Amsterdam, NY
Part 1

The Gates of Green Hill Cemetery

"Green Hill Cemetery was located on Market and Prospect Streets until 1850 - when property was purchased on Church Street in the City. This is the only known cemetery to have been located on Market Street."

Harper, William b. Ireland d. 6-02-53 ae 18 yrs.

Denney, Aaron b. Albany d. 5-07-1858 ae. 19 yrs.

Spore, infant son of James b. Amsterdam d. 7-18-1858 ae. 5 mos.

Smith, infant of I. M. b. Amsterdam d. 7-26-58 ae. 11 mos.

Thayer, John b. Oneida Co., N.Y. d. 8-17-58 ae. 41 yrs.

Wadsworth, William A. b. Nassau, N.Y. d. 8-24-58 ae. 36 yrs.

Mutimer, infant of Daniel b. Amsterdam d. 9-14-58 ae. 7 mos.

Pearce, Edward C. b. Port Jackson, N.Y d. 9-14-58 1 yr.

Thatcher, infant of O. A. d. 6-10-58 1 d.

Clizbee, infant of Robert b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 12-20-58 5 d.

Gates, Theodore b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-20-58 4 y.

Kehoe, William b. Ireland d. 7-16-58 59 y.

Jones, Mary Jane b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 11-28-58 14-8-2

Morrell, John b. Cobleskill, N.Y. d. 11-30-58 62-10-0

Davis, Susan-wife of John P. b. Portsmouth, R.I. d. 12-14-58 73-9-4

Sanford. John b. Roxbury, Conn. d. 9-14-57 55 y.

Sanford. Nelson b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-14-48 20 y.

Green, Andrew H. b. Woodstock, Conn. d. 12-21-56 27 y.

Cornell, James G. b. N.Y. City d. 8-25-58 27-6-0

Scott, Julia Ann - wife of Alexander b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-25-45 23 y.

Scott, George - son of Alexander, b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 5-0-48 (sic) 10 m.

Schuyler, George b. Florida, Montgomery Co., N.Y. d. 5-22-57 ae. 35-1-17

Bunn, Martha - wife of John S. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 12-07-57 ae. 24-7-10

Shaw, Mrs. Sarah b. Dutchess Co., N.Y. d. 12-14-52 ae. 73-3-22

Royky, Adolphus b. Germany d. 1-21-59 ae. 35 y.

Wilson, Mary D. - wife of John D. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 1-24-59 ae. 35-0-13

Morris, John V. - s. of Lewis b. Rochester, N.Y. d. 2-13-59 ae. 9-11-6

Dean, Sally Ann-wife of John b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 2-20-59 (42-4-18)

Wilson, Mary E.-dau. of John b. Fultonville, N.Y. d. 2-19-59 1-7-14

Quilhot, Martha, Ann, b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 3-05-59 1-5-0

Clizbee, Ruth-wife of Ellis b. Kingsborough, Fulton Co., N.Y. d. 1-12-59 60y.

Mc Donald, John b. Rhode Island d. 12-06-55 66y.

Mc Donald, Sarah b. Oneida Co., N.Y. d. 3-07-47 51y.

Mc Donald, Norma b. Oneida Co., N.Y. d. 11-24-52 26y.

Mc Donald, Margaret b. Williston, Vt. d. 9-12-55 25y.

Mc Donald, N. B.-s. of John Jr. b. Albany, N.Y. d. 9-12-51 6m.

Honside, Martha-child of George b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-07-59 3m.

(Unknown) Man-(an unknown) drowned 4-0-59 adult

French, William Henry b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-23-57 1-5-21

Henry, Effe b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 5-11-59 13m.

(Unknown) Man-(an unknown) drowned 5-0-59 adult

Cornell, Elizabeth b. Jamaica, L.I. d. 4-0-44 91-8-0

Shoosmith, Mary b. England d. 5-10-59 49y.

Fremyre, Calvin b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 6-13-59 41y.

Hayes, Hannah b. England d. 7-19-59 35y.

Wiggins, William C.-s. of Richard b. Albany Co., N.Y. d. 9-08-59 18y.

Gunsaul, Henry b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 7-03-59 2-4-0

Gunsaul, Edwin b. Perth, Fulton Co., N.Y. d. 9-05-59 10-5-0

Cooppen (sic), Sarah b. Ireland d. 12-18-59 40y.

Young, Mary Ann-wife of Almarin b. Troy, N.Y. d. 12-05-59 48y.

Young, Almarin-s. of Almarin b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 5- __ -49 5y.

Mc Neil, Alonzo F. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 12-07-58 4-7-0

Braceford, Carane-dau. of Wm. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-25-57 0-9-11

Braceford, Clara-dau. of Wm. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 9-19-53 1-8-0

Smith, Mary Agnis (sic) b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 10-02-56 4y.

Reid, Infant son of J.B. Reid b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 12-15-54 0-1-7

Infant son of J.B. Reid b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-30-59 0-5-25

Emanuel D.-son of J.B. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 11-28-59 20-1-8

Wiggins, John-son of Wm. b. Ireland d. 1-21-60 24y.

Bunn, Libbie b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 2-12-60 26y.

Bunn, Infant of Libbie d. 2-15-60 13dy.

Richards, Platt b. Delaware Co., N.Y. d. 1-20-60 65y.

Gardiner, Anna-dau. of L.Y. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 2-01-50 4m.

Sheldon, Olive I.-wife of Alexander b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 7-20-43 36y.

Sheldon, Samuel I.-son of Alexander b. Albany, N.Y. d. 8-12-57 1-4-0

Sheldon, Celia A.-dau. of Alexander b. Albany, N.Y. d. 12-27-41 3-6-0

Sheldon, Alexander H.-son of Alexander b. Albany, N.Y. d. 8-29-48 8y.

Sheldon, Olive-dau. of Alexander b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 9-27-50 2m.

Chase, C. W.-son of Cyrus B. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 11-16-53 8y.

Newcomb, George W. b. Port Jackson, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 4-03-60 23-8-0

Sammons, James K.-son of Benjamin b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-09-60 32y.

Davis, Charles I. b. Schnectady, N.Y. d. 11-27-47 20y.

Elizabeth A.-wife of Daniel b. Wilton, Conn. d. 8-20-31 47y.

Chase, Franklin-son of Cyrus B. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 10-07-50 0-3-14

Runkle, Mary (E. or K.)-dau. of Wm. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-04-39 ae. 1-11-

Elsworth, Chester b. Hartford, Conn. d. 4-23-60 60y.

Coeking, Fred b. New York City d. 4-27-60 6y.

Sturtevant, John A. b. Mass. d. 5-07-57 66y.

Mariah C.-dau. of John A. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-10-57 19y.

De Graff, John b. Long Island d. 1-03-61 65y

Hewitt, Mary E.-wife of D. C. b. Ireland d. 12-02-60 ae. 18-2-0

Burns, William b. N.Y. City d. 1-01-61 31y.

Johnson, Ellen b. Wales d. 9-(25 or 28)-60 51y.

Curtis, Catharine b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 10-10-60 71y.

Cage/Gage, Emily-dau. of S. b. Duanesburgh, N.Y. d. 10-16-60 17-11-0

Newkirk, Mary b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 9-13-60 58y.

Swinbern, Hermain b. England d. 2-16-61 64y.

Parsons, Daniel b. Long Island d. 11-16-60 75y.

Stewart, James b. Scotland d. 7-28-61 65y.

Clapp, Thropne (sic) b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 4-16-61 55y.

Petengill, Alexander M. b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 9-22-61 4-5-0

Chase, Susan C.-wife W. U. b. Manchester, Me. d. 12-21-59 64y.

Radcliff, Grace b. England d. 8-27-60 33y.

Vrooman, Peter C. b. Schnectady, N.Y. d. 11-17-60 50y.

Vanderveer, John W. b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 11-23-60 40y.

Lum, Emely L. b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 1-22-61 6y.

Litle, Charles-son of Robert d. 8-06-60 3m.

Shutts, Elizabeth, Mrs. b. Canada d. 1-12-61 66y.

Gardiner, George B.-son of L.Y. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 11-29-60 6m.

Clap, Chester E. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-01-60 2-4-0

Mills, Heldah-wife of Daniel b. North Salem, N.Y. d. 6-26-60 75-4-0

Striker, Mary b. N.Y. City d. 10-06-60 90y.

Potter, Christiana b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 8-29-60 26-3-0

French, John M.-son of J.B. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 3-17-61 39-6-0

Vedder, Rebecca-wife of A.V. Morris b. Duanesburgh, N.Y. d. 3-29-60 31-6-0

Morris, Rebecca-see Vedder, above

Bradley, Wm. J. b. Brooklyn, N.Y. d. 10-02-60 14-10-0

Mailor, Wm. (R. or B.) b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 2-14-61 1-7-

Barkbuffe/Barkruffe, Franklin b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 9-11-60 0-2-23

Reed, George b. London, England d. 4-06-61 49-8-

Sammons, Sarah C.-dau. of B. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 5-03-60 9-1-

Woodworth, Mary E. b. Florida, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 3-26-61 19y.

Morris, Henry Clay b. Glen, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 2-20-36 1-9-

Morris, Charles I. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 7-21-54 22-9-

Morris, Robert I. b. Glen, Mont. Co., N.Y. d. 7-21-54 22-9-

Clizbe, R. H. b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 4-27-61 29y.

Mc Neal, Isabella b. Ireland d. 5-23-61 36y.

Carter, Eli b. Westfield, Mass. d. 8-16-60 73y.

Shultz, Infant child of William b. Amsterdam, N.Y. d. 6-28-61 2m.

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth b. Scotland d. ___ 58y.

Spellings, dates and notational style are exactly as on the original typescript. Neither date of list nor reason for order of name placement was given. For information about persons buried above, or if you have questions, all inquiries need to be directed to the knowledgable historians of the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

A round of applause goes to Linda Jasztal, who secured a copy of Green Hill in hopes that her ancestors would be on it. They weren't, so we hope someone(s) can help her trace where her Youngs fit in the big picture here and in Cayuga and Onondaga Counties. Linda typed up the whole of the listings during her lunch hours over a period of weeks this fall - almost 60 pages - and donated them to the site! Linda deserves further recognition as being of the most dedicated typing volunteers in NYState GenWeb, also assisting Cayuga County Genweb and others, as well as Ft. Klock Restoration's site.

"I am researching the Young and Harrington Families in Montgomery and Herkimer Counties. My g-g-g-g-grandparents, Elias Young and Charlotte (Harrington) Young were married 2-18-1818, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Johnstown, Montgomery County, N.Y. Elias was born 6-05-1795, Caughnawaga, Fonda, Montgomery County and is the son of Manuel Young and Maria Wager. Sometime before 1850, Elias and Charlotte located in Skaneateles, Onondaga County, N.Y., where their daughter Elizabeth married Lewis Sarr 9-07-1854. Both Charlotte and Elizabeth were born in Herkimer County. Charlotte, who was listed as a widow on the 1875 Owasco, Cayuga County Census, was living with Elizabeth and Lewis Sarr. Lewis remarried before the 1880 Owasco census; there is no further mention of Elizabeth, Charlotte, Elias or any of their other children".

Linda Jasztal

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