Amsterdam, NY, 1833

The following resource comes from an old, undated typescript contributed by Sandi Burns. At the top it states that the list is at the New York State Library, Albany, NY, item # A974-746, and also available at the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives. "Dismissed" means released to go to another church. All spellings are as were transcribed from the original handwriting by the original typist.

A note at the top of the list says "Names of members standing in connection with the First Presbyterian Church in the town of Amsterdam on the 1st day of Jan. 1833 when Rev. Cha. Jukes commenced his labors amongst the people."

Abraham Hoagland
Evert Hagaman
Nancy DeGraff
Magdaland Voorhees
John Crane
Catherine C. Vane
Nicholas A. Marselis
Peter Shuler
Anthony Ostrom - died 17th May 1837
Aaron Marselus
Nanning Marselis
Elizabeth Wagaman
Nathaniel Hendrick
David W. Candy
Widow Bell
Hannah Putman
Gabriel Manny
Henry Pauling
Isaac DeGraff
Mariah DeGraff
Levi Pauling
Jane Pauling
Andrew Thatcher - suspended Jul. 1833
Barberry Manny
Nelly Hagaman
Union Hendrick - dismissed
Margaret Allen - died 31st Oct. 1833
Hannah Ostrom - died 31st May 1834
Nancy French
Nancy Hendrick
Caty Skinner
Caty Davidson
Polly Stuart
Enos Ludden-gone to the Methodist
Gertrude Marselis - Jul. 1833 dismissed to Root (Mrs. Pruyn)
Harmonus Staley - dismissed
Duncan Stuart
Maria Groat - dismissed to Coxsackie Jun. 1833
Union Hendrick - dismissed (listed twice)
Nancy Larabee
Lemule French - dismissed
Jane Thatcher
Albert Pauling
Joseph Collins
Thos. P. Johnson - dismissed
Louisa Johnson
Polly Shuler
Jeremiah Marselis - dismissed
Ahasuerus Marselus
Nicholas Hagaman - dismissed
James Manny - suspended 9th Jan. 1835
Hester Manny
Jane Douglass - dismissed
John Allen
Edward Conner - suspended Jul. 1833
Lydia Hagaman
John Jones
Julia Ann Hendrick - dismissed
Nicholas Polmateer
Mary Shuler
Jane Staley - died 28th Mar. 1836
Samuel Jones
Saley Johnson
Hester Peak - gone
Caty Ann Marselus
Caty Hegeman
Betsy Ludden - gone to the Methodist 1834
Elizabeth Conner
Polly Hendrick
Mrs. Brittain
Alma Pamelia Becker - to Charlton 1st. Mar. 1834
Gertrude Candy
Esther Hagaman
Myra Candy
Heddow Holenbeck - suspended
Sarah DeGraff
Betsy Stuart
Seth Larabee - suspended 25th Apr. 1835
Joseph Hagaman
Gilbert Connor
Sally Connor

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