By the Rev. Samuel Van Vechten, Ft. Plain, N.Y.

Rev. Van Vechten's records for the years 1842-1844 were found in Volume 44 of the Unpublished Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the NYS D.A.R., page 259, 1931-32. This volume is available for viewing at the main New York City Public Library on 5th Avenue, the NY State Library in Albany, and at the National D.A.R. Library in Washington, DC.

A note at the top says "In possession of Miss Edith A. Van Wyck, Melzingah Chapter, D.A.R., Beacon, N.Y." The contributing D.A.R. Chapter wasn't noted and the present whereabouts of the original records are unknown. The site coordinator has no information about individuals listed or the Rev. Mr. Van Vechten's church affiliation.

Jan. 9 Funerals, Mrs. Harkney and Mrs. Newel
June 12 Funeral, Mrs. Wm. L. Fish
June 19 Rev. Wm. Eggleston's child baptized, Mary Emily, b. Nov. 24, 1840. Mother's name Betsey Harper.
June 27 Funeral, Joseph Wagner's child, 1 1/2 yrs.
July 7 Married, Alfred Leonard to M.E. Youngs
July 10, Married, John Wentworth to Elizabeth C. Lloyd
July 24, Grandson of Mr. Spanable buried
Aug. 7, Funeral, H.B. Babcock's child
Sept. 14, Funeral, A. Smith's child
Sept. 14, Buried previous to this date:
Van Duzer (young man)
Mr. Graft's child
Mrs. Richardson (colored)
Wm. Burdett's child (colored)
Sept. 17, Funeral, Miss Nancy Williams
Sept. 17, Funeral, John McCharn's mother
Sept. 22, Funeral, Mrs. Joseph Wagner
Nov. 4, Funeral, Delia Young's child, 1 yr.

Jan. 18, Married, Osmond Austin to Mary L. Wagner
Feb. 6, Funeral, Mathias Langdon, age 67
Feb. 12, Funeral, John Failing
Mar. 6, Funeral, Walter Furman, near 60
Mar. 31, Jas. W. Hamilton's child baptized
July 10, Funeral, Mrs. Lambert buried
July 30, Wm. Talcott baptized. b. May 3, 1843
Aug. 2, Funeral, Miss Nukirck buried
Aug. 3, Married, Matthew M. Fox to Eliza Cone
Aug. 27, Married, Mr. Ciperly to Mrs. Southwick
Oct. 23, Funeral, Mrs. Barbara Diefendorf buried at Dutchtown
Nov. 26, Funeral, Amelia Lindsey buried
Nov. 27, Deborah Millspaugh buried, age 19
Dec. 21, Married, Frederic Stephen Berthoud to Margaret Wagner of Palatine

Jan. 24, Married, Wm. Becker of Fort Plain to Julia Eldridge of Sharon
Apr. 24, Married, Mr. Leonard Youmans to Mrs. Margaret Hallister

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