Civil War Pension Abstract

of Martin Minch


This abstract is from the Civil War Pension papers for Martin Minch, filed both by him and later by his widow, Barbara Minch.  Extra genealogical information provided by Lisa Slaski, a descendent of Martin's brother Conrad Minch.

Family information from Lisa Slaski

Martin, son of Heinrich and Anna Minch
born 1 Nov 1841, Dens, Hesse-Kassel, Germany
married 23 Feb 1865, Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY to Barbara Nash
died 11 Nov 1901, Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY
        Adam L., born 18 Aug 1866, Fort Plain, died Jul 1936, Granville, Washington, NY
        Anna R., born 6 Jun 1874, Fort Plain

Martin had a brother Conrad Minch, born 13 Feb 1832, Dens, Hesse-Kassel, Germany, who married Susannah Lehr and lived in Fort Hunter, Florida Twp, Montgomery, NY.  Martin was the executor of Conrad's estate in 1894.  Martin also had a sister, Anna Catharina Minch, born 13 Sep 1830, who married Philip Minch, a son of Johan (also from Dens, Germany).  Their father, Heinrich Minch, a son of Valentin, was born about Jan 1805 in Germany and died 30 Oct 1895 in Johnstown, Fulton, NY while visiting friends.  He resided in Fort Plain.

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Information contained within the Pension file

Note:  although these documents have a lot of duplicate information, I decided to leave it in so as to give a good example to others as to what Civil War pension application files might contain. - Lisa Slaski

Affidavit of Claimant, as to Inability to Furnish Affidavit of Commissioned Officer

Martin Minch, private, Company C, 153rd Regiment, New York Volunteers
now a resident of Fort Plain, Montgomery county, NY
unable to provide an Afficavit of a Commissioned Officer due to the fact that his Captain is dead and his 1st and 2nd Lieut have not replied to his letters.
signed: Martin Minch

General Affidavit, dated 22 Jan 1902
In the case of Barbara Minch, widow of Martin Minch.
Affidavit of Oliver Nash and J. Wesley Diefendorf.

Oliver Nash, age 52, resident of Fort Plain, brother of Barbara
J. Wesley Diefendorf, aged 75 yrs, resident of Fort Plain
J. Wesley is the son of A. G. Diefendorf a Methodist Clergyman who married Barbara and Martin.
Barbara married to Martin on 21 Feb 1865.
Her maiden name was Nash.
Barbara was not previously married, nor ever divorced from Martin.
Martin was not previously married, nor ever divorced.
signed: Oliver Nash and J. Wesley Diefendorf

General Affidavit, dated 25 Jan 1902
In the matter of Barbara Minch, widow of Martin Minch
Affidavit of Barbara Minch

Barbara Minch, aged 61, resident of Fort Plain.
She was not previously married, nor ever divorced from Martin.
Martin was not previously married, nor ever divorced.
She lived with Martin until his death.
Martin died 11 Nov 1901, having a small house and lot in the village of Fort Plain.
Barbara has no other property, income or investments.
Signed: Barbara Minch

Proof of Continued Widowhood, dated 22 Jan 1902
From Malin D. VanCamp, Peter G. Sticht, both of the village of Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY, neighbors of Barbara Minch, widow of Martin Minch.

They have known her for the past 25 yrs.
She owns a small house and lot in the village of Fort Plain, but has no other property, or investments.
She lived with Martin to the date of his death on 11 Nov 1901.
She has not disposed of any Real Estate since 29 Nov 1901.
signed: M. D. Van Camp and Peter G. Sticht

Copy of the Death Certificate of Martin Minch, village of Fort Plain, Minden Twp, Montgomery county, NY

Martin Minch died about 4am, 11 Nov 1901 of Apoplexy.
Place of Burial: Fort Plain
Date of Burial: 14 Nov 1901
Undertaker: Dewandler and Gray                          H. A. White, M. D.
Residence [of undertaker]: Fort Plain, NY             Residence [of doctor]: Fort Plain

Age: 60 yrs, 0 mos., 11 days                                 Place of Death:  Fort plain
Sex: male                                                              How long Resident here: 36 yrs
Color: white                                                          not institutionalized
married                                                                 Father's Name:  Henry Minch
Occupation: shoe maker                                        Father's Birthplace:  Germany
Birthplace:  Germany                                             Mother's Name:  don't know
How long in US if foreign born: 36 yrs                   Mother's Birthplace:  [not provided]

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Certificate No. 530224, Martin Minch, dated 4 Jul 1898

wife's full name:  Barbara Minch
wife's maiden name: Barbara Nash
married 23 Feb 1865 at Ft Plain, NY, by Rev. A. G. Diefendorf
a marriage certificate exists.
children:  Adam L. Minch, born 18 Aug 1866 and Anna R. Minch, born 6 Jun 1874.
signed: Martin Minch

Widow's Application for Accrued Pension, dated 25 Nov 1901

Barbara Minch widow of Martin Minch who died 12 Nov 1901.
Martin had been paid by the Pension Agent at Buffalo, NY up to 4 Oct 1901.
They were married 23 Feb 1865 at Town of Minden, NY
Her maiden name was Barbara Nash.
Her residence is: 245 West Main, village of Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY.
signed: Barbara Minch

Also appeared:  Mary E. Rosondale of St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, NY and Barbara VanCamp of Fort Plain.
Barbara is the lawful widow of Martin who died 12 Nov 1901.
They have both known the couple for 20 yrs or more and both attended Martin's funeral.
signed:  Mary E. Rosendale and Barbra VanCamp

Declaration for Widow's Pension, dated 25 Nov 1901

Barbara Minch, age 61, resident of Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY.
She is the widow of Martin Minch.
Martin enlisted on 29 Aug 1862 as private, Company C, 153rd, NY Infantry, honorably discharged 2 Oct 1865.
He died 12 Nov 1901.
Not employed after 2 Oct 1865 in the military or naval service of the US.
Her maiden name was Barbara Nash.
They were married 23 Feb 1865 by Abram G. Diefendorf in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, NY
She has not remarried since Martin's death.
Their children are: Adam, born 18 Aug 1866 and Anna, born 6 Jun 1874.
No prior application for pension has been filed by herself or the soldier.
She appoints Power of Attorney to Harry Fikes of Fort Plain.
signed: Barbara Minch
wittnessed: Mary E. Rosendale, St. Johnsville, NY and Barbra Van Camp, Fort Plain.
note in side margin:  not filed, Power of attorney not recognized. Record Div - 3 Dec 1901.

Application for Invalid Pension, dated 5 Jul 1890

Martin Minch, aged 48, resident of Fort Plain, Montgomery county, NY
Enlisted 29 Aug 1862 in the town of Root, Montgomery, NY, in Company C, 153rd NY Infantry, private.
Honorably discharged at Savannah, Ga., 2 Oct 1865.
Unable to earn support by reason of: gun shot wound of  head, disease of lung, kidneys, rheumatism, pain in back and piles.
signed: Martin Minch.
wittnessed: William Yudon and John E. Carl

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, dated 28 May 1878

Martin Minch, aged 36, resident of Fort Plain, Montgomery county, NY
Enlisted 29 Aug 1862, private, company C, 153rd NY Infantry, commanded by James B. Neill.
Honorably dischared at Savannah, Ga., 2 oct 1865 by reason of expiration of term of service.
Age 36, height 5 ft, 4 in, light complexion, light hair, blue eyes.
In battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia on or about 19 Oct 1864 he received a gun shot wound in the head, resulting in lose of memory and an affection of the eyes.
He was treated by the Reg't Surgeon.
Has not been employed by the military or naval service since 2 oct 1865.
Since leaving the service he has resided in Montgomery county, NY and his occupation is that of a shoemaker.
Prior to his enlistment he was a shoemaker.
He is now wholly or in part disabled by reason of his injuries as listed.
He has never applied nor received a pension.
signed: Martin Minch
wittnessed: John Abbott, resident of Minden and John D. Wendell, resident of Minden

Department of the Interior, The Commissioner of Pensions, dated 20 Dec 1878
From files in this office regarding pension application 256076.

Martin Minch enrolled 29 Aug 1862 at Root in Co. C, 153rd NY volunteers to serve 3 years.
Mustered in as private on 17 Oct 1862 at Florida, Co. C., 153rd NY vol. so serve 3 years.
Reported present 31 Dec 1862.
Reported absent on detached service in Jan and Feb 1863 and on 30 Jun 1863.
Reported present Jul and Aug 1863 thru 31 oct 1864 without remark as to wound.
Company was in action at Cedar Creek, Va., 19 Oct 1864.
Reported present 31 Dec 1864.
Reported absent on sick leave Jan and Feb 1865 thru 31 Aug 1865.
Mustered out with company as a private 2 Oct 1865.
This man was "wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek, Va Oct 19, 1864, nature and location of wound not stated."

Drop Report - Pension
Widow, Cert No. 538439, Barbara Minch, soldier Martin

She was last paid $30 per month on 4 Apr 1922.
She was dropped from the roll because of death on 15 Apr 1922.

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