Chuctanunda Cemetery Records


Montgomery County

Book II

Compiled by the
Montgomery County Department of History and Archives
from records copied from the tombstones
Melvin N. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N. Y.

April 13, 1939
Edward J. Sheehan, Archivist

Transcription by Nancy Robinson from photocopy of typewritten record.

Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville, N.Y., Part 3

Page 41

Walter D., son of Dennis & Anna d. 4/12/1881 ae 1 mo.
Sarah A. FRENCH, widow of Marvin (see PACKARD)
Alice MCMICHAEL, wife of Lewis b. 1848 d. 4/19/1906
James b. 1822 d. 9/2/1906
Lewis H. b. 1847 d. 7/4/1909
Henry A. b. 6/26/1857 d. 6/15/1910
Harriet, wife of Ralph S. SCHUYLER b. 1833 d. 3/30/1917
Charlotte Jackson BROWN, wife of Jonathan R. d. 11/26/1918 ae 71 yrs.
Laura M. SCHELL, wife of Henry A. b. 8/19/1858 d. ?????

Joseph, b. 1826 d. 1/16/1875
Katharine ABEL, wife of D.F., d. 2/22/1894 ae 61
Herbert T., b.1889 d. 3/17/1914
Hannah SCHUYLER, widow of Jos. & wife of ___ Edwards; b. 1832 d. 1/12/1922
Marian, wife of Silas W. WELLS, b. 1859 d. 1/13/1922

Louisa, wife of Saml. JACKSON, b. 4/21/1776 d. 10/29/1865

Lydia, wife of John VAN HEUSEN, d. 10/20/1909 ae 86

Leah W. HAVER, wife of Jas. A., b. 1862 d. 8/21/1905
James A. b. 1856 d. 8/16/1921
Mrs. Emily, no dates

Blanche, dau. of Wm. H. & Grace, d. 1/25/1905 ae 5 mos.
Jesse b. 1882 d. 2/3/1916
Daniel d. 5/28/1916 ae 57 yrs
Lorenzo b. 1858 d. ?????
Ann BRAMER, wife of Lorenzo, b. 1861 d. ?????

Martha W., wife of Wm. H. HOWE, b. Watervliiet 11/7/1812 d. 5/5/1878

Amy M. FULLER, wife of Ezekiel, d. 10/16/1880 ae 43-0-11
Ezekiel b. 1838 d. 11/14/1904
Rebecca, wife of Ezekial, b. 1838 d. 9/30/1904

F.A., wife of Henry V. YOUNG. This is as per sexton's record, but these dates on the stone belong to Henry V. YOUNG and no mention of a wife F.A. HILS. d. 4/21/1871 ae 22 yrs.

Delanah, wife of Danl. SCHUYLER, d. 6/16/1853 in 74th yr.

Charles b. 1/20/1850 d. 9/3/1911
Mary LASHER, wife of Augustus J.F., b. 1887 d. 2/27/1913
Mary A. d. 5/5/1913 ae 2 mos.
Fred b. 6/5/1857 d. 9/25/1921

Henrietta Sweet STEWART, d. 4/7/1924 ae 61yrs

Wm. Gordon, son Jas. & Mary, b. 1/8/1879 d. 12/22/1891

Ophelia MILROY, wife of Payne J., d. 9/24/1891 ae 63

Dau. of Gus. d. Oct. 1889 ae 2 weeks

Page 42

Mary E., wife of Jos. H. PARKS, b. Duanesburgh 10/14/1822 d. 1/23/1877

Reuben. Stone says d. 5/21/1859 ae 73-1-24. Sexton's record says d. 5/29/1835, ae 73 yrs
Urania SKEELS, wife of Reuben, d. 8/11/1858 ae 72-3-28
Mariah, dau. of Col. Reuben & Urania & wife of Orin Hatch, d. 4/8/1840 ae 29 yrs-1 dy.
Nathan, son of Col. Reuben & Urania, d. 5/27/1835 ae 26-7-16
Newton, son of Col. Reuben & Urania, d. 7/1/1835 ae 7-9-21
Mary, dau. of Allen M. & Harriet, d. 1/26/1849 ae 27 dys
Julia J., dau. of Allen & Harriet, d. 8/10/1866 ae 10 mos.
George Annah, dau. of Geo. & K.M. d. 11/24/1869 ae 20 yrs
L. Eugene, son of Lewis & Lorena, d. 8/9/1873 ae 3 dys.
Harriet BRANT, wife of Allen M., d. 1/11/1878 ae 51
Martha W. HILLS, wife of Wm. H., b. Watervliet, 11/7/1812 d. 5/5/1878
Caty Maria SERVISS, wife of Geo., b. 1/21/1816 d. 12/2/1878
Lewis b. 7/10/1815 d. 10/12/1879
Wm. H. b. 11/19/1812, d. 1/29/1881
George b. 2/28/1807 d. 5/1/1885
Julia Ann SERVISS, wife of Lewis, b. 3/12/1821 d. 3/22/1896
William d. 10/27/1904 ae 57 yrs.

Tunis, son of Wm. H. & Jane, d. 3/18/1870 ae 42 yrs.
Jane A. MORRELL, wife of Wm. H., b. Mohawk d. 11/26/1881 ae 73yrs
Cornelius C. d. 8/1/1882 ae 85 yrs
Gertrude J., wife of Jas. STEVENSON, d. 3/22/1888 ae ? yrs
Wm. H. d. 3/17/1892 ae 85 yrs
Ada L., dau. of Wm. H. & B., d. 11/10/1892, ae 4 mos
John d. 8/31/1912, ae 42 yrs
Katharine, wife of Tunis, d. 8/13/1910 ae 83 yrs
Margaret C., wife of John SHERBURNE, b. 1836 d. 2/8/1899
Thomas M. d. 5/3/1896 ae 46yrs
Pauline, wife of Thos. M., d. 11/9/1897 ae 46 yrs

Susan D. d. 5/9/1902 ae 82 yrs
Perry b. 1815 d. 10/5/1892
Emma, wife of John SERVISS, b. 1849 d. 10/20/1896
John d. 3/23/1899 ae 82 yrs
Cornelius d. 10/18/1911 ae 67yrs

Carrie SMITH, wife of Geo. A., b. 1883 d. 5/2/1906
Geo. A. b. 1873 d. ????

Ann M., wife of John V., d. 4/14/1872 ae 61 yrs
Mary J. VOORHEES, wife of J.V., b. 1822 d. 2/6/1890
Elbert J., Co.D. 6th U.S. Inf., d. Ft. Harrison Mont. 6/7/1909 b. 9/8/96
James S. d. 3/26/1912 ae 63 yrs
Sarah d. 9/29/1922 ae 70 yrs
Emagene, wife of Wm. R. KELLY, b. 1851 d. ?????
J.V. b. Charleston d. 5/26/1886 ae 71-1-27

Page 43

Samuel b. Manchester, Eng., 11/8/1755 d. 4/12/1845
Louis HEYER, wife of Saml., b. 4/21/1776 d. 10/29/1865
Alice, see TAYLOR
Samuel C. b. 6/17/1807 d. 1/7/1887
Delia J., wife of S.C., b. 8/1/1813 d. 6/13/1889
Rev. Sheldon b. 5/18/1834 d. 5/2/1909
Mary B. VOORHEES, wife of Sheldon, b. 9/13/1835 d. 9/20/1908
Mary Helen, dau. of Mary B. VOORHEES & Sheldon b. 4/18/1861 d. 9/29/1861
Louisa, dau of Mary B. VOORHEES & Sheldon, b. 1/1/1870 d. 10/31/1870

Infant of Zachariah R. & Carrie, d. 1893 ae 1 dy.
Mabel L., dau of Zachariah R. & Carrie, d. 10/10/1898 ae 7 yrs.

Anthony d. 1/30/1921 ae 86 yrs.
Christian, wife of Anthony, d. 2/27/1905 ae 70 yrs
Franklyn B., son of Christian & Anthony, d. 12/27/1878 ae 18-9-5
Mary M. d. 3/13/1922 ae 50 yrs.

Susannah BUCHANNAN, wife of Wm., d. 10/6/1861 ae 52
William b. Fulton Co., d. 11/13/1882 in 81st yr.
Elizabeth, wife of Hugh Van Heusen, b. 1850 d. 7/25/1886
Robert E. d. 3/12/1887 ae 41 yrs
Elizabeth, wife of Jos. EGELSTON, b. Kingsboro, 12/14/1805 d. 12/17/1887
Earl B. b. 1870 d. 7/8/1903
Ella, wife of Robert, d. 10/2/1906 ae 56 yrs.
Archie H. b. 1879 d. 10/6/1913
George d. 9/24/1919 ae 81 yrs.
Jane d. 11/23/1922 ae 83 yrs.
Byron W. b. 1867 d. 1888

Kate DIEFENDORF, wife of Edward. S., b. 1833 d. 10/21/1899
Edward d. 3/18/1903 ae 46 yrs
Henry Alliston b. 1853 d. 10/2/1906
Kate, wife of John SHERBURNE, b. 1829 d. 9/25/1861
Infant of David & Charlotte, d. 10/9/1863 ae 1 1/2 mos.
David b. 2/17/1799 d. 3/27/1873
Jane BUSSING, wife of David, b. Troy d. 10/1/1884 ae 82 yrs.
Lieut. Wm. H., son of David & Jane BUSSING, 1st Indpt. Battery, N.Y.V. Inf., b. 10/20/1828 d. Winchester, VA. 11/2/1864
William, d. 5/11/1867 in 72nd yr.
Sarah F., dau. of John Q. & Jane A., d. 1/7/1868 ae 3-8-11
Jacob b. 1/2/1795 d. 10/24/1874
Fransinche QUACKINBUSH, wife of Jacob, b. 7/17/1796 d. 7/18/1872
Ann Elizabeth BROEFFLE, wife of Vernon, d. 5/26/1873 in 29th yr.
Ann, wife of Wm., d. 4/25/1874 ae 70-2-21
John Q., son of Jacob, b. 2/24/1824 d. 10/9/1878
Vernon, son of Wm., d. 11/25/1878 in 32nd
Raymond, son of Jacob J. & Mary, d. 2/3/1885 ae 3 mos.
Alida Ann, dau. of Jacob, b. 11/15/1817 d. 2/5/1890
Walter R., son of Jacob J. & Mary, b. 1886 d. 6/16/189(?) [See note at end of page.]

Page 44

Jane Ann STILL, wife of John Q. b. 4/10/1822 d. 6/13/1908
Jane, wife of Richard DEGROOT, b. 1820 d. 6/2/1910
Mary BUSSING, wife of Jacob, b. 1848 d. 1/24/1917
Edward d. 7/18/1919 ae 85 yrs
Ann A., wife of Leslie CONOVER, b. 1830 d. ?????
Jacob J., son of John Q., b. 1850 d. ????
Amy, wife of Jos. STALEY, d. 9/22/1862 ae 73-5-9

Thomas J., b. 1841 d. 12/15/1915
Minverva KELLY, wife of Thos. J., b. 1844 d. 6/25/1923
Alpharetta, wife of Milo P. FOOTE, b. 1850 d. ????

Minerva, wife of Thos. J. KEARNS, b. 1844 d. 6/25/1923
Thomas, son of Peter & Anna, b. 12/22/1862 ae 19 G.A.R.
Janette E., wife of Jay L. STERLING, d. 10/29/1863 in 25th yr.
Grace S. AITKEN, wife of Robert, b. 1813 d. 11/5/1863
Anna Maria MCDOUGAL, wife of Peter, d. 11/6/1863 ae 51
Euphemia, wife of J.A. MAXWELL, d. 12/26/1869 ae 35
Peter d. 11/24/1876 ae 69 yrs
Lucretia STALEY, wife of John, b. 1821 d. 1/12/1889
John b.1820 d. 8/20/1891
Robert b. 1809 d. 9/4/1891
Jane S., wife of Ralph STALEY, b. 3/11/1834 d. 5/15/1904
Mary E. POST, wife of Robert, b. 1823 d. 12/21/1907
Anna E. b. 5/14/1856 d. 4/30/1920
Wm. R. b. 1847 d. ?????
Emmagene HUTTON, wife of Wm. R., b. 1851 d. ????
Mary E., wife of Albert SCHUYLER, b. 1849 d. 9/25/1921

Frank H. d. 4/10/1896 ae 34 yrs.

Edna b. 1887 d. 5/3/1896

Evy Ann, wife of Henry D. ELLWOOD, b. 9/12/1824 d. 10/25/1903

Harriette, wife of Geo. CHAMBERS, b. Middlefield, N.Y. d. 2/24/1872 ae 58 yrs.

Elizabeth, wife of Thos. WIGGANS, B. 4/4/1808 d. 10/21/1891

Frank b. 1876 d. 11/7/1898. Stone says: d. 11/7/1898. Sexton says ae 33.

John d. 6/5/1898 ae 84 yrs

Carl b. 1854 d. 19-?

Godfrid d. 4/23/1904 ae 7406

Augusta A. HEISE, wife of Wm. B., b. 1874 d. 4/18/1918
Fanny S. STERLING, wife of Wilbur A., b. 1866 d. 9/11/1893
Child of Fanny S. & Wilbur A., d. 12/25/1887
Dau. of Fanny S. STERLING & Wilbur A., 9/5/1893 ae 12 hrs.
Wm. V. b. 1872 d. ?????

Frederick R. d. 6/2/1896 ae 82-9-2
Wealty A., wife of Fred R., d. 3/20/1901 ae 89
William d. 12/5/1906 ae 47 yrs.

Page 45

Mary L, wife of Augustus J.F. HIRSCHFIELD, b. 1887 d. 2/27/1913
Earl J. d. 9/15/1891 ae 1 week

See Mary Ann BIGHAM

Eva b. Norway d. 1874 ae 25 yrs.

Elizabeth, wife of John CLAYTON, b. Schoharie d. 10/24/1870 ae 72

Somon P., Co.C. 60th Inf. killed in action in France b. 1888 d. 10/14/1918

Rose E. d. 5/5/1916 ae 41 yrs.

John J. d. 2/4/1902 ae 72 yrs.
Fanny D. MICKLE, widow of John J., see Fanny CURTIS
Loretta S. d. 2/7/1921 ae 26 yrs.

Stewart, S. d. 11/22/1866 ae 26 yrs.
Nettie, wife of Geo. SERVISS, JR., b. Duanesburgh d. 4/12/1877 ae 24-10-15
Robert A., d. 1/31/1879 ae 17 yrs.
Alexander b. Duanesburgh d. 4/3/1882 ae 74 yrs.
Eleanor BLOOD, wife of Alexr., d. 6/22/1886 ae 69
Stewart B. d. 12/11/1888 ae 21yrs
Dr. Wm. A. b. 1865 d. 10/4/1911
Mary E., wife of J. Fletcher ERNEST, b. 1845 d. ?

Catharine A., wife of Isaac J. DEGROFF, d. 12/19/1895 ae 78 yrs
Kate M., wife of Emery ELLWOOD, b. 8/6/1846 d. 5/4/1906

John, d. 12/17/1906 ae 29 yrs.
Infant of John, d. 4/8/1907
William, d. 6/27/1911 ae 26 yrs.

Nettie K., dau of Allen & Almira, d. 6/4/1862 ae 1-4-
Benjamin, d. 1/25/1863 ae 65-5-28
Jennette BUCHANAN, wife of Benj., d. 3/29/1870 ae 69-2
Benjamin Franklin, son of Benj., d. 1/22/1873 in 32nd G.A.R.
Eliza A. MILLER, wife of Benj.F., d. 9/1/1869 in 27th yr.
Margaret, wife of Wm. R. SCHUYLER, d. 5/10/1864 in 30th yr.
Alexander, d. 12/15/1864
Ada F., dau. of B.F. & Eliza, b. 11/4/1863 d. 9/16/1879
Galusha, 153rd N.Y.V. Inf. d. 9/15/1902 ae 66
Mary Josephine, wife of Galusha, d. 12/13/1914 ae 75
Jane, d. 2/24/1922 ae 50 yrs

Marth A. TAYLOR, wife of Henry C., d. 7/13/1911 ae 86
Henry C. d. 12/4/1911 ae 72

Emily H. b. Mass, d. 1871 ae 57 yrs
Mary, wife of Danl. Davis HERRICK, d. 7/28/1884 ae 71 b. in Mass

John b. Germany d. 3/25/1881 ae 70 yrs.

Catharine, wife of Amos. DAVIS, b. Wayne Co., d. 10/1/1879 ae 48 yrs.

Please note:

JOHNSON, Walter R., son of Jacob, date of death did not completely photcopy.I have placed (?) as last number. Also, as I was working on HOWE, I noticed a discrepancy between HOWE & HATCH. Under HATCH, there is a HATCH, Reuben, son of Col. Reuben & Urania Howe. Since Urania's maiden name was SKEELS, if this Reuben was truly their son, he should have been listed under the Howe surname, not HATCH. Since he died before 1850, I couldn't verify from census records. As I go along, I stand in increasing awe of Melvin Lethbridge. What an amazing labor of love, especially considering the fact that there were no computers back then. He had to write it out long hand as he went, then do a typewritten transcription.

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This listing was typed from a photocopy and graciously donated by Nancy Robinson. The original reader of the headstones was Melvin N. Lethbridge, who walked and made transcriptions of many Montgomery County cemeteries in the 1920s. Quite a few of the early Montgomery County cemetery readings on our site are his, and spellings given are his as well. Mr. Lethbridge's reading was supplemented with the sexton's records, whether by himself or by Mr. Sheehan we don't know. We thank you in advance for directing ALL inquiries about this cemetery and persons listed to the historians at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

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