Town of Charleston
Montgomery County, New York

The Will of Peter Dingman of the Town of Charleston was graciously contributed by researcher Linda A. Roorda.

Linda also contributed 4 other wills for her Montgomery County relatives and ancestors. Notes about her family search regarding each will follow the individual wills. "...the data online has been so very helpful to my research and this is my way of saying "thank you." Especially the marriage records by Rev. Elijah Herrick of Charleston - where I found two very important clues to two different lines that no one else could provide for me until those dates and names cleared the way."

Will of Peter Dingman
(b. 1755, bp Aug 3, 1755, d. unknown, will dated Nov 20, 1817, proved Feb 8, 1826)
Charleston, Montgomery County, NY, Will book Vol. 3, pg 522

The people of the State of New York by the grace of God free and independent. To John Dingman of Plainfield, Otsego County and Andres Dingman of Charleston Montgomery County send Greetings. Whereas at the Village of Johnstown in the County of Montgomery on the third day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand eight Hundred and twenty six before Tobias A. Stoutenburgh Esquire Surrogate of our said County, The last Will and testament of Peter Dingman deceased (a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) was proved, and is now approved and allowed of by us; and the said deceased having whilst he lived, and at the time of his death, goods chattels or credits within this State, by means whereof the proving and ______ the said Will, and the granting administration of all and singular the said goods, chattels and credits, and also the auditing allowing and final discharging the account thereof doth belong unto us; and we being desirous that the goods, chattels and audits of the said deceased may be well and faithfully administered, applied and disposed of according to the said Will, do grant unto you the said John Dingman and Andres Dingman the administration of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of the said Peter Dingman deceased with the wife of the said Peter Dingman deceased, annexed with full power by these presents to administer and faithfully dispose of all and singular the said goods, chattels and credits - to ask demand recover and receive the debts which unto the said deceased whilst living, and at the time of his death did belong, and to pay the debts which the said deceased did owe, so far as such goods, chattels, and credits will thereto extend and the law require; Hereby requiring you to make or come to be made, a time and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to your hands, possession or knowledge, and the same as needs to exhibit or come to be exhibited into the office of the Surrogate of the said County of Montgomery, at or before the expiration of six calendar months fro the date hereof, and due to render a just and true account of administration where thereunto required. And we do by these presents denote, constitute and appoint you the said John Dingman and Andres Dingman administrators of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits which were of the said Peter Dingman deceased with the will of the said Peter Dingman deceased annexed In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. Witness: Tobias A. Stoutenburgh Esquire, Surrogate of our said County at the Village of Johnstown the eighth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six, and of our independence the fiftieth.           Tobias A. Stoutenburgh

Know all men by these present that I Peter Dingman of the town of Charleston County of Montgomery and State of New York being infirm in body but sound in mind do ordain and appoint this my last will and testatment iin manner following - First - I will and bequeath all m y real estate unto my nine sons to witt: John Andres Peter Henry James Isaac Abram Daniel Elijah to be equally divided among them when my youngest son Elijah is of the age of 21 years and that no part of the estate shall be sold or aleviated (sic) until that time and that my said sons shall all be equally interested in obtaining and giving education to the youngest brothers even as they oldest and the experience shall be paid from the said estate - Second I will that if any of the brothers are disposed to sell either of their parts in said estate such sale shall be to one or either of the brothers, and as several of the brothers have had colts and young horses I will all the brothers the same equal property - Third I will and bequeath equally and in the same manner as the real estate in nine just proportions and likewise I will and bequeath unto my oldest son Jacob fifty dollars on condition of his accepting as his full demand against the said estate, and further I will unto my two daughters Mary and Jane twenty dollars each, the residue and remainder of all my real and personal estate to be divided as above and in testimony thereof. I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this 20th Nov. one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.                    Peter  X  Dingman  L.S.
                                        (his mark)

Signed published and declared as the last will and testament of Peter Dingman in presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in presence of said testator.            Andrew Biggam, P. W. McLeod, David Goeway

Be it remembered that on the third day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six, personally appeared before me Tobias A. Stoutenburgh Surrogate of the County of Montgomery Andrew Biggam and David Goeway, who being duly sworn dispose and say that they saw Peter Dingman sign (by making his mark) and seal, and heard him publish and declare the written instrument as and for his last will and testament; that the said Peter Dingman was at the time thereof of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding; that these deponents subscribed their names thereto as witness to the execution thereof in the presence of the said Peter Dingman the testator; and that they at the same time saw Peter W. McLeod subscribe his name thereto as a witness to the execution thereof also in the said testators presence. In testimony whereof I the said Surrogate have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal of office. Done at Johnstown in said County of Montgomery the day and year above written.                    Tobias A. Stoutenburgh.

The preceeding (sic) are true copies of the last Will and testament of Peter Dingman deceased of the certificate of the proof thereof and of the letter of administration thereon. Registered February 8th 1826.                            Tobias A. Stoutenburgh Surrogate

Be it also remembered that on the said eighth day of February above mentioned personally appeared before me the said Surrogate John Dingman and Andres Dingman, and were duly sworn as administrators of the estate of Peter Dingman deceased with the will of the said Peter Dingman deceased annexed.        Tobias A. Stoutenburgh.

Transcribed: July 7, 2002 from Sampubco
Linda A. Roorda


PETER DINGMAN - baptized August 3, 1755, Cosxackie, Greene, NY. Peter was a descendant of Adam Dingman, the first Dutch immigrant of this surname who arrived in the 1650s to Albany region of New York, and later to Kinderhook. Peter married Margrieta/Grietje Gardenier in Kinderhook, the daughter of Jacob Hendrickse Gardenier (descendant of Dutch immigrant Jacob Janse Gardenier) and Janetje Huyck. Peter and Margrieta removed to Charleston, Montgomery County per Census of 1810. My clue for the family came from census data obtained for Jane Dingman, the mother of Christina Dingman who married Jacob Henry Kniskern, my ancestors. Rev. Elijah Herrick's marriage records on the Montgomery County GenWeb site revealed: "Dingman, James & Jane Vunk (sic, Vunck) - May 11, 1820." Siblings from both Vunck and Dingman families were married by Rev. Herrick in Charleston. I would enjoy hearing from other descendants.

Linda A. Roorda

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