Will of Phoebe M. Hammond

Montgomery County, New York

Contributed by Fred Lewis

Be it remembered, that disclosure, to wit, on the First day of June 1891, J. [John] Mulford HAMMOND, the Executor named in the last will and testament of Phebe M. [MULFORD] HAMMOND late of the town of Canajoharie in the county of Montgomery, deceased, appeared in open court before Hon. John D. WENDELL, Surrogate of said county, and made application to have the said last will and testament, which relates to real and personal property , proved; and on such application the said Surrogate did ascertain by satisfactory evidence who were the heirs at law and next of kin of said testatrix and their respective residences; and on that day on reading & filing waiver of issue & service of Citation in this matter duly

Executed & acknowledged by Sara F. O' NEAL, Mary E. DUNLAP, Gardner W. HAMMOND, Gertrude H. VAN DEUSEN, Charles A. HAMMOND, Albert T. HAMMOND, & William R. HAMMOND, who are all and the only heirs at lawful & of kin of said deceased entitled to br cited herein and no one appearing to oppose the probate of said will, such proceedings were thereupon had afterwards that the said Surrogate took the proof of said will hereinafter set forth upon this First day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety one and he adjudged the said will to be a will valid to pass real and personal property, and the proofs thereof to be sufficient, which said last will and testament and the proofs thereof are as follows, that is to say:

The Will


I, Phebe M. HAMMOND of the town of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York, being of sound mind and memory do make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, that is to say:

        First, After all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give, devise, and bequeath all my property and Estate both real and personal of every name, nature or kind, whatsoever to the executor of this my last will and testament hereinafter nominated and appointed in trust for the uses and purposes hereinafter specified with full powers to lease, sell, or dispose of the same, and every and all portions thereof at public or private sales at such time or times, upon such terms and in such manner as to him may seem neat and proper, and out of the rents issues and profits of my property, or the provides thereof my said Executor shall pay to my son William R. HAMMOND annually for the term of four years after my death, the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500.00) or such part thereof as he may desire and require and demand, and also such further sum or amount over and above said five hundred dollars ($500.00) as in the judgement of my said Executor may be reasonable and proper for the said Williams use; and out of the saids revenues and profits or proceeds aforesaid my said Executor shall annually thereafter, subsequently to the Expiration of said four years, pay over to my said son William R. so long as there may remain unused any portion thereof such sum or sums as in the judgment of my said Executor may be just and proper and reasonable for his use and support.

        Likewise, I make constitute and afford my son J. Mulford HAMMOND to be Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

        In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the 23rd day of July in the year one thousand Eight hundred and ninety.
                                                Phebe M. HAMMOND {ss}
    The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at the date thereof subscribed by Phebe M. HAMMOND in the presence of us and each of us - she at the time of making such subscriptions acknowledged that she made the will and declared the said instrument so subscribed by her to be her last will and testament, whereupon we then and there, at her request and in her presence and the presence of each other, subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
    Mary E. DUNLAP, residing at Johnstown, N.Y.
    Edwin S. VAN DEUSEN, residing at Fort Plain, N.Y.

State of New York,
    County of Montgomery,                SURROGATE'S COURT.



Mary E. DUNLAP of the village of Johnstown in the county of Fulton, and Edwin S. VAN DEUSEN of the village of Fort Plain in the county of Montgomery being duly sworn and examined in open court before our Surrogate of said county, do depose and say, and each for himself deposeth and saith that he was acquainted with Phebe M. HAMMOND in her lifetime, and she was present and saw the said Phebe M. HAMMOND subscribe her name at the end of the instrument in writing now produced and shown, bearing date the 23rd day of July 1890; that the said Phebe M. HAMMOND requested these deponents to subscribe their names as witnesses to the execution thereof. Thereupon these deponents subscribe their names as witnesses at the end of said instrument in the presence of the said Phebe M. HAMMOND and of each other. That the said Phebe M. HAMMOND at the time she so executed the said instrument was a citizen of the united States, an inhabitant of the county of Montgomery, of full age, of sound and disposing mind and memory, and in all respects competent to devise real estate, and not under any restraint or in any respects incompetent to devise real estate, and was in all respects competent to make a valid will. And the said Edwin S. VAN DEUSEN for himself further separately says that he drew said will for this testatrix at her request according to her direction and just as she desired it and the same has not in any respect been altered or changed since its execution
        Signed: Edwin S. VAN DEUSEN
            Mary E. DUNLAP
Taken, subscribed and sworn this 1st day
of June 1891 before me,                            J. D. WENDELL, Surrogate

I, John D. WENDELL, Surrogate of the county of Montgomery, do hereby
certify that the forgoing are the true copies of the will, probate and
proof thereof of Phebe M. Hammond deceased.
    Registered the First day of June 1891
                                J. D. WENDELL {ss}, Surrogate

Transcribed and contributed Mohawk Valley Wills & Deeds online website by Fred Lewis, on July 7, 2003. Also posted at the USGenWeb Archives website for Montgomery County. Copyright 2003, All rights reserved.


Source: "History of Montgomery County (New York)", by Washington Frothingham, D. Mason & Co., Publishers and Printers, Syracuse, N.Y., 1892, pages 295-296

Family Sketches:

"Hammond, J. Mulford, Canajoharie, Sprout Brook P.O., was born July 25, 1839, in Niagara county, and is a son of Thomas and Phoebe (Mulford) Hammond. The grandfather of our subject was born in Vermont. His son, Thomas P., was born near Sprout Brook February 14, 1812, and married Phoebe Mulford, daughter of Abram Mulford of Long Island. They were the parents of eight children: Sarah F., wife of John J. O'Neil of Utica; Mary E., wife of Cobert Dunlap of Johnstown; Gertrude, wife of C.C. Van Deusen of Van Deusenville; C. A. Hammond, a wholesale fruit dealer of Utica; A. T. Hammond of Canajoharie, Gerard W. Hammond of Canajoharie; William Hammond, who lives here; and Mulford, our subject. When he was a small child his parents moved back to this town. He was educated in the common school, and one year in Little Falls school. He helped on the farm until 1866, when he went to Amsterdam and followed millwrighting three years, returning here in 1860, and took contracts for carpenter work, employing a large number of men until 1881; since then has conducted this farm, which contains 180 acres, all under cultivation. Hay and grain are the principal crops, with a large hop-yard of twenty-nine acres, which yields him a large profit. He employs thirty to forty laborers during the busy season. Mr. Hammond is an active worker in the Democratic Party, and has held the office of commissioner for two years. Thomas P. Hammond died in 1871, sixty-one years of age. Mrs. T. P. Hammond died February 27, 1892, seventy-six years of age."


The correct names of Thomas and Phebe (Mulford) Hammond's children were:

1. Sara Francis Hammond, b. 1836 in Oneida Co., NY, m. John J. O'Neal;

2. John Mulford Hammond, b. 25 July 1839 in Niagara Co., NY;

3. Gardner Hammond (not Gerard), b. 1842 in Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY, m. Hattie M. Norton, b. Jul 1849 in NY;

4. Mary Elizabeth Hammond, b. 19 Nov 1847 in Sprout Brook, Mont. Co., NY, married Alexander Coburn Dunlap, b. 16 Feb 1840 in Canajoharie, Mont. Co., NY (however, he was living in Johnstown when the above biographical was written);

5. Helen Gertrude Hammond, b. Abt. 1848 in Otsego Co., NY, m. Charles C. Van Deusen, b. Abt. 1846 in GA;

6. Charles A. Hammond, b. 23 Apr 1851 in Sprout Brook, Mont. Co., NY, m. Kate, b. 1856 in Cherry Valley, NY;

7. Albert T. Hammond, b. 1853 in Herkimer Co., NY, married (1) on 6 Feb 1879 Louise Fox, married (2) Abt. 1884 Susan C. Garlock;

8. William Hammond, b. 1856 in NY, m. Nellie Gifford, b. Aug 1869 in NY.

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