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Skip Wiest's ALTENBURG Homepage: "It focuses on Wilhelm Aden ALTENBURG, who lived in Palatine and Oppenheim, and died in Oppenheim in 1821." NOTE: Skip passed away in November 2011. NOTE: this is a web archives of an old geocities site.

Maggie Coletta's BAUDER genealogy page: great site, an interesting facts section about the Bauder surname, Bauder census listings, lots of Fulton County Civil War items, transcribed articles from the Brooklyn Eagle, and an excellent bibliography of recommended readings and research materials. NOTE: this is a web archives of an old geocities site.

Robin L. Boyer's BOYER Genealogy - Robin's site has had the input of some 40 researchers. This is an archived site, last updated in 2010.

Judi Boniface's Obituaries Index: index to obituaries published in the Evening Telegram (village of Herkimer, NY), April 1, 1997 through July 31, 2009.

Town of Ashford, Cattaraugus County: an area that was primarily settled in 1818 by Herkimer County people, including 12 cemetery lists.

Caldwell Family Genealogy: featuring Town of Schuyler, Herkimer Co. families and surnames.

My Coffin Roots: Hereld Stuart's COFFIN family who lived in Newport, Herkimer, NY and Deerfield, Oneida, NY. Well organized with Coffin census info!

Cole Family Genealogy: an overview complete with family tree regarding Randy's branch of the COLE Family and the family's travels from MA to VT to NY to Canada to WI to MN and then to Canada again.

Celebration of the Life of Micha Lee Conover - Micha, beloved son of Marv and Donna CONOVER, died in an auto accident in October 1999.

Dave Daniels' DANIELS of Massachusetts Bay - including family lines back to the original settler, Robert Daniell

The Descendants of William Edwards and Christina Smith of Glen, NY: A number of people are working together to compile a complete family genealogy of the descendants of these two people. In addition to the genealogy there are photos, cemetery locations, research resources, and a blog on the site.

Clint DYGERT Compendium: A compilation of the Mohawk Valley, N.Y. DYGERT family from Germany to America.In 1710 Warner Dygert came to America and is the Grandfather of all DYGERT'S who are here today. I have info on the DYGERT'S in America going back to Warner and beyond into Germany. I'm willing to share what I have and possibly acquire new familymembers in the process.

FRANK Family Genealogy: This is a FRANK family that came from Germany in the mid 1700's to Philadelphia, PA. Henry Frank then moved to the Mohawk Valley area of Herkimer County.

The GETMAN Family - "The focus of this site is on the Getmans who arrived in New York with the Palatine migration from the Rhine Valley in Germany." Designed and maintained by Maureen Waelder Getman, Secretary of the Getman Association, the website is primarily dedicated to Getman Genealogy with expansion into family histories, photographs, etc. No genealogy information is published for living persons. At present the website contains files for the first 8 generations of Getmans in America with another expansion soon to follow. The web files are meticulously researched by Wayne Getman and Clyde Getman and provided in standard genealogy format with extensive accompanying notes.

GRIMMER Family Genealogy: the Grimmers of Manheim, by Jo Ann T. Wright. This is an archived site last updated in 2010.

The Descendants of Johann Conrad Kilts, Emigrant to America:

Klock Connections : all things Klock

KLOCK: genealogy on the Jefferson Co NYGenWeb spotted years ago by Benny Klock

Michael J. Loucks' LOUCKS/LAUX Genealogy Page: an archived site last updated in 2005, but has current 2014 contact information

Steve MABIE's Mabie/Maybee/Mabee/Mabey Family Records: a compilation of church and civil records relating to persons named MABIE (and all the other variations in spelling)

Nellis Family Association Genealogical Website

Pioneers of Jefferson County: this is technically not a personal home page but is Nan Dixon's effort to post detailed information from researchers in Jefferson County about her county's pioneers. ***Many*** of the individuals listed came from Herkimer and Montgomery Counties ca. 1840 or before. Work your way back to your Montgomery County roots by meeting researchers on the Jefferson County NYGenWeb site.

Preachers and the Pirate - Ken Warkentin's Warkentin and Draper family History. Descendants of Boston and Tryphena Draper who settled in German Flatts between 1810 and 1820.


The RUBINS Family Web: hosted by researcher Jim Rubins

new 11/7/2016   Mohawk Valley SEEBER Genealogy: Peter Bush's well-researched site focuses on the European origin of the Seeber Family of New York's Mohawk Valley, including Johann Wilhelm Seeber (1721-1777) and his siblings. The site has new information about the European origin and early generations of the family, reflecting research he has done in the church records of Alsace and Switzerland.

The SEEBER Genealogy Page: hosted by Marcia Seeber Alary, this page is a must if your roots go far back in the Mohawk Valley. An archived site last updated in 2000.

Smitty's Genealogy: Mike Smith's site includes great Wyoming Massacre info. BENDERS and CARPENTERS have Herkimer county connections. NOTE: this is a web archive of a defunct geocities site, last updated in 2009.

Snell-Zimmerman-Timmerman Extended Family: this site has an index of 25,000 names of persons descended from Palatine immigrants to the Mohawk Valley, as well as much other information about their respective families. The data is taken from books published by the SZT Reunion. All names have been merged into one pedigree.

Taylor Family of Oregon: contains pioneer families of Oregon tracing back to Schell & other early Mohawk Valley people in the GEDCOM. An archived site, last updated in 2011.

Fred Griffin's TERPENING genealogy page

K. M. Thomas's Family Genealogy: Canajoharie ancestors, Kate's family tree, reports, photos and links of interest. An archived site, last updated in 2009.

THORP Family of Montgomery County

Van Brocklin Family Genealogy : History, queries, many active researcher contacts, and a LOT of inter-related Mohawk Valley families

From Jerry Walrath
The WALRATH FAMILY ASSOCIATION Newsletters are finally online. All issues from #1-81 are included. Each page is an image file in .jpg format. To connect to the Newsletter Menu:   Rootsweb Free Pages - Walrath Family Newsletter

"I have a link for WALRATH, WALLRATH, WALRAD, WALLRAD (and other spellings) Birth Records from the early Mohawk Valley Church Records. This is from a list prepared by one of the historians at the Montgomery Dept. of History and Archives in Fonda. It was compiled for Mrs. Verne A. Flint in 1971. It covers both the Lutheran and Reformed Churches of Stone Arabia, Reformed of Herkimer, Reformed of German Flats, Reformed of St. Johnsville, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Reformed Church of Fort Plain, Reformed Church of Mapleton, and Dutch Reformed of Caughnawaga (Fonda). I hope to add links for marriages and other records as well. The Walraths married into many other families, and were sponsored by many other families. Just a caveat - there may be errors of transcription. The records are available in the Fonda Archives for research. Jerry Walrath"

Mark Wentling's Genealogy Page: extensive info on Mark's Mohawk Valley ancestors, including AVERY, BECKER, GETMAN, KLOCK, NELLIS, SHULL, THORP, WOLCOTT, YOUNGS, ZIMMERMAN, and more. Great surnames!

WOHLEBEN Family Online Reunion : last updated in 2001.

Robert Youker's YOUKER Family Web: last updated in 2004

YOUNGS of Herkimer County, N.Y.

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