Small Cemeteries

Town of Charleston

Montgomery County, NY

Can anyone confirm the location of the small Town of Charleston cemeteries listed below and if they are still in existence? All of the lists were collected in the early 1920s by Edith (Van Heusen) Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge. Notes indicate ownership of land in 1923 so they were read at least by that date. Transcripts of the Jamison and Hughes, Frances Vunk, Clayton, Herrick-Vosseler, Kimball and Old Union Church Cemeteries were contributed by Sandi Burns back in 1997.

updated 4/16/99 A new reading of a cemetery is always of interest, showing if a cemetery survived and, in the case of the Vunk/Vunck Cemetery, if stones are still there and legible some 75 years after the last reading. Three of the persons buried in this secluded family plot lived through the Revolution, their graves remaining undisturbed over 150 years after their passing. The stone on the ground in the new reading is probably Elizabeth Johnson's. Clarence Putman recently rediscovered the 4-stone Frances Vunk Cemetery and provided an immediate update and location.

"I recently stumbled across a small well hidden cemetery near the old Bell cemetery in the town of Charleston. It is located just east of Goewey Road about 1/2 mile before the Bell Cemetery. The cemetery is on a small knoll in a spruce plantation."

Vunck Cemetery
Town of Charleston

Henry Vunck
Died Nov 28, 1840
Aged 83 years 8 mo 22 days

Chestinah wife of Henry Vunck
Died March 11, 1840
in the 79 year of her age

Francis Vunck
born Jan 5, 1798
died Sept 30, 1828
_____ by his son Francis Vunck

One Stone lying on ground unreadable

Several field stones

Clarence Putman


location unknown
HAGAMAN, Chestinah d. 3/11/1840 age 79 yrs wife of Henry Vunk
JOHNSON, Elizabeth d. 11/2/1837 age 70 yrs wife of Richard
VUNK, Henry d. 11/28/1840 ae 83/8/22several families of this surname in 1869 Charleston Directory
VUNK, Frances b. 1/5/1798
d. 9/30/1828


"graveyard up abandoned road near farm owned 1923 by Mr. Eggelston"

no dates; a John Clayton Jr., of Burtonsville, is in the 1869 Charleston Directory, as are two Egelstons
CLAYTON, Polly Annd. 11/3/1873 age 59 yrs wife of John

"I've just recently found out about John Jr. and Polly Clayton as the parents of Marcia, mother of my grandfather William Henry Filkins. I have a lady in Schenectady trying to locate where William is buried, and another lady in Charleston looking to confirm whether or not Marcia Clayton was married to someone else first before marrying my g-grandfather Benjamin Filkins. There were several children of John and Polly listed on 1855 census and also 1860 census. I'll let you know names as soon as the lady in Charleston confirms what the lady in Schenectady found out." Larry Filkins 3/25/98


location unknown
HERRICK, Charlotte d. 9/18/1850ae 53yr 9mo 3da wife of John
HERRICK, Nelson I. S. d. 3/25/1832ae 1yr 8mo 25da son of John and Charlotte
DEMOYELLES, Nelson d. 6/11/1854age 2 yrs son of Daniel and Mary
VOSSELER, Jeremiah d. 1/3/1844ae 75yr 11mo 3da
VOSSELER, Julia Ann d. 9/22/1844ae 47yr 10mo 22da wife of Phillip, dau. of N. KIMBALL
VOSSELER, Jay C. d. 3/9/1843 ae 23yr 4mo 9da

updated October 21, 2008
"We just got back from a research trip to Charleston, Montgomery, NY. We remembered seeing Old Union on our last trip when looking for the Kimball Cemetery. The site lists both as "location unknown" although I have always believed that both Kimball and Old Union were at the same location or very close. There were no Kimballs listed in the 1920's reading as being in the "Kimball Cemetery" but quite a few in Old Union. Some of the locals we spoke with last year, including the town historian, refer to "Kimball" as the Fero-Smith Cemetery although no one is sure where it was.
Old Union Cemetery in Charleston is located at the SW corner of Brand Rd. at the intersection of Brand Rd., Fox Street and Esperance (131). If you take 30A and turn west on Esperance (131) the graveyard can be seen at the intersection, just past the Fox St. sign. Many of the stones have fallen over or are missing but most of the Kimballs are still there. I also have found 2 sets of GPS coordinates which I believe refer to the locations of the Old Union Cemetery and possibly the Kimball Cemetery. They are 42.8094N, -74.3597W and 42.8095189N, -74.3592996W. Perhaps someone who understands GPS better than I could determine just how close these 2 locations would be. I have attached a photo of the cemetery. The large monument on the right is the Kimball family. It looks like someone put many of the names of family members who had been buried there on the monument."
Sherry Golem

Old Union Cemetery

Old Union Cemetery


location unknown
BRUMBLEY, Adin Jr. d. 7/27/1850 age 55 yrs.
BRUMBLEY, Borradell d. 10/18/1844 age 45 yrs his wife
BURNAP, Joseph d. 8/26/1819age 72 yrs
DELONGE, Mary d. 5/19/1870 ae 84yr 2mo 3da wife of Larnce(sp)
GORDON, Ezekiel d. 12/6/1842age 77 yrs
GORDON, Margaret d. 9/6/1857age 69 yrs his wife
GORDON, Hyram d. 6/30/1828ae 2yr 7mo 21da son of Jas. and Anna
G. Stone lettered "J.B.G."1832

GREEN, Lydia d. 7/31/1843ae 6yr 0mo 28da dau. of James and Eliza
GREEN, Lydia J. d. 4/7/1836age 11 mos dau. of James and Eliza; a James H. Green in 1869 Charleston Directory
HEMSTREET, Isaac d. 12/29/1873ae 55yr 10mo 15dain 1869 Charleston Directory, he farmed with David Kimball at Charleston 4 Corners
KIMBALL, Nathan d. 1/22/1849ae 81yr 1mo 12da
KIMBALL, Rachel his wifed. 12/18/1852ae 80yr 10mo 7da
KIMBALL, David d. 3/16/1867ae 8- yr 4mo 26da
KIMBALL, Clarenda ROBERTS d. 3/4/1872ae 80yr 0mo 14da his wife
KIMBALL, David B.d. 12/23/1891ae 71yr 5mo 7dain 1869 Charleston Directory
KIMBALL, Eunice O.d. 3/16/1906ae 81yr 11mo
KIMBALL, Amyd. 1/26/1912ae 84yr 9mo 18da
KIMBALL, Davidd. 12/22/1811age 48 yrs
KIMBALL, Eunice d. 3/11/1813 age 46 yrs his wife
HOVEY, Charles Randalld. 4/2/1842ae 37yr 9mo 5da
MARTIN, Sarah d. 5/15/1863age 67 yrs wife of Cornelius
PUTMAN, Arminda d. 7/4/1855ae 1mo 5da dau. of Henry S. and Asenath
STANTON, John W. d. 1/29/1850ae 74yr 6mo 25da
STANTON, Hannah his wife d. 1/28/1827ae 46/0/20
TRACY, Nathand. 3/7/1811age 46 yrs
YOUNGS, John b. 1802
d. 1834

YOUNGS, Temperanceb. 1801
d. 1838

YOUNGS, Sarahb. 1825
d. 1846

YOUNGS, Harriet b. 1826
d. 1849

The reader(s) noted that "this Union Church was moved over 40 years ago to the first farm north of the corners and is now used as a wagon house." The church referred to would have been moved sometime in the 1880s. A Union Church is not specifically mentioned in Beers' 1878 History of Montgomery County. Could the corners referred to be Rider's Corners or Charleston Four Corners? Men named Nathan and David Kimball, probably ancestors of the Kimball family in this cemetery, were listed in Beers' History as being early settlers prior to the Revolutionary War.


location unknown
FERO, Tryphenia M.d. 7/11/1853ae 24yr 9mo 6dawife of Samuel W.
LEWIS, Johnb. 3/22/1785d. 12/5/1863
LEWIS, Catherineb. 3/21/1787d. 2/22/1867
SMITH, John V.d. 5/17/1873ae 72yr 9mo 24dain 1869 Charleston Directory; he farmed at Charleston 4 Corners
SMITH, Maria F.d. 5/14/1873ae 7?yr 7mo 27da his wife
SMITH, Rachel C.d. 8/21/1857ae 23yr 2mo 2da dau.
SMITH, Adam J.d. 10/27/1856 ae 29yr 8mo 13da son

updated 11/16/2016   Findagrave has a larger list for this cemetery. Their listing has quite a few more people, and a name variant - "Kimball Cemetery (Fero - Lewis - Smith)". Included is a photo of the cemetery overall from a distance, as well as some location information.


between Rider's Corners and Mill Point
WYKOFF, Christian
d. June 17,1851
ae 72 yr 2 mo 26 da
d. Feb 18, 1809
ae 31 yr 7 mo 18 da
WYKOFF, Franky
d. Nov. 9, 1799
ae 35 yr 2 mo 8 da

near Rider's Corners
d. 8-8-1805
ae 60 yr 3 mo 8 da

HILL, Henry
d. 6-1-1859
ae 59 yr 3 mo 25 da

HILL, Henrietta
d. 4-19-1842
ae 49 yr 1 mo 4 da
wife of Henry
MAY, Ezra, Jr., M.D.
d. 3-3-1840
in 24th yr

McCONKEY, Catherine
d. 1-31-1830
ae 16 (or 76 yr) 1 mo 8 da

McCONKEY, Hannah
d. 11-10-1829
ae 81 yr 7 mo 15 da

McCONKEY, Wiliam
d. 9 (or 12)- 10-1825
ae 81 yr 7 mo 15 da
possible transcription error? same age as wife
d. 3-11-1870
ae 74 yr 6 mo
wife of William
PORTER, Eveline
d. 1-21-1858
ae 85 yr
wife of William
PORTER, William
d. 6-11-1830
ae 72 yr

PORTER, Sophia
d. 2-7-1869
ae 74 yr

d. Aug. ___, 1831
in 20th yr

d. 8 (or 9)-4-1859
in 59th yr

b. 4-8-1815
d. 2-16-1850

wife of John
SNYDER, Marietta
d. 5-2-1857
in 17th yr
dau of John and Phebe
TALMADGE, Elizabeth
d. 8 (or 9)-19-1838
ae 33 yr 1 mo 8 da
wife of John
d. 9 (or 10)-28-1856
ae 51 yr 5 mo 27 da
wife of Isaac S.
d. 4-29-1825
in 72nd yr
wife of Samuel
d. 4-1-1825
in 70th yr

d. 6-25-1847
ae 62 yr
dau of Samuel and Mary
extra "l" in name
Van DORN, Christian
d. 3-16-1847
ae 85 yr 2 mo 16 da

Van DORN, (broken off)
d. 2-10-1831
ae 71 yr
"A piece of top of a stone bearing words Nuel, widow, was found and seemed to fit on top of Christian Van Dorn stone but not absolutely sure."
Van DORN, Benjamin
d. 5-30-1834
ae 34 yr 3 mo 9 da

d. 11-11-1829
ae 23 yr 10 mo 11 da
son of Rev. Henry V.
d. 6-28-1814
in 52nd yr
wife of George
Y___, stone G.T.Y.
d. 5-5-1807
no age
"may be the Geo. Young referred to in foregoing"
DeC___, stone B.J.C.
d. 2-28-1810

"possibly meant for DeCOUDRES"
Van DORN, C___
d. 6-2(?)-1830
ae 72 yr 8 mo 27 da

WILCOX, John Henry
d. 11-11-1832
ae 16 yr 1 mo 29 da
son of Elijah and Sally
WILSEY, Rachel
d. 7-24-1822
ae 29 yr 7 mo 28 da
wife of Israel L. and
dau. of Henry OSTRANDER
ME____HAM, ___
d. ___, 1819
ae 81 yr 4 mo --- da
"only parts decipherable"
____, John

ae 78 yr 6 mo --- da
"only parts decipherable"

updated 10/4/98   From: Christine Wand [4/15/2001 - mail comes back undeliverable from Christine's address so link has been removed]

Concerning the Van Dorn gravestones. Christian Van Dorn was born in 1757 to William Van Doren and Catherine Hoff (or Huff) in Middlebush, New Jersey. Christian lived near Lamington, New Jersey for a time. Christian served in the Revolution from 1776 until the end of the war in the New Jersey Militia, after which he moved to Montgomery County. His revolutionary record:

"Served sundry tours from Spring of 1776 to end of the war, in companies commanded by Captains Jacob Ten Eyck, First Battalion, Somerset County, Coonrad Ten Eyck, Second Battalion, Somerset County, Philip Fulkerson, Second Battalion, Somerset County, William Logan, First Battalion, Somerset County, and Nathaniel Porter, First Battalion, Somerset County New Jersey Militia."

His wife, the next gravestone (broken) was Nuel Suydam. She was born 12/31/1761. They left nine children.

Yes, the broken piece of gravestone does belong to Christian and Nuel.

Their children included:

William 1781-1868
Abraham 1783-1852
Catherine 1785-1817
Jacob Christian 1788-1872
Joseph Christian 1791-1863
Sarah 1794-1887
Isaac Christian 1797-1821
Benjamin 1800-1834 (the next grave on the list)
Cornelius 1802-1822

All were born at Charlestown.

Christine Wands
Cincinnati, Ohio

new 4/15/01 Correction from Dave Van Doren - "Nuel Van Dorn was not the former Nuel Suydam as given by A. Van Doren Honeyman in "The Van Doren Family in Holland and America 1088-1908", but was the daughter of Abraham and Sally Brittain as dictated by herself in a Revolutionary War pension request per Virgil D. White's "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files"."

3/4 Miles North Of Oak Ridge
Burton, Eliza
d. 4/28/1856
ae 43yr 5mo 28da
wife of Stephen
Burton, Georgia Ann

no dates
Burton, P. H.

no dates
Davis, Harry E.
d. 2/19/1831
d. 1yr 1mo 24 da
son of Henry and Mariah
Davis, David N.
d. 4/4/1838
ae 4yr 8mo 13da
son of Henry and Mariah
Davis, Mary C.
d. 12/15/1849
ae 10yr 3mo 7da
dau. of Henry and Mariah
Davis, Richard
d. 3/8/1823
ae 61yr 11mo19da

Davis, Mabel
d. 9/23/1846
ae 79yr 2mo 6da
wife of Richard
Davis, Infant
d. 12/14/1852
ae 2 days
son of Hosea and Phebe
Davis, Henry
d. 4/3/1876
ae 69yr 9mo 3da

Davis, Maria
d. 5/19/1861
ae 54yr 5mo 15da
wife of Henry
Davis, Lyman
d. 5/12/1878
ae 79yr 8mo 10da

Davis, Catherine
d. 1/1/1858
ae 84yr 9mo
wife of Lyman
Davis, Phebe Jane
d. 9/27/1842
ae 2yr 3mo 23da
dau. of Wright and Ursula
Davis, Mary Jane
d. 1/9/1851
ae 4yr 10mo 15da
dau. of Wright and Ursula
Dingman, John A.
d. 6/4/1857
ae 26yr 2mo 7da

Dingman, Augusta
d. 3/25/1844
ae 3mo 11da
dau. of Elijah and Elizabeth; Adjoining stone "Our Baby."
Goewey, John D.
d. 5/15/1877
ae 58yr 3mo15da

Goewey, Martha A.
d. 2/19/1877
ae 50yr 3mo 15da
wife of John D.
Vunk, Ester
d. 1/28/1855
ae 1yr 4mo 2da
dau. of Jos. and Ellen
Vunk, Allan
d. 10/29/1851
ae 1 mo 26da
son of Jos. N. and Ellen

first right road from road between Charleston Four Corners to Esperance,
house on left side of road before reaching creek, cemetary at back wall of second field
Gordon, John E.
d. 11/24/1844
ae 5 mos
son of Michael and Mary
Gordon, Infant
d. 6/29/1843
ae 5 days
son of Michael and Mary
Gordon, Amanda
d. 2/1/1854
ae 12yr 9mo 16da
dau. of Michael and Mary
Gordon, Hilener
d. 8/14/1851
ae 66yr 10mo
wife of John
Gordon, John
d. 5/16/1828
ae 46yr 6mo 28da

Johnson, Elleanor
d. 5/14/1807
ae 45yr 7mo

Johnson, Laurence
d. 3/26/1813
ae 62yr 3mo 7da

Bryan, Alexander
d. 4/10/1809
9mo 8da
son of Johiel and Mary
Bryan, Elanor
d. 5/24/1813
ae 2yr 3mo 9da
dau. of Johiel and Mary
Bryan, Alexander
d. 4/9/1825
ae 92yr 1mo 24da

Information from Sherry Golem, contributed in April 12, 2009:"

We just returned from Charleston, Montgomery county and while looking for some lost graves we came upon this one. It reads: "In Memory of Alice Kimball wife of Nathan who died April 13, 1795 in the 28th year of her age".

It is located across the street from the Town of Charleston Municipal Bldg. on the south side of Corbin Hill Rd. between Brand Rd. & 131 and can be clearly seen just behind the wire fence.

Alice's stone is all by itself close to the road. That land that it's on is state forest property and the fence that is there probably has protected the stone all these years from vandals. It was just luck that there were people in the town's municipal bldg. on a Saturday morning. Someone pointed out the grave to us and said it was always by itself. (apparently since 1795)

new11/16/2016   This single Kimbal/Kimball grave, with a location, is indexed on findagrave.

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