Home of Webster Wagner

Inventor of the Sleeping Car and the Palace Car

Photo Taken September, 1997

Webster Wagner House

Almost 120 years after the glowing description you've just read, one of the grandest and historically significant homes in the Mohawk Valley has been stripped of all character and beautiful architectural fixtures and is falling into ruins. What remains of the front porch is obscured by large trees which touch the house, and the main road runs close by the front of the home. The Webster Wagner house is located on the main street of the village of Palatine Bridge, on NY State Route 5, which cuts close to the front of the house. The surrounding grounds on one side are now a corner asphalt parking lot. A metal historical marker, located on the parking lot side, notes that this was the home of Webster Wagner, inventor of the sleeping car and the palace car. Photo taken September 1997.

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