Will of John S. Van Antwerp

John S. Van Antwerp

I John S. Van Antwerp of the town of Glen on the County of Montgomery and State of New York do hereby make and execute this my last will and testament this fifteenth day of April AD 1841 in manner and form following to wit.   First I give devise & bequeath unto my wife Susanna1 all & every part of my personal estate to have and hold and have charge of the same so long as she shall remain my widow and after her death or marriage as hereafter directed.   Second I give devise & bequeath unto my two sons Lewis P. & Simon all my horses neat cattle sheeps hogs &c. farming utensils and crops in the ground after the death or marriage of my wife as before mentioned to them their heirs and assigns.   Third I give devise and bequeath unto my son Lewis P. the large cooking stove and apparatus of the Stove now in family use after the death or marriage of wife as aforesaid.   Fourth I give devise and bequeath unto my son Simon the oven stove now in family use to him his heirs & assigns after my wifes death or marriage as aforesaid.   Fifth I devise my two sons Lewis P. & Simon to pay out of the property willed to them al my just debts funeral expenses & charges whatsoever and if necessary if before the death of marriage of my wife to sell any part or portion of the property so willed to them to pay the said debts & charges that my son Peter to be the guardian for my son Simon in paying the debts & transact in the business as aforesaid.   Sixth I give devise & bequeath unto my daughters Susan Rebecca Margaret & Mary Ann2 all my household furniture beds bedding &c. after the death or marriage of my wife to them their heirs and assigns.   Seventh If my said wife desires she can give to each or either of my sons Lewis P. or Simon one bedding & bedding to them their heirs and assigns but is not hereby required to do so, to be of the beds herein before willed to my said daughters.   Eight. I give devise & bequeath unto my sons Peter Lewis P. and Simon all or any claim legacy rent or reversion or any claim I have or may hereafter have to lot No 13 in Bowns (sp?) patent in Glen now in possession of Edward Marcey (sp?) to their heirs or assigns forever and if the same should be sold any or whatever share would have come to me to be given to them their heirs assigns forever.   Ninth All the rest & residue if any of my real & personal estates I give devise & bequeath to my sons Peter Lewis P. & Simon their heirs assigns forever.   Tenth I hereby appoint my son Peter and son-in-law William Irving Executors and wife Susanna Executrix of this my last will & testament and I hereby revoke all former wills by me made John S. Van Antwerp.  Signed Sealed as his last will and testament in the presence of Peter V. Lawyer of the town of Glen Abram Hoffman of the town of Glen.

Source:    Wills, Volume 6, page 403, Montgomery County Surrogate Court, Fonda, NY. This transcription of the original will is on file at the Montgomery County Surrogate Court. The transcription contained virtually no punctuation. I have transcribed it as it appears in the book at the courthouse.

Editor's Notes:

1 Susanna Quackenbush, daughter of Pieter and Susanna (Bradt) Quackenbush

2 wife of William Irving

Genealogy Note: John S. Van Antwerp is the son of Simon P. Van Antwerp and is my gggg-grandfather. If you are interested in this family, feel free to contact me, Pete Simmonds.


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