by occupation and engaged in the trade at the Renwick Thomas shop in Main Street when the end came. Engaged in lathering the face of Harry Busher, Mr. Knight reached for a towel when he died instantly.

William Knight was a native of Utica, in the 48th year of his age, having been born June 6, 1879. He came to Mohawk in 1904 and a year later married Fannie Mooney.

Mr. Knight was a man who enjoyed the friendship of all who knew him and sympathy is extended to the family consisting of the wife, two sons, Kenneth and John, and a half-brother, Charles Curtis of Ilion.

He was a member of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament and its Holy Name Society. He was affiliated with the Knights of Columbus and the Maccabees. The Holy Name Society will meet this evening at 7:30 and visit the home in a body.

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, NY, September 7, 1943


Mohawk - Funeral services for Kenneth Francis Knight, 37, who died suddenly last night at his home in 5 Erie St., will be conducted at 9 a.m. Thursday from the Graves Funeral Home and at 9:30 from the Blessed Sacrament Church. Interment will be made in St. Agnes Cemetery, Utica.

He was well-known throughout the Mohawk Valley, having been an outstanding basketball player. He was born here June 6, 1906, a son of William and Frances Mooney Knight. His education was received in Mohawk Schools where he was a member of several championship teams.

Later he played in professional circles. For the last ten years he was employed at Chambers and Cook's Restaurant. He was a member of Blessed Sacrament Church, the Holy Name Society, Herkimer Elks Lodge and the Mohawk Fish and Game Club.

new 1/2/08   The following group of obituaries was contributed by Judy Morgan!

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, Herkimer Co, NY, Oct 24, 1942.

Minnie M. VanBuren Graham Manzer Funeral Rites Tuesday

Mrs. Minnie May Manzer, 53, died Saturday in Herkimer Memorial Hospital following a long illness. Mrs. Manzer was born in East Springfield, a daughter of Henry and Anna O. Lewis VanBuren. She was married twice, first to Augustus Graham in Florida about 36 years ago, and later to Fred Manzer who died in 1922. She lived in Herkimer for about 26 years and was a member of the Baptist Church. A son, Henry Homer Graham, Herkimer, survives. The funeral will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday from her late home at 109 King Street with the Rev. Edward V. Winder officiating. Burial will be in the Mohawk Cemetery.

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, NY, June 28, 1938.

Henry VanBuren, Long Local Resident Dies

Henry VanBuren, 86, died early Sunday at his home following an illness of several weeks. Mr. VanBuren was born March 12, 1852 in the town of Springfield, Otsego County, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tobias VanBuren. During his younger days he was a farmer. He later came to Herkimer where he spent most of his life except for a short period in Florida. He was last employed as a night watchman but had not worked for several years.

His wife Anna VanBuren died 4 or 5 years ago. Mr VanBuren leaves one daughter, Mrs. Minnie Manzer and one grandson, Henry Graham, both who resided with him, 2 nieces, Mrs. Ida Hart of this village and Mrs. Katie Armstrong of VanHornesville, and one nephew, Berton G. Fisher of Herkimer.

From The Evening Telegram, Herkimer, NY, April 14, 1932.

Mrs A.O. VanBuren, 78, Long Illness, Dies

Mrs. Anna Lewis VanBuren, wife of Henry VanBuren, 329 Eastern Ave, died last night after a lingering illness. She was born in the Town of Stark on October 3, 1853, daughter of David and Sarah Lewis and came to this village about 15 years ago. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Springfield Center.

She leaves her husband and daughter, Mrs. Minnie Manzer, and a grandson Henry H. Graham. The funeral will be held from her home on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Rev. A.W. Sheckells of the Baptist Church officiating.

From the Utica Observer Dispatch, Utica, NY, Friday, July 31, 1931.

Herkimer-----Miss Mary E. VanBuren, 81, died yesterday at the home of Burton Fisher, 422 Prospect St. from paralytic shock, having been stricken Monday. Miss VanBuren was born in Springfield May 1, 1850. She had been a resident of Herkimer since 1922. She is survived by one brother Henry VanBuren of Herkimer, and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be tomorrow at 2 o'clock with Rev. A.E. Long officiating. Burial will be in Springfield Center Cemetery.

Obit. Sep 6, 1929, Otsego Co, NY

"Mrs. Mary Colwell Bellow Is Called in Death"

Ilion, Sept. 6 - Mrs. Mary Colwell Bellow, 37, wife of Harrison B. Bellow, died this morning at the Onondaga General Hospital, following a serious operation, performed yesterday. Mrs. Bellow was born at Richfield Springs August 6, 1892, and lived 21 years in Ilion, previous to moving to Syracuse about a year ago. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and Violet Rebekah Lodge 198. She is survived by her husband and mother, Mrs. Grace Colwell, of Syracuse. The remains were brought to this village by Undertaker C.J. Applegate and the funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian Church Monday at 2 p.m. Burial will be in the Armory Hill Cemetery.

From the Oswego Palladium Times, Oswego Co, NY, July 5, 1949.

Residents of Amsterdam, Floyd Layman, 40, his wife Myrtle, 38, and their daughter Patricia, aged 4, were killed Sunday in the collision of their car and the NY Central's westbound Knickerbocker, at Cranesville, Montgomery Co.

From the Utica Observer Dispatch, Utica, NY, October 24, 1939.

Grace Layman Colwell Keesler

Grace Colwell Keesler, former resident of Ilion, died Monday, Oct 22, 1939 at the Utica Memorial Hospital. She was born in Gilboa, NY July 8, 1874 and married 12/3/1933 to Walter Keesler. She lived here in Utica for the past five years, previously living in Ilion. Survivors include her husband, a sister Lula Rose of Utica, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be at 1:00 pm Thursday at the Presbyterian Church, Ilion.

From the Richfield Springs Mercury, Richfield Springs, NY, Thursday, Aug 31, 1961.

Dayton Armstrong, 78, died Aug 23 at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown following a brief illness. The funeral will be Saturday at McGrath Funeral Home with Rev. Stanley Smith, pastor of VanHornesville Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in VanHornesville Cemetery. Mr Armstrong was born Dec 7, 1882 in Stark, the son of William and Emma (Fikes) Armstrong. He attended Rocks District School in the town of Stark. On Aug 26, 1906 he married Katie Palmer of Springfield Center in the Springfield Center Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong always resided on their present farm.

Mrs. Armstrong died several months ago. He was a member of the VanHornesville Odd Fellow Lodge, and former assessor in the town of Stark. Surviving are one brother, Lester, VanHornesville and several nieces and nephews.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, August 14, 1902.


Merrit Oliver's Funeral

The funeral of Merrit Oliver was held from his late residence this morning at 11 o'clock and from the Baptist Church at Cedarville at 1 o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Stevens of Herkimer officiating.

Little Falls.

Joseph Falvo, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falvo of Mohawk street, died last evening of cholera infantum, age 5 years. The funeral was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment was made in St. Mary's cemetery.



Was One of the Oldest Mutes in the State.

Canajoharie, Aug. 1. (sic)- Miss Gertrude Lettis, one of the oldest mutes in New York State, died yesterday at her home in Lykers, a hamlet a few miles south of here. Miss Lettis had a large number of relatives in this village and vicinity, and was a frequent visitor to Canajoharie. Up until a few years ago three mutes, all related, lived together at Lykers. A fire destroyed their little home, and one of the family, John Lettis, in his endeavor to re-enter the house and secure some valuable papers, was burned to death. His death was a great sorrow to the two survivors.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, October 19, 1906.

Little Falls.

Died in Canada.

Many friends in this city will be shocked to hear that Mrs. John LaChappelle passed away very suddenly early last evening at her home in Brockvile,, Ont., Can. This information came through telegraphic advices to her sister, Mrs. Andrew B. Cavanaugh of 15 Ward street, this city. Mrs. LaChappelle was a frequent visitor in this city, only leaving here in the best of health three weeks ago after visiting her sister. Mrs. Cavanaugh has gone to Brockville.

From the Utica Herald Dispatch, May 6, 1907.

Little Falls

The remains of William Hardy, a former Little Falls boy and well known contractor,, who died at his home in New Haven last winter, were brought to this city to-day for burial. The deceased was a brother-in-law of City Judge W. A. Stafford.


William H. Rickard

William H. Rickard died Saturday night about 10 'clock at his home near Sprakers. The deceased had been in poor health for some time and death was due to an abdominal cancerous growth. Mr. Rickard was a son of William Rickard, deceased, and was a life long resident of the town of Root. He lacked but one month of being 66 years of age. Mr. Rickard and family were formerly members of the Reformed Church at Spraker, but on February 3, 1901, transferred their membership to the Reformed Church in this village. In September, 1904, he was elected a deacon, an office he has since filled with credit to himself and to the church. Mr. Rickard was also a member of Hamilton Lodge, No. 79, F. & A M., of this village. He was well known as an honorable and upright citizen and by his death leaves many sorrowing friends.

Besides a widow one daughter, Mrs. Sarah E. Lipe, and two sons, Harry and Guy Rickard, all of Sprakers, survive.

The funeral will be held at 1 p. m. on Tuesday from the house. The Rev. J. D. Peters of this village will officiate and the consistory of the Reformed Church will act as bearers. Interment at Fort Plain.

Mrs. Fred Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. T. Crough Saturday attended the funeral of their sister-in-law, Mrs. Fred Stokes, at Lykers. Mrs. Stokes died on Wednesday of pneumonia and in January last Mr. Stokes was taken away by the same disease. A son, Arthur, aged 17 years, is bereft of both father and mother in less than four months Mrs. Stokes's maiden name was Annie Putnam and for many years she lived with the Hon. and Mrs. Freeman P. Moulton at Cobleskill. Besides the son, one brother and one sister survive.

The remains of Julius Hoffman were buried this afternoon at Fort Plain.

From the Oswego Daily Times, date unknown.

Earl E. Enslow, aged 9. died at Ilion on Wednesday of lockjaw caused by stepping upon a nail about a week ago.

John Shuland was at work Tuesday afternoon, mowing with a scythe on the Wooster farm near Cranesville, Montgomery county. He did not return home at night and Wednesday was found dead in a field by his wife. It is probable that he died from sunstroke, though as a thunder storm passed over that locality Tuesday afternoon, it is possible he was struck by lightning. Mr. Shuland was about 30 years old. His widow with one child survive.

From the Utica Weekly Herald, September 4, 1894, page 12.


Amsterdam, Aug. 29 [-Special.] - Dewitt Clinton Chase, ex-postmaster of Burtonsville, Montgomery county, committed suicide yesterday by cutting his throat. He was over 70 years old, and had been in poor health. He was for over 20 years postmaster at Burtonsville. He was also an ex-justice of the peace and a well known republican.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, November 13, 1913.


News Caused Genuine Grief

Canajoharie, Nov. 13.- Word reached here yesterday announcing the sudden death of Tupper Lake of William J. Dievendorf son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dievendorf of Currytown in the town of Root. The sad announcement came with considerable surprise, as relatives and friends were not prepared nor expecting such news. Mr. Dievendorf went to the Adirondacks about 13 years ago because of lung affection, which the climate of the Mohawk Valley aggravated. Mr. Dievendorf went into business at Tupper Lake as a partner but has since become the old proprietor of a very successful lumber, feed and coal business. During his residence there he has become one of the most influential men of the village, having been elected president of the bank and is held ... general esteem for his worth and ability. Mr. Dievendorf seemed to have found the right spot, under his physical condition, to live in, and was enjoying good health until a few days ago when he complained of not feeling well. Relatives from this section were visiting him at the time, but his condition gave no signs of alarm until yesterday, when the heart failed and the end came quickly.

William Dievendorf was born about 46(?) years of age and was born in Currytown. He comes from one of the oldest and most respected families in this part of the Mohawk Valley. His great great grandfather was Jacob Dievendorf, who came from Switzerland in 1730 and was one of the pioneer settlers of the town of Root. The great grandfather of William was born in Currytown, September 23, 1869, and when a boy of 12 years was taken prisoner by the Indians and the Tories. In a battle he was scalped by an Indian and left for dead on the field. He was later found and cared for by friends and lived to become one of the most extensive land owners of his time.

William was educated at the military school at Claverack-on-the-Hudson, and while there became acquainted with Miss Angel, who later became his wife. Mr. Dievendorf owns a farm in Glen, where he was engaged in agriculture until his locating at Tupper Lake. While a resident of Glen he was active in politics and was twice elected Commissioner of Highways. His affable nature and enterprising spirit soon asserted itself in any community where he lived and he seemed destined for success in any field of endeavor, and had not impaired health hampered him and finally brought on an untimely death, h e would have risen to the eminence of one of the first business men of the Adirondacks.

The deceased is survived by his widow and three daughters, Evelyn, Helen and Edith; his parents; one brother, David K. Dievendorf of Currytown, and three sisters, Mrs. H. M. Stowitts, wife of Dr. Stowittsof Amsterdam, Mrs. Charles Bedford wife of Rev. Mr. Bedford of Hagaman, and Mrs. William R. Hadsell of Boston, Mass.

A funeral will be held at Tupper Lake on Friday at 11 a. m. The remains will then be brought to Glen, and a funeral held Saturday at 1:30 p. m. in the Reformed Church in Glen. The Rev. E. J. Meeker, pastor, will officiate. The burial will be in the cemetery in Fultonville. The deceased is extensively related in the townships of Canajoharie, Root and Glen, and his funeral is sure to be largely attended.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 15, 1910.


Dr. A. D. Stowitts

Dr. Arthur D. Stowitts, a brother of Philip Stowitts of this village, died Sunday evening at his home in Omaha, Neb., from a complication of diseases, aged --. Mr. Stowitts was born in Currytown in the town of Root, and comes from a large and well known family. He graduated from the Albany Medical College and twenty years ago located in the west where he had a very successful career. At the time of his death he was an assistant surgeon for the Union Pacific & Burlington railroads. Besides his widow he leaves three daughters and three brothers. The interment was made at Omaha.

Mrs. Sarah G. Carr

Mrs. Sarah Greenman Carr, mother of Mrs. William Shults of this village, died at her home in Glovers-village (sic). The deceased was 73/78(?) years of age and recently had a stroke of paralysis. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. H. P. Becker

Mary Hodge Becker, wife of H. P. Becker, died Saturday at her home in Gloversville, at the age of 61(?) years. She had been ill for some time with a complication of diseases. Her maiden name was Mary Hodge and she was born in Ames in the town of Canajoharie, and is well known through this locality.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, September 18, 1912.


Mrs. George Dee of Frankfort Passed
Away Suddenly.

Frankfort, September 18.- Mrs. George Dee, aged 39 years, was found dead in bed yesterday. She had not been well for some time, having been troubled with leakage of the heart. When one of the children went to the bed to give her some medicine she was found to have expired with her 14-months-old baby lying on her arm. Mr. Dee and family are highly respected citizens and they have the sympathy of many friends. The husband and six children survive, the eldest being 14(?) years and the youngest 14 months. The funeral will be held from SS. Peter and Paul's Church to-morrow morning.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, February 26, 1906.

Canajoharie Locals

The remains of Jacob M. Bellinger, who died Wednesday at Danville, Ill., did not reach here until yesterday and were received by Undertaker R. D. Warren. They were taken to-day to Currytown and the funeral will be held on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Currytown church.

From the Utica Herald Dispatch, 1904.


End Came After an Illness of a Few Days.

Herkimer, September 3.- at 5:45 o'clock this morning at his home in North Washington street occurred the death of Dr. John H. Shaper, a physician who enjoyed a wide reputation. He had been ill only since Monday last.

Doctor Shaper located here 12 years ago and had many friends.

From the Utica Daily Press, August 5, 1908.

Canajoharie, Aug. 4.- William Caswell of Currytown, aged 96 years, died about 4 o'clock this morning. He is survived by one son, George, of Currytown, and one daughter, Mrs. Ralph Van Alstine of Johnstown. The funeral will be held Thursday at 1 o'clock from the house and two o'clock from the church at Flat Creek. Burial will be made at Wessell Hill.

From the Utica Daily Press, August 5, 1914.

Lydia Devendorf Was Esteemed Res-
ident of Town of Root

Canajoharie, Aug. 4.- Lydia Shelp Dievendorf, wife of Jacob Dievendorf, one of the venerable citizens of the town of Root, died about 6 o'clock Sunday evening at their country home in Currytown. Mrs. Dievendorf had been in failing health for some time due to paralysis. She was born in Glen, June --, 1842(?), and was a little past -- years of age. Her parents were James Nelson and Elizabeth Mount Shelp. For -- years Mrs. Dievendorf had been a resident of Currytown and known as one of its most Christian women.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Dievendorf is survived by one son, David K. Dievendorf of Currytown, and three daughters, Mrs. Howard Stowitts of Amsterdam, Mrs. Charles Bedford of Hagaman and Mrs. William R. Hadsell of Boston, Mass. There are also four grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Edgar Van Horne of Fonda, and two brothers, Nelson and Wilson Shelp of Fultonville. The funeral will be held on Wednesday at _ o'clock at the Currytown church. Rev. P. S. Beekman of Johnstown officiating. Burial at Fultonville.

William M. Kirby.

Herkimer, Aug. 4.- William M. Kirby died at his home on the Herkimer-Middleville road at 7 o'clock this evening. He had been in ill health for several months and was 71(?) years old. He was born in this vicinity and had always lived here. For many years he was a successful farmer, but of late years had lived a retired life. Mr. Kirby is survived by his wife, three sons, George and John of this village, and Richard of Utica; four daughters, Mrs. Mary Stauring, Mrs. M. J. Scanlon, Mrs. P. W. Hawkins and Mrs. Ralph Fenner, all of Herkimer. He also leaves a sister, Mrs. Maria Watson of Titusville, Pa.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, May 23, 1911.


Ann Eliza Crane Voorhees died yesterday at the home of her son, Howard. Mrs. Voorhees was born at Cobleskill, November 24, 1812(?) She was united in marriage to E. P. Voorhees of that place in 1836. They came to Newport soon after and had lived here for the past 74 years and in the same house where she died for the past 55 years. She is survived by her son, Howard, and by several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be private from the house. About four months ago the deceased fell, fracturing her hip from which injury she never fully recovered. She was a woman of most amiable disposition and fine personal qualities and was beloved by many friends.


John H. Kyser, a former Resident.

Fort Plain, May 23.- John Henry Kyser aged 71 died at his home in Amsterdam yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock after a long illness. Mr. Kyser was a native of the town of Minden and re sided in Fort Plain for a great many years, where he was well and popularly known. In politics he was a staunch Republican, but never cared to hold office. The deceased is survived by six sons, Elmer of Little Falls, Clark of Fort Plain, George of Nicholson Pa., Eugene of Schenectady, Howard of Amsterdam, James of Binghamton and three daughters, Miss Carrie Kyser of Amsterdam, Mrs. Charles J. Lymiev(?) of this village and Mrs. James Fisher of Schenectady. Prayer will be said at his late home in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon at 12:30 o'clock and the body will be brought t this village on the 2:07 New York Central train and the funeral held at 2:30 o'clock from the Catharine Nellis Memorial Chapel, the Rev. George A. Gay of the Universalist Church officiating. Interment in the Fort Plain Cemetery.



Was a Native of Fairfield and Was
Long Engaged in Legal Profession
and Insurance Business.

Little Falls, May 23.

John W. Fitzgerald died about 5 o'clock this morning at his home on Garden street after a month's illness due to paralysis. He had been in a critical condition for several days and his recovery was not expected. Mr. Fitzgerald was born June 24, 1857, in the town of Fairfield. He was educated at the Fairfield Military Academy and studied law in the office of the late Hon. Aphraxed Loomis and Watts T. Loomis. After being admitted to the bar he remained with that firm several years. He took up the insurance as a side line and finally devoted his entire time to it, prospering to a large extent. He was instrumental in keeping insurance rates down in the city. He organized mutual companies and was secretary and general manager of the Herkimer Fire Insurance Company and the Mohawk Valley Fire Insurance Company at the time of his death. Mr. Fitzgerald was united in marriage six years ago to Laura Hand of New Lebanon, who survives. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Michael Clary of this city. The remains are to be taken to New Lebanon for burial. Mr. Fitzgerald was a highly esteemed citizen whose death will be widely mourned.




Late Mrs. Catharine W. Lasher Was
of Revolutionary Ancestry - Death
at Erie, Pa., of Walter P. Bonney -
Martha E. Cromwell.

Canajoharie, May 23.- A body that is believed is that of Christian H. Dannenburg, formerly of Fort Hunter and Amsterdam, was found floating in the Mohawk River Sunday afternoon near Swart's Hill by two young men from Schenectady. It was impossible to identify the body by the face, but from laundry marks on the shirt and the size of the collar and the gold filling of teeth leaves scarcely any doubt as to who the drowned man was. Dannenburg left home Saturday evening, March 11, and has not been seen since until his body was fished out of the river. Previous to this he had not been enjoying the best of health. Dannenburg was a broom-maker by trade and was well known. He belonged to the Broommakers' Union and the Knights of the Maccabees.

Catharine Warner Lasher, widow of John Lasher, died yesterday forenoon at her home in Currytown in the town of Root in her 56th(?) year. Mrs. Lasher was born at Warnerville, Schoharie County, and was a daughter of Marcus Warner and Catharine Smith Warner. Her grandfather was Capt. George Warner, who fought in the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Lasher's husband died about ten years ago. She was a member of the Reformed Church in Currytown and was a woman whose estimable qualities had endeared her to the hearts of many. The deceased is survived by two nieces, Mrs. E. B. Woodward of Hyndsville, who has been staying with her aunt for the past several months, making her latter days as comfortable as possible, and Mrs. Frank Hearn of Warnerville; three nephews, Oscar Hynds of Sharon, George Hynds of Hyndsville, and William A. Warner of Weedsport. The funeral will be held on Wednesday at 2 p. m. from the house, the Rev. C. V. W. Bedford officiating. Burial in Fort Plain.

Walter P. Bonney died Sunday morning at his home in Erie, Pa. and although he had been in poor health for some time with heart trouble, yet his last attack was sudden and of very short duration. Mr. Bonney is well and kindly remembered here by many as the husband of Fanny Spraker, daughter of Judge David Spraker of this village, their wedding having taken place in 1877. Mr. Bonney was born in Hamilton, and was about 57(?) years of age. He was located in Fort Plain for a time and then went to Herkimer where he was a member of the drug firm of Pettie & Bonney, his partner being Charles G. Pettit. Later the firm was reorganized under the name of Bonney, Whitehead & Co., the business to-day being conducted by Mr. Whitehead. Twenty years ago Mr. Bonney went to Erie, Pa., and has since been connected with the PIttsburg and Erie Coal Company. Besides his widow he is survived by two sons, Ralph of South Dakota, and Spraker of Erie, Pa. The remains will reach here Wednesday for burial on Thursday in the Spraker plot in Prospect Hill Cemetery. The funeral will be held on Thursday at 2:30 p. m. from the Spraker home on Otsego street.

Martha E. Cromwell, widow of John Cromwell, for many years was the best known musician in this part of the State, died sunday at the residence of her son, No. ---- State street, Chicago, Ill. Mrs. Cromwell was 86(?) years of age and left here several years ago for Denver, Col., which place she made her home until a few years ago when she went to Chicago to reside with her son. Mrs. Cromwell visited here several months ago. The deceased is survived by her son, Addison; one sister, Mrs. Philinda Horton of New York, and one niece, Libbie Cromwell of this village. The remains will be brought here to-morrow for burial in the Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

From the Utica Morning Telegram, September 8, 1920.



Well Known Resident of Root
Township Had Long Illness.

Canajoharie, Sept. 7.- David K. Diefendorf, one of the best known residents of the town of Root and a member of one of the oldest and most prominent families of Montgomery county, died Sunday evening at 10 o'clock at his home in Currytown. He had been ill the past year and a half and despite the best of medical attention and care, did not improve and gradually weakened until the end came. "He had submitted to an operation about a year ago at the Albany hospital by Dr. Arthur Etting and for a time there was hope of his recovery from his ailment of chronic intestinal nephritis. He returned to his ancestral home and cheerfully awaited the summons of his Master.

Mr. Diefendorf was born at Currytown, Jan. 3, 1871, a son of Jacob and Lydia Shelp Diefendorf and all of his life had been spent in this section, where he was very well known and greatly liked by all. He was a great-grandson of Jacob Diefendorf, who was scalped by the Indians during the Revolutionary War and left for dead, but recovered and lived to a good, old age. The family is one of the most prominent in the history of this section and were most successful tillers of the soil.

David managed his father's farm and took an active interest in the business and social life of the country. He was chairman of the Currytown Liberty Loan committee during the recent war and aided materially this and any worthy cause. He was an active member of the Currytown Reformed Church, a life member of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society, a director of the National Mohawk River Bank of Fonda, a member of Hamilton Lodge, No. 79, F. & A. M., the Odd Fellows, the Fort Rensselaer Club and other organizations. He was a most friendly, agreeable and courteous gentleman, whose loss is keenly felt by a large circle of relatives and friends.

He is survived by his widow, three sisters, Mrs. Charles Bedford of Los Gatos, Cal., Mrs. Warren R. Hadsell of Mountain View, N. H. and Mrs. Howard Stowitts of Amsterdam. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 1 o'clock, Rev. Harry A. R---son, pastor of the Guttenberg, N. J., Reformed Church, a former pastor of the Currytown church, will officiate. Interment will be made in the Maple Avenue cemetery at Fultonville.

View his marriage notice, which mentions his health problems.

From the Utica Daily Press, February 27, 1901.

Reuben K. Diefendorf died at his home in Currytown Sunday morning after an illness of but a few days. He had been a member of the Currytown Church all his life and was an active and faithful member. He has been town clerk and assessor of the town of Root and postmaster since the office was established at Currytown. Deceased was 46(?) years of age. He is survived by a widow and six children: four sons, George, Leslie and Edward, who reside in the west, and Albert H. of Currytown, and two daughters, Anna, wife of William Burns of Flat Creek, and Jennie, wife of Dr. W. W. Stebbins of Mount Vernon, Wis.; three brothers and two sisters also survive. The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the house and 10:30 at the church.

Benjamin Kougher died at his home in Ames on Saturday, aged 87 years and 11 days. He was always a life long and prominent resident of this locality. The funeral was held this morning from the Baptist Church in Ames. Interment was made in Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 16, 1921.

John N. McFee

John Norman McFee died December 13, at the home of his son, Earnest McFee, at Buel, of chronic bronchitis, aged 86 years, 7 months and 3 days, following a long illness. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. L. W. Nestle of St. Johnsville; one son, Earnest of Buel, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was a man who held the esteem of all in his neighborhood and lived a long and useful life. The funeral will be held Friday at 1 o'clock at the home, the Rev. Mr. Marshall of Sprout Brook officiating. Burial will be in the Ames Cemetery.

Ruth A. Wendell

Ruth Adams Wendell, an aged n-gress who had resided for many years in the village of Currytown, died Thursday at her home following a stroke. She was born August 28, 1841 and with her family had spent about all of her life in that vicinity. She was a member of the Reformed Church of Currytown and was liked well by the people of that hamlet. She is survived only by nieces and nephews, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wendell of Gloversville, Mrs. Elizabeth Stern of Utica, and another niece in Albany. The funeral will be held Sunday at the Currytown Reformed Church, the Rev. Oster__gge officiating. Interment will be made in the Sand Flats Cemetery near Fonda.

In the 1920 census of Root, Ruth J. Wendell resided with farmer John McNalley and his sister. Ruth Wendell was age 82, black, b. NY, parents b. NY.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, October 4, 1915.


Jacob Dievendorf Died at Ad-
vanced Age - Long Resided
in Currytown.


Canajoharie, Oct. 4.- Jacob Dievendorf, a grand old man of the town of Root, died shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday morning at his home in Currytown. Mr. Dievendorf has been in failing health for the past few years, but was out riding on Friday, and the change that resulted in his death was sudden and severe.

Jacob Dievendorf was born at Currytown, November 16, 1826/36(?). He was a son of William B. and Elizabeth Dievendorf. The great grandfather, Jacob Dievendorf, and the great, great grandfather, Henry Dievendorf, came from Switzerland about 130/1739(?) and were of the earliest settlers in the town of Root. The great grandfather, Jacob Dievendorf, had three sons, Jacob, Frederick and Henry. Frederick was killed by a falling tree. Jacob, the paternal grandfather was born at Currytown, September --(?), ____ (?) When a lad of only 12 years he was taken prisoner by the Tories and Indians, and in one of the battles was felled by an Indian, scalped and left for dead. The day after the battle he was found, cared for by friends and nursed back to health, and lived until October 3, 1854, obtaining an age of 85 years. William B., the father of Jacob 3rd, was born August 30, 1805, at Currytown. He lived until March 11, 1882. He was an extensive farmer and one of the first dairymen of the town of Root. In politics he was a Democrat and served as Supervisor.

His son, Jacob, who died yesterday, followed largely the vocation and inclination of his father and was one of the best known and most respected husband men of his locality. He also took an active part in politics and was loyal to the doctrines of Democracy. He was elected Supervisor for three terms and was once in 1907 the unsuccessful candidate for Member of Assembly. Mr. Dievendorf was the soul of honor and a most agreeable, kindly gentleman. He was a member and officer of the Reformed Church at Currytown and was the representative citizen of his community. Because of his means and his character he was looked up to, and the prestige and influence it gave him was always exerted along noble nad uplifting lines. He frequently has been the lay delegate from his church to meetings of classis and served in other capacities of confidence and honor. He was a director of the Mohawk River National Bank of Fonda, and also interested in the cheese factory of Root. He was a man of good judgment and industry and success rewarded his labors.

Mr. Dievendorf was married on January 5, 1875, to Lydia, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Mount) Shelp. Five children were born to the union and they were a family of exemplary affection and devotion. Mrs. Dievendorf died August 2, 1914, after a happily wedded life of more than forty-nine years.

Mr. Dievendorf is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Howard Stowitts of Amsterdam, Mrs. Charles Bedford of Hagerman, Ms. Warren Hadsell of Boston, Mass., and one son, David K. Dievendorf of Currytown. He also leaves three grandchildren, Evelyn, Helen and Edyth Dievendorf of Boston, Mass., and one brother and one sister, Charles Dievendorf of Currytown, and Mrs. Elizabeth Spraker of Sprakers. The funeral will be held at 1 o'clock Wednesday in the church at Currytown. The burial will be at Fultonville.

Mrs. Rose Bird Victim of Indigestion -
Prominent in Activities of Col-
ored People.

Little Falls, Oct. 4.- Mrs. Rose Bird, who was prominent in colored circles of central New York, died suddenly in the city ambulance this noon. She was suffering from acute indigestion and Dr. Santry had called the ambulance to take her to the hospital. She died as the conveyance was nearing the hospital. She was about 60 years old and is survived by her husband, Henry Bird, who is a well known horse trainer.

From the Utica Herald Dispatch, November 12, 1903.

Little Falls.

At her home in Burrell street, yesterday morning, occurred the death of Mrs. James Carroll of heart trouble. Deceased was 62(?) years of age. She is survived by two sons, Peter and Daniel Carroll, and three daughters, Mrs. Kate Yost of Fort Plain, Mrs. Catharine Madigan and Miss Mary Carroll of this city; also by two brothers and one sister. The funeral will be held from St. Mary's Church Saturday morning at 9:30. Interment in St. Mary's Cemetery.

Martha E. Cromwell, widow of John Cromwell, for many years was the best known musician in this part of the State, died sunday at the residence of her son, No. ---- State street, Chicago, Ill. Mrs. Cromwell was 86(?) years of age and left here several years ago for Denver, Col., which place she made her home until a few years ago when she went to Chicago to reside with her son. Mrs. Cromwell visited here several months ago. The deceased is survived by her son, Addison; one sister, Mrs. Philinda Horton of New York, and one niece, Libbie Cromwell of this village. The remains will be brought here to-morrow for burial in the Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

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