A Few Marriage and Death Records

Amsterdam, NY
Montgomery County, NY

Compiled by Lisa Slaski

These records were found on the same pages as those of interest to me (surnames Gerling and Droege) among copied records from the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Amsterdam. They were nice enough to peruse their books looking for specific records for me. The marriage records are all old style German handwriting. The death records are mostly typewritten except for a section for 1916 and 1917 deaths as noted. If you write to the church, please be patient - their staff is limited and it may take a while before they respond.

Where to write:
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
40 Guy Park Avenue
Amsterdam, NY 12010


Marriage register written in old style German handwriting. I've taken a "quick" look at it and the portions I can easily read are as follows:

4 Aug 1888
Andreas Hassfurter, age 26, son of John Hassfurter and Anna Wagner from Duetschland?
to Auguste Streich, age 38, daughter of Martin Krueger and Eva ??

15 Aug 1888
Louis Gentz, age 23, born in Fulton Co., NY, son of Carl Gentz and Marie Jager
to Nattie? Hanson, age 19, born in Amsterdam, NY, daughter of Fred Hanson and Maria Knack

13 Sep 1888
Bernhard Grunewald, age 24, son of Fried. Grunewald and Minnie Giese from Wangerin? ??
to Louise Konrad, daughter of Fried Konrad and Carol Schimmelpfemig? of Lanckberg?, ??

15 Sep 1888
Albert Werner, age 23, son of Wilh. Werner and Marie Metzner from Wolzart?, ??
to Anna Feldmann, age 23, daughter of Friedrich Feldmann and Minnie Blase of Frothheim, ??

19 Sep 1888
Henry Pohlmann, age 25, son of Christian Pohlmann and Mary Ossenford of NY
to Sophia Gerling, age 24, daughter of Christian Gerling and Johanna Flergmeyer? of Schenectady, NY

27 Sep 1888
Friedrich Rusch, age 56, son of Fried. Rusch and Marie Buschof ??
to Marie Brandhorst, age 56, daughter of Jacob Brandhorst and Barbara Weiss of Wurtemberg, ??

20 Aug 1891
William Henry Brinkman, age 23, son of Henry Brinkman and Elise Dannen? from Amsterdam
to Eva S. Reed, age 22, daughter of Henry Reed and Cath. Schueffa? from Schoharie Co., NY

2 Sep 1891
Jakob Yoerke, age 21, son of Mathias and Cath. Yoerke from ??
to Mathilda Krohn, age 22, daughter of Fried. Krohn and Minnie Matzehm? from ??

10 Sep 1891
Christian L. Tielking son of Heinrich Tielking and Louise born Schathalser? from Minden
to Carrie Gerling daughter of Heinrich Gerling and Kunig. Meier from Albany Co., NY.

16 Sep 1891
Frank Rehberg, age 25, son of Heinr. Rehberg and Carol born Walthausen from ?? to Minnie ??, age 22, daughter of Johann ?? and Johanna born ?? (the maiden name may be Fibke... just can't decifer easily the German handwriting).

24 Oct 1891
Carl Engel, age 28, son of Fried. Engle and Salome born Wagner from Legeverler, ??
to Louise Gerber daughter of Samuel Gerber and ?? born Feiz from [record cut off at this point]

"Those Who Passed On"

*- age as given in years-months-days on the handwritten record.

SurnameGiven NameAgeDiedPlace of BurialNotes
Wellman Anna 62 17 Sep 1915 Green Hill cem. *61-10-
Siegenthaler David 53 21 Sep 1915 Green Hill cem. *53-2-22
Fischer Heinrich 18 9 Nov 1915 Green Hill cem. *17-11-14
Wiese Heinrich C. 57 18 Nov 1915 Green Hill cem. *57-11-1
Rogers Robert Joseph 36 7 Dec 1915 Green Hill cem. *35-5-26
Nadler Karl Oskar 34 14 Dec 1915 Hagaman, NY *33-10-28
Kinum Lillian May 29 26 Dec 1915 Green Hill cem. *28-6-22
Ruback Katherine F.J.94 30 Dec 1915 Green Hill cem. *94-2-30
Young Ella 22 4 Jan 1916 Green Hill cem. *22-1-
Mahl Wilhelmine 71 11 Jan 1916 Minaville cem. *71-1-15
Schube Heinrich 71 28 Jan 1916 Green Hill cem. *70-10-16
Starke Christine D.S.79 30 Jan 1916 Fairview cem. *79-3-21
Gerling Heinrich 76 30 Jan 1916 Green Hill cem. *76-3-15
Mett Emilie 53 31 Jan 1916 Green Hill cem. *52-6-6
Lohman Clara M. 30 4 Feb 1916 Green Hill cem. *30- -14
[next entries for 1916 and 1917 are from a difficult to read handwritten record]
?? Charlotte
8 Feb 1916 Green Hill *83- -6
Blase Harry G.
13 Feb 1916 Tribes Hill *20-7-12
Krohn Friedrich
2 Mar 1916 Green Hill *74-5-9
Weller Margarethe
15 Mar 1916 Green Hill *80-1-11
Gray Charles
28 Apr 1916 Fairview *66-7-21
Banman? Anna
1 Jun 1916 Green Hill *84-1-21
Marsket? Friedericke
10 Jun 1916 Green Hill *72-10-2
Schwartz John H.
14 Jun 1916 Green Hill *67-6-18
Kullick? Amalia Bauers
14 Jun 1916 Green Hill *57-5-18
Kath August
27 Jun 1916 Green Hill *66-11-21
Franz Henriette C.

Tribes Hill *65- -?
Werner Wilhelm J.
31 Aug 1916 Green Hill *64
Peters Fred W.
2 Sep 1916 Hagaman *34-1-15
Waldhausen? L??
23 Sep 1916 Green Hill *73-5-23
Hermyer? Fred
10 Nov 1916 Green Hill *66- -1
Freulich? John
23 Nov 1916 Green Hill *65-9-4
Tollner George T.?
31 Dec 1916 Tribes Hill *22-8-5
Birkfeld? ??
13 Jan 1917 Green Hill *26-11-23

Schneider John 67 4 Apr 1920 Pine Grove cem.
Giese Auguste 80 25 May 1920 Green Hill cem. nee Otto
Schmidt Frederick 96 26 May 1920 Green Hill cem.
Gerling Caroline 80 30 May 1920 Green Hill cem. nee Meyer
Klugman August 78 21 Jul 1920 Green Hill cem.
Ruback John Ch. Ed. 17 25 Sep 1920 Green Hill cem.
Hausman William 68 26 Oct 1920 Green Hill cem.
Schultz Christian 68 26 Nov 1920 Green Hill cem. was member of the Church Council
Achenbach Adolph 37 2 Dec 1920 Fairview cem.
Mahle Frank 57 20 Dec 1920 Fairview cem.
Mahle Meta 47 20 Dec 1920 Fairview cem. nee Luneburg (both died the same day and were buried together)
Aspelmeier Christian 62 3 Jan 1921 Pine Grove cem.
Hartig Julius 78 3 Jan 1921 Green Hill cem.

Blase Louise D. 30 15 Apr 1923 Pine Grove cem.
Lampkin Charles 70 31 May 1923 Green Hill cem.
Droege Caroline M. 67 10 Jun 1923 Green Hill cem. nee Siebe
Lampkin Marie 59 29 Jun 1923 Green Hill cem. nee Yerke
Wollink Bertha 80 21 Jul 1923 Galway cem. nee Kania (died at Utica, NY)
Dessau Emile 65 16 Aug 1923 New York Horth Familuame
Juedes Henriette 63 29 Oct 1923 Green Hill cem. nee Porath
Roehling Auguste 38 4 Nov 1923 Green Hill cem. nee Waschak
Weingartner Louis 70 1 Dec 1923 Fairview cem.

Contributed by: Lisa Slaski
Asst. Coordinator
Herkimer/Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb

The site coordinators have no further information about these records, e.g. what years they cover. The names above come from information received as a result of one individual's research request to the church, and she knew her ancestors were affiliated with this church.

For your own family search, you need to contact the church yourself. Please provide them with some concrete information to go on (i.e. probability that your family attended this church, e.g. "so-and-so was married there in the 1920s," "I know my grandmother was baptized there and perhaps her other siblings born 19xx were as well," etc.). Bear in mind that vague "fishing expedition" requests tend to go unanswered by busy church staff, historical societies, libraries, etc.

If you do receive vital records information about your relatives, or copies of pages, please consider sharing with other researchers by adding to the list above.

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