Amsterdam, NY
Part 9

** Additional Burials Not in the Listings **

"A Visit to Green Hill Cemetery"

Alexander & Deborah Smith MacGregor & Rebecca Putman Headstone

Alexander and Deborah Smith MacGregor & Rebecca Putman Stone

Can a cemetery reading for a large cemetery ever be considered complete? Most of our cemetery lists are very old, quite a few done over 80 years ago. All kinds of factors could account for your ancestor not being on an older listing - to name a few: reader(s) believing they'd covered all ground, reader not reading sides or backs of stones, reader planning to come back another day, reader losing notes before typing them up, illegibility of data on a headstone at time or reading, stone being face down on the ground, burial or re-interment in a different cemetery, etc. It's advisable to personally go to a cemetery yourself, or have someone go for you, to confirm if a stone is really there or still there, and to check out neighboring stones.

Nancy Robinson personally visited the large Green Hill Cemetery in 2003, and took these photographs of headstones of her family members who aren't on the "official list." Nancy's experience of accidentally discovering headstones in plain sight just before leaving is a pleasantly common surprise, it's frequency leading to speculation that people not only want to be found but insist upon it!

"Another researcher told me they were buried at Green Hill Cemetery and gave me the directions to the McClumpha and McGregor plots. The two plots are together on a hill along the right side of the first curve of the bottom road of the cemetery. Great Uncle John changed the spelling to MacGregor for some unknown reason when he had them all moved to Green Hill from the McGregor Homestead after his father, Alexander McGregor, died in 1896. Margaretta McClumpha probably had Jacob and Earl moved from Chuctanunda to Green Hill at the same time.

I took the photos of the tombstones myself, so I know absolutely, positively that they are all in Green Hill Cemetery. I went there twice to get better light for picture taking, although the second time was pretty much a quickie as a bear was also visiting the cemetery that morning and the police suggested I not linger or go very far from my car.

I discovered my Bartholomew & Marshall tombstones by accident as I was leaving Green Hill after my second visit. They are located a little farther down the road from the McGregor / McClumpha plot on the right. For some reason, I slowed down and glanced out the window and there was the Bartholomew tombstone big as life. I was so surprised, I nearly hit a tree! Bear or not, I was determined to pay my respects and get some pictures. I parked as close as I could and left the car door open in case I had to dive for cover. Catherine & Charles' tombstones are not granite nor in the greatest shape as you can see from my hastily taken pictures. I remember seeing Daniel and Jeanette (Jane) Bartholomew in the Green Hill listing. I don't think I ever looked for Catherine or Charles there, but they are right next to the Bartholomew's."

Nancy Robinson

Charles Marshall & Catherine Bartholomew Headstone

Charles Marshall & Catherine Bartholomew (daughter of Daniel & Jane Bartholomew, and sister of my g-g grandmother Anna Eliza Bartholomew)

Alexander & Deborah Smith MacGregor & Rebecca Putman Headstone

Close-up View of Alexander and Deborah Smith MacGregor & Rebecca Putman Stone

Bartholomew Headstone

The Bartholomew Stone and Scenic Vista View

Bartholomew Headstone

The Bartholomew Stone, the Driveway, and the Big Tree

McClumpha Family Headstone

Jacob and Margaretta MacGregor McClumpha, & son Earle Alexander McClumpha

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