Devendorf Cemetery

Town of Florida

Montgomery County, NY

Contributed by Jack May

"Just got back from a trip to the Mohawk Valley where I made some visits to some family sites. I found the Devendorf Cemetery, which is located near the intersection of Simcer Road and Denice in the town of Florida. Location determined by my GPS is 42.9006ºN, 74.2498ºW. The coordinates are also useful for those who want to locate it at a site like The cemetery was quite overgrown, but the stones of Henry C. Pettingell and Rachel Pettingill Devendorf were readable."

Dievendorf Graveyard, Denice & Simcer Roads, Located 42.9006ºN, 74.2498ºW, transcribed from The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, January 1927, pgs. 85-86.

Devendorf, Jeremiah, d. 12-18-1872, ae. 43 yrs.

    Henry A., b. 6-30-1826; d. 10-14-1909.

Devendorf, Rachel Pettingill, b. 4-12-1835; d. 1-21-1918

    Infant son of Henry & Rachel, d. 10-22-1857, ae. 13 dys.

    Earl, son of Henry & Rachel, d. 1-26-1871, ae. 9 yrs.

Flitgraff, Gertrude, wife of Christopher Serviss, b. ___, 1791; d. ___, 1860.

Hagar, Ann, wife of Thomas, d. 1-27-1882, ae. 56 yrs.

Meding, Mary D., d. in Amritsar, India, ___, 1914; b. ___, 1865.

Newkirk, Maria, wife of John Pettingill, d. 7-23-1857, ae. 55 yrs.

Pettingell, Christeen, wife of Cornelius, d. 5-29-1861, in 84 yr. John & Elisabeth of Oneida Co

Pettingill, Henry C. or G., d 5-26-1885, ae. 84 yrs.

    Tennetty, wife of Henry, d-6-3-1862, ae. 56 yrs.

    Maria Newkirk, wife of John, d-23-1857, ae. 55 yrs.

    Rachel, wife of Henry A. Devendorf, b. 4-12-1833; d. 1-21-1918

Rogers, Adeline, dau. of John & Elisabeth of Oneida Co., N.Y., d. 5-12-1852, ae. 22yrs., 4 mos.

Selmser, Willard, b. ___, 1850; d. ___, 1914

Serviss, Samuel; b. ___, 1803; d. ___, 1884.

    Gertrude Flitgraff, wife of Christopher, b. ___, 1791; d. ___, 1860

    Alonzo, son of Christopher & Gertrude, b. ___, 1842; d. ___, 1857.

Stone of Henry Pettingill

Stone of Henry C. Pettingill

Stone of Rachel Pettingill Devendorf

Stone of Rachel Pettingill Devendorf

Devendorf Cemetery Condition Report 2011

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