The transcript of the Ehle Cemetery was contributed to the Montgomery County NYGenWeb by well-known Walrath/Walrod researcher Jerome A. 'Jerry' Walrath. Jerry previously contributed the Walrath Cemetery, also located in the Town of Palatine.

"This small EHLE cemetery is located on the Russell Ehle farm at the dead end of Saltsman Road. The cemetery is two fields southwest of the farm buildings, through a gate. It has a good fence of posts connected with pipe. (1905) Ezra G. Saltsman; (1853) A. Ehle. Copied from the list of Willard Green, Town Supt. made in 1959. In fair condition in the Spring of 1981. This list was found in the notebook "Burial Grounds in the Town of Palatine", compiled by Ruth Lupo, Town Historian 1980-82, p. 31, which can be viewed at the Montgomery County Dept. of Archives. " Jerome 'Jerry' Walrath, May 1998.


Town of Palatine

Montgomery County, NY

EHLE, John W. died May 19, 1889. (not found)

WALRATH, Caty, wife of John W. Ehle, died June 16, 1844, age 53 yrs. 8 mos. (leaning against wall).

EHLE, Ervin, son of Archibald and Nancy Ehle, died June 29, 1837, age 8 mos. (standing)

EHLE, Julia, dau. of Archibald and Nancy Ehle, died July 2, 1844, age 3 mos. 9 days. (down)

EHLE, Imogene, dau. of Archibald and Nancy Ehle, died Feb. 12, 1855, age 3 mos. 9 days. (standing)

*Please note that both Julia and Imogene are listed as dying at exactly the same age. This may be a coincidence or an error when copied (Jerome A. Walrath).

EHLE, Caty, wife of Olly Ehle, died June 16, in her 56th yr. (standing)

MELENWACK (?), Sarah, dau. of Rev. John I. Melenwack, died Nov. 14, 1840, age 35 years. (not found)

WAGNER, Nancy, died Nov. 19, 1857, age 41 yrs. 9 mos. 16 days.

EHLE, Maria Catherine, dau. of John and _______ Walrath, died Feb. 2, 1839, age 7 yrs. 10 mos. 21 days. (standing)

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