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Produced by The Quad County Coordinators:
Fulton County NYGenWeb Coordinator - Jeanette Shiel
Hamilton County NYGenWeb Coordinator - Lisa K. Slaski
Herkimer and Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb Coordinator - Martha S. Magill

Typing Volunteers:

Marcia Buffet
Martha S. Magill
Peggy Menear
Lori Mosher
Allyn Hess Perry
Jeanette Shiel
Lisa K. Slaski
Jane Stevens-Hodge

Volunteer Coordination:
Jeanette Shiel

History of the Telephone:
Research and writing by Lisa K. Slaski

Site Design and Graphics:
Martha S. Magill

Coding and Proofreading:
Martha S. Magill
Jeanette Shiel
Lisa K. Slaski

Jeanette Shiel

Bow and Sleigh Graphics:
© Randy Ralphs of iconbazaar

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